Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a game of probability, and while there are no ways to ‘predict’ the exact outcome of a spin on the wheel, there are surely ways to define the probability of certain outcomes. There are three versions of Roulette, and whichever game you prefer, there is always a strategy that will work for you. Specifically, here we will focus on the ultimate online Roulette game strategy.

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Roulette strategy tips for beginners

If you are a beginner in the game of Roulette, then you want to take advantage first of the basic Roulette strategies. Every pro Roulette player has to start somewhere!

Roulette strategy

The most basic strategy, is one you use simply with a pen and paper. For practice, grab a pen and paper and a Roulette wheel (or go to an online casino that lets you play for free!). Spin the wheel 37 times, without placing any bets, and write down the numbers that you get. This will get you familiar with the aspect of probability.

Why this strategy for Roulette online works, is because it is proven practice that 37 numbers on the wheel will, more or less, be landed on the same amount of times when you play a long term game. So, of course, this effects your betting strategy.

This basic strategy will most definitely get you moving into the right direction of becoming a real pro in the world of Roulette, just remember, practice makes perfect!

Advanced roulette strategy tips

Advanced Roulette strategies are best for experienced players who have learned basics and have established some kind of Roulette winning strategy that works for them. This usually requires that you play the game of Roulette for long enough that you understand the difference between the three versions.

The first example of advanced winning Roulette strategies, is one quite similar to that of the basics. Whether it is the best strategy for Roulette, that choice is up for you to decide, but it will definitely get you started in the right direction.

First step of this strategy, is to choose 7 numbers to bet on and place €1 each, totalling €7. Make your spin and wait for the result (the suspense!)… whether you win or lose, you can continue betting the same amount on those same numbers, as it is all a matter of probability which naturally only increases the more you spin.

Another great tip, is to make bets covering multiple numbers, as well as a straight bet on a single number, which is a casino Roulette strategy that will allow you to make possible small wins, while staying in the game with your other chips and therefor, playing longer.

Lastly, a more complicated version for one of the best strategies for Roulette, is something called the ‘Double Street Quad Strategy’. This basically means you will cover a lot of numbers at a low cost in order to make as many wins as possible. It requires you to make wagers on two double streets (a double street means six lines) as well as a corner bet, or quad, and one straight up number.

Casino roulette winning strategy

Let’s discuss some more Roulette winning strategies so you can improve your game, and most importantly, strike those big wins you’ve been practicing for!

First off, a great and very simple way to win is to get the best welcome bonus possible from your favourite online casino! I guess that is more than obvious, but it is still important if you want to have the best outcome.

While playing Roulette, and especially if you want to make a steady income from your casino Roulette strategy, you need to keep in mind that you need to set some sort of budget for what you are willing to play with, and when to stop. Don’t allow yourself to become ‘swallowed’ by the game!
If you want a truly effective online Roulette betting strategy, you need to not give into hype around ‘systems’ that can so-called ‘predict’ the outcome of a game. Roulette simply does not work that way and this option will not work for you. After all, if these systems truly did work, why would the creator want to tell anyone about it?

A more solid and technical game strategy is to generally make outside bets, such as red or black, odd or even, high or low, etc. This will result in multiple smaller wins, which are not only more likely, but just as valuable as a win on a large bet, as the probability is increased.
All of these strategies will assist you in improving (and winning) more games of Roulette, helping you make your way to becoming an expert! Most importantly, the practice, is PRACTICE!

Online roulette betting strategy

Do you think you have mastered your casino Roulette betting strategies? You may have, you may very well be a very seasoned expert, but as with everything, we can always improve! Here, we will delve into different Roulette strategies, including tips for the three different types of roulette.

First off, I think it is best to start off with maybe the most common of the Roulette betting strategies. Can you guess what it is? Play French Roulette! And even though some players claim that learning the European roulette strategy will give you an edge, most pros use La Partage rule (meaning you only lose 50% of your even bets if the ball lands on ‘0’ – and there is only one ‘0’).

While on the topic of French Roulette strategy, it may be fair to mention for any beginners reading this, is that you should try first playing with French Roulette, it’s one of the most popular ones, easy to find online, and learning the best roulette strategy guidelines for it will help you with virtually any version of this game.

The truth with the European and American versions, is that they are very similar to each other, and any actual strategy for either types of these Roulette games would be quite similar, even if you memorize the American roulette strategy guidelines or any others. As I’ve mentioned, Roulette is a game of probability, and while of course you can increase these odds, there is no necessary ‘secret’ to winning Roulette.

I hope you have learned more about the thrilling game of Roulette! It is most definitely among the top favourites for players all around the world, and with good reason! However, always remember that it is a game, and though it requires skill, there is no magic winning solution.
Well, that said, practice, patience, close attention and free bonuses will do the ‘trick’!

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