Even though we don’t often see the banners and different advertisement about software providers, they really are the main force behind online casinos and it’s thanks t their work is how we are able to enjoy our favorite casino games online, without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. Software providers built the casino websites and out favorite slots and online casino games from scratch and deliver them to the casino users.  Turning casinos into a digital entertainment destination has completely transformed the way we view gambling in general. It has allowed the gambling providers to reach completely new audiences and to expand their reach across the globe. This was definitely a revolutionary achievement for the gambling industry but the progress hasn’t stopped there. Over the years the software provider has managed to improve their skills and deliver mindblowing graphics and gaming experiences to players across the globe, starting from 3D games to live casino experiences video poker and much more. Over the years these software providers have managed to create an online experience that is extremely close to actually going to the regular, brick and mortar casino and playing for hours straight with exciting setting and fun offers that don’t’ stop. There are a couple of names in the software providers range that always deliver the best result,s the best games and casinos. We will discuss a couple of these outstanding software providers that you can always count on. While they might not be the most talked-about part of the gambling community, they truly are the ones that are making it grow and develop. Even now there are couple of casinos that offer you to filter out games based on providers because some people have very strong preferences when it comes to who makes their games and how they do it. In the future, as more people start taking into account the importance of the software provider they will definitely get the recognition they deserve for creating the gaming corner online that replicates the real-life experience.  It is so easy to overlook just how much depends on the software provider, including but not limited to the odds, the basic rules table limits, and of course the games themselves.

When casinos are done by the same provider they will often look quite similar when it comes to the interface,  but of the curse, they vary in their themes graphics an so on. We will discuss a few of the outstanding software providers down below and it is quite likely that you have already heard or seen at least couple of these providers, and what’s even more likely you have already played at least some of their games in the past if you are a gambling lover. Knowing which casino providers are the best will also help you recognize the casinos that are worth spending money at and the ones that won’t get you the aging experience that you deserve. Heres the list of the most reliable software developers.

Evolution Gaming

This Swedish software provider is probably one of the most famous casino software providers out there, they have huge audience and have been around for around since 2006. Evolution Gaming is known for their live casino games and their quality services. They mostly focus on classics like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and all the other favorites like Baccarat or Deal or No Deal. Over the years they have been recognized as one of the top providers, having received multiple awards for their work in live dealer games. Evolution Gaming broadcasts their games from a couple of different locations, including offices in the USA, Canada, and Europe. They provide many variations to these classic casino games and add an element of excitement to all of their live games. They have introduced unique features like Favorite Bets, which gives you an opportunity to the customer and then save 15 of your favorite bets, they also give a special badge to players that have an impressive winning history. Evolution has also introduced the much-anticipated feature of having the option to bet before other players are betting, meaning that you don’t have to wait for your turn to make the best and can actually go ahead anytime you want. When playing with evolution you can also play multiple games at time and what’s even better is that there are multiple options that are live 24/7, meaning that you could enter a live game at any hour, no matter where you are.  As you can tell there is a good reason why people are raving about Evolution Gaming, they have been around for quite some time and have set a new industry standard for other providers, paving the way for many of the innovations that now consider an essential part of the gaming experience. So when you see that a casino works closely with Evolution Gaming you can be sure that you will get an amazing gaming experience. Their games are combative with desktop as well as mobile phones.


One of the pioneers of the online gaming industry is NetEnt, and you will probably have seen this one already. NetEnt has been around since 1996 and they have done a tremendous job of modernizing the gambling industry over the years. They offer one of the most impressive gaming selections, including both regular and live games and they are often cited as the best software provider in the gambling community. NetEnt has its roots in the brick and mortar casino, in Scandinavia. After Sweden banned slot machines the casino went on looking for another way to keep their business alive and some employees saw the opportunity to transition to a digital world and seek the unexplored opportunities that this road could potentially offer. As is evident by the sheer size of the NetEnt size and influence today it definitely proved to be a successful offer and has taken the company to an impressive journey. The company has hundreds of games and operates works with almost 200 operators. They are currently based in Sweden where the company is one of the biggest employers. They provide their service for the residents across the Europe and some states in the US. Over the years they have been recognized as one of the main players in the online casino industry, having won multiple awards over the years in multiple categories.

NetEnt uses HTML5 and Flash for their games and you can play on your desktop as well as your mobile device. Some of the most famous NetEnt games that you might recognize are Gonzo’s Quest, Wild Wild West, Starburst, Mega Fortune Mega, and Dreams Mega. Almost every online casino that operates under the country that NetEnt works with has its games as one of their top options and there are countless casinos who are constantly trying to get the NetEnt games on their website. They also have transparency policies and have built a trustworthy relationship with the casinos and players, where the users know that the games are fair and so are the payouts.  They work for other casinos but since 2002 they have been operating their own online casinos as well which as helped them better understand the needs of the players and the casinos on the modern market


Another world-famous software provider for the casinos is Microgaming, it is also highly likely that you have already played at least one of their games if you are an online gambler. Microgaming has also been around for almost thirty years now. They were founded in 1994 and also paved the way for the online gambling industry. They are currently one of the largest providers out there. Microgaming as 900 casino games and they are constantly releasing new and exciting games for their loyal players. They have over 1,200 variants of classic games and have become one of the most influential trendsetters across online casinos. When it comes to classic games they offer impressive variants and some of them are better than others. Microgaming has a separate section of variant they call the Gold Series, where the classic casino games are elevated with improved graphics and better setups, they might also have higher table limits and overall a. better gaming experience. When it comes to casino games, they offer Baccarat, Cyberstud Poker, Red Dog, Poker Ride, Caribbean Draw Poker, Casino War, Poker Pursuit. They also provide a lot of live game options which have been getting more attention. Live versions of the classics like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Hold’em Poker and Sic Bo can be found on casinos that work with Microgaming. The software provider has a separate category for Live Poker game, you will find versions like Aces and Faces, All Aces, All American, Deuces and Joker, Double Bonus Poker, and Tens or Better. Of course, this is just a small selection fo games that Microgaming has made over the years and their quality has remained top-notch over the decades. When it comes to slots Microgaming ha 350 slots, some of them are amongst the most popular slots on the market right now, which is not at all surprising.

Another huge benefit of Microgaming is that their names are available in over 40 languages and you can play with over 25 currencies.  In addition to that,  they have to license for a lot of fun movies and tv shows and you can expect to find a lot of pop culture references in their slots, which is often important for the players. They have proven time and time against that they want their customer to have a good time and that they always pay out big wins. they have one of the riches histories when it comes to paying out extensive jackpots. They also have beneficial bonus systems that they pride themselves on, with offers that you won’t be able to find in other places or with other software providers. They always stand out amongst other providers. Microgaming also has a program designed to help its players to deal with the banking and other complications that might arise, which definitely solidifies its place as a software provider that does the most to ensure a good experience for its players, which is a huge advantage for any company or business. Their security systems are also top-notch, with minimum fraud and collusion cases. So when the casino offers the MicroGaming options,  you can be sure that the casino is of high quality.



While BetSoft hasn’t been around for as long as the other providers that we’ve talked about so far, they have managed to make a name for themselves over the last couple of years. They started their work in 2006 and were creating regular online casino games long before they found their niche: 3D Slots. The company released their first-ever slot game in 2010 and have since then become an authority when it comes to 3D Slot games. As a newer company, they have also shifted their focus from solely producing desktop games to prioritizing mobile games. Over the last few years, mobile games have really found their place in the online gaming community and their slot is only expected to grow as we see the more widespread adoption of 5G and general accessibility to mobile phones across the world. In this regard, BetSoft is a clear leader, since so many of the tradition software providers haven’t yet managed to pick up their pace when it comes to mobile gambling and they are still lacking when it comes to quality and even the number of games that can be players over Mobile devices. BetSoft has almost 200 games including slots, video poker, and card games. Some of their famous slots include The Angler, Pinocchio, At the Movies, Kawaii Kitty, Giovanni’s Gems, Under the Sea, Fire and Steel, and so on. They have managed to create their own style of casino games, where you can expect a short cut scene before any game, where different references and movie-like elements are included in almost every game.  The games that BetSoft provides are usually a stand out having their very own signature set up and features.  When it comes to Table Games there are options like 3 Card Rummy, Pirate 21 Blackjack, Pontoon Blackjack, Oasis Poker, and a lot of unique variants of the classic casino games that we usually don’t see with other famous providers. Of course, they also provide the classics but their main advantage is still their innovative varieties and features that they put on different Casino Games. This provider also has an extensive selection of video poker games, including Deuces & Joker’s Poker, Bonus Poker, Bonus Delux, Double Bonus Poker, and so on.

Even though the provider has had some previous scandals when it comes to payouts and licensing, it looks like they have gotten their company under control and now they are again practicing the safe and fair methods that prioritize the customers and their experience. They are operating under Curacao license, they also have the licensing from Malta Gaming Authority.  They also have the practice of testing their games with their target audience and put a lot of effort to create games that their loyal customers would enjoy. Overall their games are top-notch and the BetSoft definitely deserves its spot among the most highly rates software providers.

While these are just some of the trustworthy providers and gladly there are a lot more that do a great job of delivering quality games and services, this selection will help you with identifying online casinos that work with high-quality providers versus the ones that don’t. Since these are some of the biggest providers you can expect to see at least one or two of them at every online casino that cares about the quality of their services. Depending on where you are playing from some of these providers might not be allowed in your country, but at least one of them will definitely be within your reach and you should be able to access at least a couple of games from these providers. Now wherever you may be, you will know which of the casinos are worth your time and which are working with the providers that don’t have much experience and haven’t been known to deliver good results.

As the Gaming community advances, more and more providers will appear on the market, because these software companies have paved the way for them and have created an environment where online casinos are no longer deemed unsafe. Online gaming is only going to get bigger from now on, so it is important to know which providers are trustworthy while staying away from those who don’t have much experience backing them up.

The online casinos have done a great job of evolving with time and raising their standard to deliver better results to the players, but the only reason that they have been able to do so are these online casino software providers, so when choosing the gambling venus its crucial that you also look into their provider and with most websites, you will be able to see the listing on the main page.