Casino deposit bonus

Casino deposit bonuses are what sets the online gaming industry apart from its off-line counterpart.

Imagine walking into a casino and being given hundreds of Euros to play with?

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. At least not quite.

The deposit bonus as its name would imply is extra cash which players receive for depositing and playing at a casino.

The best deposit bonuses will match your deposit a certain amount, often as much as 100%.

So for instance, if you deposited 100 you would receive another 100, so you’d have 200 to play with in total.

There are some different types of bonuses, and some qualifying factors which we’ll explain, so read on and you’ll know exactly how to go about getting the best casino deposit bonus out there…

How to get an online casino deposit bonus

As we’ve established, you get a deposit casino bonus for making a deposit.

Before you do that, you have to open up an account of course, but that needn’t take more than a few minutes.

Online casinos may want to ask some security questions or make checks, though this is no more involved than is the case with most other types of eCommerce.

Most sites will offer some Welcome Bonus, which could be in the form of Free Spins or some other perks like Scratchcards.

But the most common type is a deposit bonus. So if you open up an account, you’ll get your deposit matched with extra money.

Please note that there is a ceiling to the amount of extra money you can get – around 300 is typical for a first deposit.

On the other hand, there will be other deposit casino bonuses in most cases.

There are Reload Bonuses where you get more money for making further deposits, for as many as 3 or 4 more deposits, though the percentages are often lower – 50%-75% is typical.

Sometimes casinos advertise the Welcome package together with subsequent Reload Bonuses which could be as much as 1,000, but always read the small print to get a grasp of how their deposit system works.

Another category of deposit bonuses are those which are offered at special times, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Midsummer, even on an individual player’s birthday, so keep an eye out for these nice little extras.

Casino deposit bonus

Best casino deposit bonuses

A casino deposit bonus needs to meet certain criteria to be worthwhile.

As we explained, the first deposit bonus should be 100%. Less than that is not acceptable unless the limit is quite high (say 50% up to €1,000) but even that is only going to be appealing to high rolling depositors.

The casino first deposit bonus can even be higher than 100% – 200% or even 300% are not unheard of, so these are worth looking out for as well!

It’s also important that the wagering requirements aren’t too steep. Wagering requirements are a number of times you have to ‘play through’ the extra money before you can withdraw the money itself and any winnings accrued. Wagering requirements are standard – figures of from x12 up to about x40 or so are normal.

A deposit casino bonus would also have a minim that you deposit – usual amounts would be around 20.

A figure much higher than that wouldn’t be worth going for either.

Terms & conditions should clearly set out things like this and should only be ‘one click away’ from the sign-up or deposit page, and clearly set out.

Another thing to look for, although this occurs less commonly, are casinos which give the option of not taking Welcome Bonus money at all. Some people prefer just to get playing right away with their money and not have to think about meeting wagering requirements or other terms and conditions, so such a set up would suit them.

Deposit bonus casinos should also have a host of other promotions and special offers at other times of the year, and these should be to similarly generous amounts and with realistic terms.

The best way to get all the news about any new online casino deposit bonus, and information about promos in general, is to check back regularly with this site.

We carry only the best casinos regarding reputation, security, ease of use, customer service, game selection and of course bonus and loyalty programs, so only choose sites which have been approved by us.

That way you’ll be able to open up as many online casino accounts as you wish and claim you Welcome Bonus money in each case.

Of course be careful not to overstretch yourself with too many accounts – or stick with just the one account if you prefer, each to his or her own.

So you see, it is almost as if you have a choice of which land-based casino to walk into, where in each case the pit staff gave you some money to play with!