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Canada is one of the biggest nations in the world. The population of the country is less than 40 million people, though, the number of gamblers in the country is one of the most concentrated. The reasons to gable never run out, and thus Canadians have quite a few of them. First of all, the living circumstances, which are very far away from the very want Italy or Miami Beach. Most of the people live in remote areas, where there is not much to do, but there is the internet and you can gable.

Canadian love to gamble. The slots, and the table games, together with the sports betting, of course, are the most favorable means of entertainment for them. The nation has been involved in the gambling activity for decades, and there are certain regulations and laws regarding the activity, which we would like to define while talking about Canadian online casino reviews.

Gambling Laws in Canada

Canada is generally of the few countries, who have very clearly outlined every law and regulation among society. The gambling laws in Canada are managed in a very adequate manner. The government was the authority, to take the responsibility of choosing proper gambling options. Decades ago, the government of Canada decided that the country was too big and there were way many gambling options that had to be regulated within different states in the country.

In 1970, the government transferred the right to legislating and regulating gaming to each of the provinces. The decision has been in force up to date. Consequently, each province in Canda has its own gambling regulatory body.

Online Gambling in Canada

There are not many regulations existing in the country, regarding online gambling. The citizens of Canada can gamble at any online gambling site, as far as the operator allows them to do so. Some of the Canadian land-based casino operators decided to take their offers to the online reality as well. Though, despite the trials, top online casinos in Canada remain the international ones, rather than local land-based casinos.

The lack of online gambling laws has fascinated many prominent poker players from different countries. Most of them are from the United States. The lack of regulations has brought some of the best online poker players to the Canadian soils. Some of the top online gambling sites offer poker rooms for the professions, both local and international.

The popularity of the online casinos as well as the sports betting and generally betting is increasing time by time. As there are no strict laws, the online casino or bookmakers are allowed to advertise their products via the traditional media channels. They have no restrictions on that. They can even attract some new players and offer some of the promotions for the best experiences.


While Canada definitely lacks certain regulations for the overall online gambling market, there are still some online casinos, that operate within the huge market. Despite no certain legislations, there are some of the regulators, which aim at creating the best and safe atmosphere for players, in order for casinos not to take advantage over the players.

  • By their government or jurisdiction- Pretty much any online casino that has been around for any period of time has the approval from their local gaming jurisdiction (otherwise they’d likely be shut down). The requirements to gain local government approval vary, so it’s probably best to look for an online casino that also has certification from one of the following two types of testing organizations.
  • By a security testing company- Seeing a certification seal from a security testing agency is a good sign. These companies do regular audits of online casinos, testing the encryption and security systems to ensure that your financial and personal information is safe and unhackable. Look for an image on the bottom of a casino’s homepage that says something like “SSL Secured”, which is the same technology banks use to protect sensitive information.


  • By a software testing agency- Organizations like eCOGRA and the Canadian Technical Systems Testing lend their stamp of approval to online casinos whose software meets high standards of quality. When testing software, things like the site’s Random Number Generator and payout rates are examined with the utmost scrutiny to ensure that all play is being conducted fairly.

Despite the laws and regulations from Canadian side regarding the online gambling, have been considered to be within the grey area, and are supposed to be very blurry, so far, no one has ever had a massive problem while playing at any of the top online casinos Canada.

Legal Matters

Many casinos in Canda are legal, although you might think that there are no proper and enough regulations. The major thing to pay attention to, is the license and the legal regulator, taking responsibility for licensing the online casinos. The main question still remains so, which of the legal online casinos operate in Canada and what are the regulations set by the Canadian government.

  • Once the online casino operating in Canada is registered offshore, it is completely legal to gamble online.
  • Many legit online casinos Canada are located within the country. They operate legally as far as they are registered outside Montreal and Kahnawake, where online gambling is illegal. Although this includes prosecution, they are still legal, as far as the servers are reserved from India.
  • Some provinces, such as Quebec, Columbia, and Ontario launched their own government-based casinos. With this, they can generate way more money and are legal to play with.

Do online casinos smell like trouble?

Neither technically, nor practically you can get in trouble while playing online in Canada. First of all,

most of the casinos operating within the country are registered offshore. This means that players can play in online casinos. Even if they are not registered outside Canada, the only case when you are illegal to play and it is only true while finding in an illegal betting house.

The term ‘betting house’ is also one that is incredibly old fashioned, and it’s also a clear indication the Canadian laws have not been updated to reflect the ever-changing landscape of online and mobile gaming. As technology has evolved at such a rapid rate the law doesn’t always manage to catch up at the same pace, and this is the perfect example. However, if online gambling was a serious issue or considered to be a major problem, it’s almost certain that Canadian authorities would have stepped up and amended regulations to ensure that they covered all angles.

Positively Approached Industry

One way or another, Canda is one of the best regulated and balanced regulated countries and thus has one of the best-balanced gambling industries in the world. Not only Canadians have a great approach for online gambling, but for the land-based industry as well. This means that the government contributes a lot to the rapid growth and development of the industry.

The proof for the fact that gambling is one of the most popular activities in the country is that over 75% of the population over the legal age of gambling has at least once gambled online or offline. Another proof is that the gambling industry has become one of the most lucrative industries, with multibillion revenue. Many of the gamblers enjoy playing online in the best online casino Canada, due to the regulations and proper approaches.

Outlook on Online Gambling in Canada

Betting and playing in the best online casino real money Canada are some of the most popular entertainment activities on the territory of Canada.

Let’s discuss the existing paradox around online gambling in Canada. There were certain laws and regulations that have been implemented during the past several years within the country. Also, most of the laws concerned Internet or online gambling. As mentioned before, it is legal to play in Canada once the online casino is registered offshores. The whole paradox begins exactly here. Most of the online casinos, that are regulated and licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority and UK Gambling Commission are based on the territory of Canada, but outside Kahnawake, specifically in Kahnawake’s native reserve, which is considered to be an offshore.

Thus, from the perspective of the players, it should no how to be illegal to play in online casinos in Canda. In fact, it is only illegal to operate a web-based casino from Canada. The offshore websites, whose servers are located on the native reserve of Kahnawake come to prove this. Despite many existing inconveniences, the country is extremely attractive for the players and the gambling environment in the country is one of the bests.

Canadian Criminal Code

The Criminal Code of Canada is the bill that sets a definition of illegal gaming activities within the country’s borders. Up to date, the provinces are able to operate, regulate and grant licenses to certain casinos, including web-based ones.

Generally speaking, the Criminal Code of the country defines gambling and conducting any gaming activities in Canada as illegal, unless these activities are included in specific exceptions pointed in the Code itself.

Some exceptions can be found in section 207. The situation, however, is a bit more complex, as provincial governments are provided with the right of organizing and control lotteries, as well as some games of chance that are operated on or through online gambling. According to the current Canadian legislation, such websites are to be operated by the provincial governments themselves.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a special gaming regulatory body that is entitled to the right and responsibility to issue licenses and regulate several web-based casinos, as well as online poker rooms and sportsbook websites. A total of three land-based poker rooms situated within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in Quebec are also put under the control of the Gaming Commission.

In order to receive a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, casinos are required to meet certain criteria. This online legislation model as a whole has come as a result of the Government’s efforts to make the environment favorable for Kahnawake Internet gambling. This is exactly the reason why the legislation model that provides certain provinces with the right to monitor, control and regulate the gambling industry within their borders is believed to be suitable for Canada.

The Gaming Commission is the organization that bears the responsibility for monitoring the compliance of the gambling legislation within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in Quebec. It is also the organization that also takes care of granting online blackjack casino Canada and other casino providers, as well as the sportsbook gaming providers with valid licenses.

The principles of work of the commission include fair gaming, payouts guarantee, as well as a geographical reference.

As mentioned before, most of the online casinos operating within the country, are located outside the country itself. Sometimes, this can cause a bit of trouble for the players in terms of transactions and payments.

Top online casino real money Canada use different methods for payment, in order to be flexible and comfortable for the players. Most of the online casinos accept Visa cards and credit cards. While the most common methods of payment are the visa and debit card, some restrictions can be imposed on payments. The players can sometimes be required to make an account with the third-party money transfer website. While it might be okay for one casino, some casino prefers to have the wire transactions and players have to be ready for that as well.


In regards to the payment methods, there are two major methods for making deposits with the online casinos in Canada. One of them is Citadel and Visa.

Some of the most secure online casinos Canada use the Citadel method for making the deposit for the online casinos. It offers a specialized Internet-based payment method service that guarantees that every money transaction is processed in a safe and secure manner.

Citadel Commerce also provides its customers with an Electronic Internet Check that offers them the chance to transfer money in a reliable, inexpensive, easy and absolutely safe way. Such transactions can be executed from any computer or mobile device that has access to the Internet.

Probably one of the best reasons why Citadel is among the most preferred online casino payment methods is the fact that using it is not associated with using a credit card and revealing any personal or banking details to third parties. All that online casino players are required to have in order to use Citadel is a valid bank account. Once they have entered the information needed when creating a Citadel account, they are not requested to fill in any personal details.

In addition, all information filled in by the player when registering an account is protected thanks to an encryption technology that is normally used by financial institutions all over the world. This encryption technology guarantees a 100% safe and secure environment for money transfers.

Another advantage of the Citadel payment method is the fact that the system is very quick. Most transactions are processed and finalized within 72 business hours.

Visa and Master Cards

It should be no surprise for anyone, that Visa is one of the methods for making a deposit with the online casinos. It is one of the most widespread payment methods all over the world for almost any purpose.

Even while other payment methods exist and are quite common already, most of the banking institutions in Canada still use credit and prepaid cards with their costumers. One huge advantage of the Visa card is that it is accepted in more than 150 countries all over the world. The advantage of Visa is not only in the land-based venues but in the online world as well.

There are several variations of the Visa card. One of the most used cards and suitable for most of the costumers is the Visa credit card. All of the players who want to make a deposit in the casino with the Visa card should have the credit Visa card.

The disadvantage of the visas in terms of making a deposit is that you have to provide the casino with all personal information and plus, the transaction might take some time. This means that unless the transaction is complete, you can not start playing.

MasterCard is another brand, which is known for its reliability, product diversity and high level of security provided to customers. The fact that the products of the MasterCard ad accepted all over the world makes them one of the most preferred ones when it comes to making purchases online and offline.

The brand provides a variety of debit, credit and prepaid cards, which can be used for making deposits in online casinos. However, there is one major difference between Visa and MasterCard products – while Visa allows players to make a withdrawal of their casino winnings, MasterCard does not provide such an option and so far this is considered to be one of the biggest disadvantages of the card.

As a matter of fact, the prepaid cards offered by the brand are some of the most preferred and used deposit methods when it comes to online casinos.

Top online casino Canada players consider these cards as the best solution for making deposits in their casino accounts, because of the fact that each prepaid card has a limit, which cannot be surpassed. Of course, prepaid cards are reloadable, and some of them have expiration dates.


Instadebit is probably the most-used online casino deposit method in Canada. It has become so popular thanks to a number of reasons.

With Instadebit, players are allowed to deposit money and withdraw winnings instantly to and from their online casino accounts. This is a great advantage of the method because most payment options require too much paperwork or take too much time until the transactions are processed.

All this makes Instadebit a fast and easy to use payment method when depositing funds to an online casino is concerned. In addition, the payment system provided by the brand is secure enough in order to guarantee players maximum satisfaction.


PaySafeCard is another payment method that is commonly used by Canadian citizens when making online casino deposits. The brand offers a regular plastic pre-paid card that can be used for all kinds of online and offline purchases.

One of its major advantages is the fact that customers do not have to reveal any personal or bank account information. Depending on the customers’ location, PaySafeCard can also be found as an electronic voucher, which is also fast and easy to work with. No bank account number is required to be filled in when making payments or online casino deposits with the system.

The prepaid card offered by Paysafecard is a reloadable, multi-use one. The PIN code provided to customers at the time of the card’s purchase remains the same no matter how many times the card is being reloaded. Making a money deposit in an Internet casino does not differ in any way from a regular online purchase.


Interac is another payment method, which is favored by Canadians. The Interac has the reputation of the national debit payment method. This method has been used in the country for almost half a century.

The payment method is available both for the ordinary online casino games, such as slots as well as for the live casino online Canada. The company functions as a direct payment processor, facilitating transactions between bank accounts. All you need to do as a precondition is hold an account with one of the 250+ partnering banks and credit unions.

“…Interac e-Transfer is currently the method of choice, allowing players to deposit and withdraw from their casino accounts with minimum fees. Simply access your existing online banking portal, select e-Transfer and complete the payment.

Security is a priority with this service, which is why payments are processed upon authorization with a security question. Still, this does not cause any lag time and still manages to get players’ funds to the desired destination in no time.”


The last, but not the least is the iDebit originated and expanded the idea of InstaDebit. The company provides services more than in 20 countries across the globe. Users of the service can process payments to and from merchants by turning to its direct online banking option, or alternatively, its inherent e-wallet service.

The former allows iDebit users to transact straight from their online banking service, simply specifying the recipient bank number and the amount. As for the latter, you will first need to register for an e-wallet account and fund it through regular online banking.

Security is a top priority for the banks and for the online casinos. Once the concern regarding the safety, security, and privacy is raised with the online casino transactions, the casino becomes less attractive and the reason for doubt simultaneously. While most of the new online casinos Canada have most of the above-listed payment methods available, some of the online casinos even accept Bitcoin and e-wallet payments.

How To Find A Proper Casino To Gamble?

Despite the laws surrounding Canadian online gambling being somewhat hazy, now is the best time for Canadians to gamble online thanks to helpful sites like We have done the legwork to make sure that you can play at the best legal Casinos without the risk of unsafe websites or disappointing games.

When looking for a great legal place to play there are several factors you need to consider. First off you need to make sure that the online casino has a reputation for fair payouts and reliable operations. You’ll also need to make sure that it is licensed and registered with the proper authorities and that it is allowed to operate in the country you wish to play in.

Generally speaking, you will not be breaking any laws by playing at an illegal site, but more likely you’ll find yourself being ripped off by an underhand operator.

If you want to be 100% sure that you’re playing at a trustworthy and legal establishment, check out our top recommendation here at and always ensure you know the answers to these important questions:

Does This Casino Have a Good Reputation?

There are many available options for Canadians in terms of online casinos. While the choice is big, you still have to be attentive and careful while choosing the online casinos. It’s important to ask this about any site you’re thinking about playing at, as word of mouth and, of course, best online casinos Canada reviews are a great way of finding out if a brand is a legal, safe and enjoyable place to play. Despite that there are some of the huge names in the industry that are legal and well known to the public, there are many small and relatively less famous online casinos that are also very safe and secure for the Canadian players. There is some fo the recommendations and factors that you have to consider that will make your choice more reliable for the Canadian online casinos.

First of all, you have to consider the license and the auditing authority that certifies the online casino. There are some licensed that make the casino reliable and trusted as well as reputable in the online gambling market. If you have concerns regarding the regulator or the license of the casinos you can always check the best online casino review Canada online.

You can check forums or the options that are recommended for you. Many forums have loads of information that can be useful and helpful.

How to make the best choice

While choosing the casino, there are certain criteria, that have to be fulfilled in order to gain the best experience. According to reviews most of the online casinos have a reputable background, with the regulators and audits being the main regulator bodies. In order to create the list of the top 10 online casinos Canada, take note of the main checks that you have to consider.

  • Gaming Experience – If the online casino has a number of games and a variety of them on the platform, it means that online casinos can grant you a great experience. The more games the casino has, the more partners are involved and thus the better is the performance of the casino. Moreover, the best online casinos offer many live casino games, table games, slot games and many more opportunities such as betting and online chance games.


  • Offers and Promotions – The better the casino is, the more offers and promotions it can afford for the costumers. Many top online casinos offer great promotions with deposit bonuses and cashback in order to attract more costumers and create the most comfortable atmosphere for the players. The promotions are also a great way to get costumers acquainted with the games and online casino attitude and approach for the players.


  • Trustworthy – The most reliable casinos are the ones who have proper licenses which are granted by the gambling regulators and governmental authorities. Usually, the information is provided on the bottom of the page of the online casinos. You can also have a look at the regulators in the terms and conditions section.


  • Wins and Jackpots – Just like the promotions and the offers, it is very vital for the casino to be lucrative not only for itself but for costumes as well. The more reviews regarding the big wins exist around the casino, the more people are attracted to it and are willing to try the experience. Welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashback, progressive jackpots are great tools for fascinating costumers.
  • Awards – It is always nice to have a lot of awards and testify that the casino is the award-winning and thus has many awards for responsible gambling, best gambling experience or many more. The more awards are there, the better is the reputation.


  • Withdrawal and Payment – If the casino supports only one payment method, it obviously is not worth trying even. The leading casinos try to include as many possible payment methods as possible. The variety of population and variety of payment methods makes the competition in the online gambling industry even higher. The best casinos are the ones that accept the most common payment methods, such as Visa, E-wallets and maybe even Bitcoin. The same goes for the withdrawal of the money. If there are too many limitations and restrictions on the withdrawal your concerns should be very much legit.

It does not mean that it is hard to find the legit online casino Canada, it just means that you have to be very attentive and picky while going through the best online Canada casino. Take into consideration the recommendations and have fun. Check the reviews and visit the best online places in the country.

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