Promotions and Bonuses

As online casinos have become more popular, we have seen an enormous increase in number online destinations that offer online gambling service and that try various methods to try and get ahead of each other in the game. With the increase of the online casinos that are available,it has become harder for the newer casinos to catch the attention of the players just by their regular advertisements and high-quality games. Over the years the industry has changed dramatically and so have the players themselves. If a couple of years back it was simply about reaching the audience it is not about capturing them with deals and offers that they won’t get anywhere else.

After years of looking for the most effective advertising tool, most casinos now realize that the most effective way to reach new audiences is through bonuses and different promotions. This is why whenever you enter any casino website the first thing you will notice is their bonus offering and running promotions This is because they want to capture the players with their offers the second a user visits the website since this is exactly what most people are looking for when searching up the new casino. The importance of a bonus offer can not be overstated since in most cases it will define whether or not a new player will stick with the casino or search for something else instead.

This is why all the casinos have made it their priority to offer the bonuses that can one-up the other offers. As you can imagine, it is not an easy thing to do, since bonuses do put the players at advantage and give them either some free money or free opportunities to score big jackpots, but turns out it is actually very much worth it for the casinos themselves. The matter of fact is that these days it’s hard to offer the service that some other casino can not, it’s not to say that the casinos are all the same because that’s far from the truth, but these days what really makes a difference for a casino is their bonus offer because that will attract the most attention. And since having goo payment options, good customer service, as well as nice gaming selection, seem like a necessary condition for all casinos that are no longer enough to impress the casino players, it seems like the attention has yet again turned to the bonuses and promotions.

There are a couple of ways that casinos advertise and offer these bonuses to their customer and you can actually tell a lot about a casino through their bonuses and how much they are willing to grant the player a chance for a free win. Usually, the best of their offers will be displayed right in the middle of their main page and you will be able to see the bonus offers right away. There are multiple types of bonuses that we will discuss here today. They all have a different demographic in mind and can be earned through different activities.

Welcome bonuses

These are probably the most common type of bonus and also the most popular one as well. The reason why welcome bonuses are so important is that most people get into playing at a different casino through this particular offer. Welcome bonuses are specifically for those players who haven’t already registered at the particular casino and this is a way for gambling venues to get people to sing up and start playing there. With Bonus offers the only precondition is that you should not be an already registered member of the casino and you should ave no deposit history with this casino. When you sign up to a new casino that is running a Welcome  Bonus you usually have to make a first deposit and that’s not you start to acquire the perks of registering and being the new member of a casino. The conditions usually vary with every casino. In some cases, the casino will require you to make a deposit and then gives out the benefits, in some cases, you can access the part of the benefits the second you finish the registration process. The most common way that casinos offer their welcome bonuses is through either bonus money or free spins and sometimes you will come across a casino that does both. Although it is quite rare for new casinos to offer so many benefits to there players even though it does pay off when your welcome bonus is a generous promotion.

With bonus money offers, Usually, you will find that the casino is willing to match your first deposit with a certain percentage increase the amount of money you can play with at this given casino. Frequently it is a 100% bonus match up with a limit. The limit varies quite drastically and depends on the popularity of the casino as well as their willingness to give back to the gambling community. In most cases though, the limit is above $100. When you claim your bonus money, you have to use it in the casino, and sometimes you will find that there are limits as to how you can use this bonus money. Some casinos offer specific games that you can use this bonus money off but in all cases, you can’t exchange the bonus money for real cash. But in some cases, you are free to use the bonus money however you want to, including slots video pokers and classic casino games alike.

Another popular way for casinos to introduce welcome packages is through free spins. This is actually a great way to get people to invest time and energy into one of the casino’s games and get to know the slots that you offer. When you give out free spins there is really nothing for the customers to lose and they can explore the gaming selection and try their luck without risking anything on their part. This way they can also see which slot games they like and which one of these slots is not worth their time.  This then in turn is a huge win for the casino as well because people can discover their new favorites and they are bound to come back for more.

Usually, the casinos are quite generous with their free spin offers, offering up to 500 free spins depending on where you play. There are two ways that the casinos grant these free spins, you can either access all of them at the same time or the casino limits you to using the only couple of them every day for a certain number of days depending on how many casino free spins you have been granted. This is to ensure that you continue to visit the casino even after you’ve been granted your welcome package.

While some casinos opt for either one or the other, recently the casinos have been offering the combination of bonus money and free spins to increase the effectiveness of there welcome offers. But this is not the only promotion that the casino uses to keep the players excited and attract new customers. There are Loyalty Programs, Reocurring bonuses, and even more fun programs that make playing at the casinos even more fun.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are for those players who have been around for a while and the casinos are putting a conscious effort to convince them to stay at their casinos instead of looking for entertainment in other places. When you register on any particular casino that does offer these loyalty programs or VIP memberships, every single deposit you make counts as an extra point getting you close to the perks that the casinos offer. With the Loyalty programs the more you gamble at this very casino, the more perks you will uncover. These perks could include additional features, regular free spins, and rewards, in some cases exclusive tournaments with opportunities to win above-average jackpots.

Loyalty programs are a way for casinos to ensure that the player doesn’t go over to other casinos and in turn, they are willing to give up exclusive opportunities that make gaming at the casino much more fun, even if you have been playing at this very casino for years. Loyalty programs make it more fun for the customer to stay at the one online casino for a long period of time even when there are limitless options out there.

Loyalty programs usually unlock some specific features in some cases being the part of this particular type of program means that you are eligible for free spins every month, or that you get the bonus match up on a monthly basis as well. With some casinos, loyalty programs also offer exclusive games and VIP sections where the best of the best are located. It could mean upgraded games, the newest releases, or even the tournaments that non-loyalty members can’t access. When the tournaments are for loyalty players the payouts are usually much higher and it can be way more profitable than your average tournament that everyone can enter.

There is some difference between being a loyalty member and a VIP member. While being the VIP can also mean that you get free spins and similar perks, it mostly focuses on higher stakes, meaning that your limits on deposits and withdrawals alike might be higher and you might be eligible for high-rollers games, which are sometimes off-limits for the regular customers. When you are a VIP member at any casino leaving and getting started at another one seems less appealing since you get so many benefits and opportunities by staying at your original casino.

So these types of programs are designed to create a lasting relationship between a casino and the player and it created many opportunities for the gambling venue to rewards its customer for loyalty and for staying when there are so many other options available. On the other hand, the player benefits from exclusive offers that they probably wouldn’t get in other casinos even in the form of the welcome bonus.

Loyalty programmed and VIP memberships definitely make things more fun for everyone involved and it creates a better relationship between the casinos and its users.

Recurring Bonuses

You might think the Loyalty Programs are what Reocruign bonuses are made up of but actually, as a member, you can still be a part of the monthly promotions even if you are not a part of any sort of program on the casino website. The monthly bonuses and promotions are. essential to every good casino because even if the players relatively new and they don’t usually bet very high, they still need to be encouraged and they still need something to look forward to when they have been playing at one particular casino for a long time.

When you enter an online casino website you will likely see many other offers besides the welcome bonus on the main page of the casino. There are many different types of recurring bonuses, it could weekly, monthly, yearly, or even seasonal. This is a way for casinos to keep their customer engaged and looking forward to an opportunity to win without risking anything. Weekly promotions usually have some preconditions, which is not surprising since these are so frequent and could potentially damage the casino if anyone who is a registered member gets aces to the benefits. The preconditions usually include making at least two deposits during the week, and some even have the minimum deposit limit for eligibility. But if you happen to fall into this category eligible for the bonus you can freely expect to get free spins, which is usually the form of the weekly bonuses, and start planning for your next risk-free slot games. For the monthly promotions usually, there are fewer preconditions and virtually any member can apply. Monthly promotions can include bonus money as well as the free spins. There are monthly tournaments that give the players the chance to win big time and double and triple their deposits in no time.

Some casinos have the tradition of offering extra promotions, for example during the holidays or some sort of celebration as a thank you for players. These types of promotions are usually accessible for anyone who is a member that gives away free spins as a way to encourage the players to try out some new games and expand their horizons when it comes to spending their deposits on certain slots.

Promotions like these are a great way to increase the popularity of particular games, since in most cases even if the players have never heard of the game that is eligible for free spins, no one will pass an opportunity to engage in some risk-free gambling and play the unfamiliar slot. During promotions like these, the games usually gain recognition and a new audience so it’s a win-win for the casino and the players.

These are the main ways that casinos try to say thank you to their players and engage them even more in their games and tournaments. While the traditional advertisement also work, the bonuses seem to be the most effective. As you can see these days it’s hard to get bored even when playing at the same casino for a long time. Especially considering that the casinos regularly update there game selection and web design, when you pair that with the bonuses and promotions that keep getting better with the help of loyalty programs its easy to see why some people stay at the same casino for a long time. But it does take doing these promotions really well, to make them effective and convince the players to stay.


It is evident that even though the games and the website are getting more and more exciting, this isn’t enough for the players and they also want more free opportunities and promotions to keep things interesting.

But there are some risks involved as well. Bonuses and Promotions could also be used to mislead people into playing at a particular casino that has no intention of paying out the customers. As we’ve mentioned above, the number of online casinos I increasing, and with that the gambling venues offering unlicensed services are increasing too. One of the ways that these casinos try to lure the innocent players is by offering overblown expectations and bonuses so when you see an offer that seems too good to be true make sure to double-check and see if the casino is licensed since so many fraudulent gambling companies are trying to use the effect of welcome bonus offer to try and scam people out of their money.

Scams like these are in every industry and the best way to avoid them is to be educated on the risks that occur when you put your deposit into a casino that has no licensing or any proof of its legitimacy. Bonus offers have become the primary source that leads players to there unlicensed casinos that could very well tamper with your gaming experience and withhold your winnings in case of a jackpot simply because they are unlicensed and are not being regulated by any authority