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Sri Lanka is among those countries which don’t usually pop up in our heads when talking about gambling. The reason is simple – the technologies in the country are not well-developed and therefore the number of people that have been using the internet has been pretty low recently. But today the use of online gambling websites increases rapidly and more and more people start to take part in playing games using online casinos. Usually, it’s hard to participate in online gaming if you don’t have access to the internet. However, the situation is not really that bad and Sri Lankans finally deserved their well-desired opportunity to use the internet which is slowly becoming more frequently utilized. Therefore, the use of Sri Lankan online casinos started to grow at a fast pace and today you can find plenty of opportunities for online gambling websites in Sri Lanka.


online gambling in Sri LankaIn fact, having limited access to the internet sometimes can even be an advantage for the people in this country. The government of Sri Lanka usually tries to pay attention to other fields that are integral parts of the country’s economy, such as agriculture and light industry. As a result, the political leaders haven’t really taken steps towards regulating the online gambling market in Sri Lanka and this is why Sri Lankans have a lot of opportunities for gambling activities as there are no certain kinds of restrictions regarding playing online casino games in Sri Lanka. This is why lately the online gambling industry has started to grow because people from all over the world begin to find Sri Lankan online gambling sites and play the games over the seas as it’s the best option for them to play casino games for real money in Sri Lanka and avoid being spotted by their governments.

However, of course, it doesn’t mean that every single online gambling site in Sri Lanka is reliable and there are lots of scammers on the internet today which makes the situation worse. But still, in Sri Lanka, you can find plenty of trustworthy online gambling websites and this is why we are going to review the online gambling situation in the country to enlighten you and provide information about their gambling landscape and regulations, in general, to make sure that you avoid being scammed while playing online in Sri Lanka.

Not only online gambling, but physical gambling also deserves to be taken into consideration. In the land-based arena of Sri Lanka, there are several forms of gambling that are considered legal. Recently various types of physical gambling activities have become more popular in the country and this increased viability of online gambling in Sri Lanka makes us believe that the government will eventually start to regulate the industry shortly. But for now, there are no rules about online gambling at all, and lots of people who have access to the internet simply take part in the various activities related to gaming.

So, as you can see the general view of the gambling environment in Sri Lanka is that gaming is not regulated in the country, the government doesn’t take enough actions against prohibiting different forms of gambling and there is no official license about allowance or restriction of providing gambling-related service in the online landscape. No one in the country tries to limit the industry for players. But hopefully, a sign can already be seen that in the near future the government will take some actions as the level of Internet access is getting wider and as a result chances of providing responsible gambling options throughout the country raises.

Popular Sri Lankan online casinos

Not only people from Sri Lanka but also the players all around the world often prefer to gamble using Sri-Lankan websites and they have plenty of reasons for this. Specifically, one of the most attractive things to gamble online in Sri Lanka is that working out whether a website actually worths spending your time, energy and money as well is pretty easy. People have certain ways to decide whether a local casino is good or not. For this, they usually check a number of aspects related to their services, such as payment methods, software providers, customer support, game selection, and plenty of other features. But sometimes players find it hard to work out everything themselves which is why it’s important to check several reliable reviews on the internet to find out the top online casinos in this country and ensure your safety.

There are a huge number of online casinos to choose from and join in the Sri Lankan online gambling market. In fact, many online casinos that accept players from all around the world are trying hard to meet the needs of each player. People in Sri Lanka choose to register on these online gambling websites because they offer things that the players probably need the most and it’s the guarantee of player protection. They have certain methods to make sure that players from across the globe can sign up and play without being concerned about the lack of personal information that often results in identity theft.Sri lankan casino slots

But security isn’t the only thing that usually attracts local or international players. Another important thing is that online casinos in Sri Lanka usually offer a wide variety of excellent games. There you can find everything from sports betting to different types of online casino games and live dealer games on most of the websites. Most of these games of live casino online in Sri Lanka are usually provided by the best software developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, PLay’n Go, or Evolution Gaming.

Besides, these top casinos provide fabulous welcome bonus offers and the amazing choice of daily, weekly, and monthly promotions for their players to take chance and boost their winnings. And one more important thing is that these casinos generally have a multilingual Customer Support team and lots of payment methods that can be used to deposit or withdraw the money. Therefore, we can certainly say that they offer high-level entertainment which is why sometimes people forget about the overall gambling situation in the country where there are no regulations and start to enjoy playing on the internet. The games that are especially popular for Sri Lankan players are Bingo, Online Slots, Video Poker, Lottery, Craps, RNG-based table games, and Scratchcards. International players can easily place bets on these activities, however when it comes to locals, sometimes the situation is a bit different.

How gambling works in Sri Lanka

Now let’s take a closer look at the gambling landscape of Sri Lanka. First of all, in order to form a general look at the country, it’s important to mention that Sri Lanka is an island country on the Southern coast of India. The two countries are so close that in fact some of the regions of Sri Lanka are less than 20 or 30 miles from India. As a result, the gambling-related situation in India has some influence over Sri Lanka’s gambling market. Gambling in India is strictly regulated as there are two state regulators and this is the reason why many Indians often choose to play online on Sri Lankan websites as chances that they will be spotted by the government while playing on Sri Lankan websites are lower.

Although the situation has been different for Sri Lankan players and years there have been restricted choices of the services provided by the Sri Lanka online casinos, now there are hundreds of casinos that have opened their doors to players from this country. Now they can easily find a website that suits all their needs and offer them a premium online gambling experience. \Today online gambling is still not specifically regulated under the government’s law and therefore, players from Sri Lanka are free to access offshore gambling platforms as most of the international online gambling sites allow players from Sri Lanka to register not heir sites.

What are the most popular gambling activities?

In recent years some activities for Sri Lankan players have been especially popular. Among them are casino gambling, bingo, poker, and sports betting. The lottery is also considered a national game of chance and buying lottery tickets is one of the most popular activities for locals, but when it comes to bitcoin gambling, sometimes Sri Lankan players experience certain problems.  In particular, transactions made using cryptocurrencies in the country are not regulated. No Sri Lankan gambling regulator would restrict the use of Bitcoin in any way and the government does not regulate online gambling. What this means is that the players of this country can freely gamble on foreign online Bitcoin casinos and other kinds of gambling platforms that accept cryptos.

Casino gambling in Sri Lanka

live casino online Sri LankaAlthough the legal climate in Sri Lanka constantly changes and the iGaming industry in the country is a real roller-coaster, casinos have still been operating in Sri Lanka for the past decades. We’ve mentioned several times that gambling is not regulated here but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any kind of law regarding the gambling landscape in the country. Specifically, in 2010 a new legislation has been enacted which truly showed promise for the Sri Lanka casino sector but then the new president had been elected and the situation worsened. Currently, online gambling in Sri Lanka is not regulated by the government but there are several land-based casinos available for tourists and locals in the country. Most of them are located in the capital, Colombo and some of them are even named after famous Las Vegas casinos, like Stardust, Belaggio, and MGM. The reason for this is not really hard to understand as the owners of these casinos are trying hard to make them popular worldwide and naming after well-known casinos usually helps them to gain public attention and achieve success.

The choice of land-based casinos in Sri Lanka is pretty wide nowadays. In fact, there are nine registered popular physical gambling venues in Sri Lanka. These are Continental Club, MGM Grand Colombo, Kollupitiya Casino, Star Dust Casino, Tokyo Club, Bally’s Casino Sri Lanka, The Ritz Club, Crown Club, and Bellagio Entertainment. The majority is functioning effectively in the capital of the country, attracting thousands of tourists and pleasing the locals as well with Sri Lankan casino slots, poker games, traditional table games like Baccarat, blackjack, or roulette, and other types of excellent services.

One of the most popular one among these nine land-based casinos is Bellagio Entertainment Casino. Established in 1998, the casino is a leading nightlife spot and gambling destination in Sri Lanka. It was formerly known as Bellagio Colombo and is considered to be the major gambling venue in Colombo for local gamblers and tourists. Live entertainment of this casino includes fashion shows and burlesque that are held almost every night and also, the casino hosts popular games like poker, slots, and has a wide range of promotions throughout the year. But of course, this casino is not the only one that usually attracts customers and there are plenty of other great land-based casinos in Sri Lanka.

Sports betting in Sri Lanka

Another popular activity for the Sri Lankan players is sports betting. The best online casino sites in Sri Lanka often consider the country as one of the most sportive nations of all time and they are famous for certain types of national sports activities. Specifically, the most famous national sport in Sri Lanka is volleyball. It’s official the national sport and they even have the governing body, Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation for regulation Volleyball in Sri Lanka. The game of volleyball was introduced in the country in 1916 and after that, it has been widely popular. But volleyball is not the only kind of sport that is considered attractive for everybody who likes sports betting. In fact, cricket is a far more popular type of sport and the nation is popular for its Cricket team which has been playing successfully since 1990. The cricket team has emerged as the world’s best team after winning the 1996 Cricket World Cup which is why people often place bets on this team and win fortunes as a result.

The best casino sites to play on in Sri Lanka often suggest their customers take part in sports betting. Another attractive type of sports in the country is Rugby and the rugby union in Sri Lanka has a rager large following. Other popular spots are water sports, badminton, athletics, football, basketball, and tennis. Usually, land-based betting shops are legal in Sri Lanka and are regulated by the government. Among them, the oldest chain is Sporting Times which has been operating since the 1950s. but in 2010 the regulation tightened the control of the government over the betting scene in the country and banned certain types of activities.

Other than this, one more historic sports activity for Sri Lanka has always been horse betting but it was banned in the 1970s as it was considered immoral. After this, players decide to turn to British horse races and started wagering and placing bets with illegal bookmakers in the UK. Even now, they often use major online platforms to place bets on international sports events because there are no prohibitions regarding foreign online bookmakers in the country.

General gambling regulation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan online casinos listToday you can find lots of best paying online casinos in Sri Lanka and have fun while playing online, but the overall gambling situation is a little bit more complicated. Casino gambling and other forms of gambling have existed for so long in the county but a proper gambling framework was only introduced as late as in 2010. The main reason for this is that the country has been in a civil war for almost 30 years which caused an economic crisis and other types of hardships for the government and the country and there was noo time for regulating and controlling the gambling market. However, there have been many gambling providers who have been secretly operating in the country. Some of them paid their income taxes properly which is why the government sometimes turned a blind eye to their operations.

But in recent years things have completely changed, especially about casino gambling in Sri Lanka. Today Sri Lankan online casinos list is pretty long and gambling is no longer considered something complicated. In 2010 the former president Mahendra Rajapaksa launched a new law called the Casino Business Act and established a legal framework for controlling and licensing casinos and betting places. But after that, the gambling industry in the country experienced some changes. Since the election of the new president Maithripala Sirisena, the iGaming scene of Sri Lanka faced major challenges because he canceled the casino licenses and increased levy on betting shops. The new president launched the Betting and Gaming Levy Act and stated the entry levy for the casinos of $100. Thereafter, currently, online gambling is a grey area in the country. However, the players from other countries don’t face any restrictions in Sri Lanka and the government doesn’t limit access to any such platform.

Responsible gambling in Sri Lanka

Currently, there are a few problems regarding responsible gambling in Sri Lanka. It’s hard to find the best online casino in Sri Lanka since there is no official license and the percentage of people who have access to the internet is not so large. Therefore, it’s quite easy to understand why there is no player protection system in the country. This is why Sri Lankan people need to ensure that they minimize the risk by playing with reputable operators with a long history of providing online casino service. Without doing so, you may put yourself in front of the danger of running into situations where an online website doesn’t pay you, and in this case, probably there will be nothing you can do as there is no protection in place for players.

This is why it’s important to fo the government to start thinking about regulating the online gambling market in Sri Lanka and introduce new laws. Currently, experts believe that the government started to realize the problem, and shortly they will start to take good care of online gambling in Sri Lanka. However, for now, you have to keep in mind that not all the websites are trustworthy and this is why we are going to tell you how to decide whether an online casino worth spending your time and money on.

How we rate online casinosonline casino slots in Sri Lanka

In order to decide if the given online casino is reliable or not, you have to pay attention to their several features. Some of the most important ones are payment providers, customer service availability, and the official license. For example, the casinos that usually possess the license from the Malta Gambling Authority can be trusted because MGA is the widely known regulator that has the reputation of providing the best and the most trustworthy service on the whole internet.

Also, top casinos usually have many different payment providers like Microgaming, Softswiss, Betsoft, or Play’n Go.  All of them are regarded as reputable ones because they provide the best online casino slots in Sri Lanka that are of excellent quality, giving the customers possibility to have the best experience while playing online. Besides, you have to take a great look at the bonuses and promotions system of an online casino. The authoritative websites usually offer their customers generous welcome offers with lots of free spins and high-quality deposit bonuses.

Bottom Line

To sum up, although there are no gambling regulators in Sri Lanka at that moment, players can still have the best gambling experience in Sri Lanka as they have plenty of reputable online gambling websites, as well as some excellent quality land-based casinos. However, it is believed that the situation slowly changes for good and in the near future the gambling industry in Sri Lanka will be regulated by the government.

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