Cherry Casino Free Spins

Cherry Casino Free Spins

Cherry casino free spins are a hot topic right now – justifiably so, in our opinion.

Free Spins in general are an important feature of the online casino industry, and one of the main ways sites can attract customers over their competitors.

This means that we are very much in a buyer’s market right now – in other words, you, the customer, can and should shop around for the best Free Spins deals out there instead of taking the plunge with the first casino site that comes along.

Let’s turn to Cherry Casino Free Spins then – both those which are available at the time of writing, and any others which may appear on the horizon, as well as the all-important question of how to go about claiming them.

What exactly are Free Spins?

Free Spins are just that – free ‘goes’ on any online slot without having to deposit any money into the ‘slot’ as it were.

‘Big deal’ you might think – but wait a moment as we paint a picture of what Free Spins would look like in the old-fashioned gaming halls.

Imagine if you had been able to walk into any casino or amusement arcade and start spinning the reels for free, without having to put any coin in the slot.

More than that, if you did happen to strike it lucky and win a large amount, it would be just as much yours to take home as if you had deposited money!

‘How could this be?’ you might think, and you could be forgiven for calling the manager (if you were honest – as we’re sure you are!) to say that either the machine was defective or the previous player had left some money in there!

And yet that’s precisely what we have on our hands in the case of Cherry Casino Free Spins!

Why the change though? Why are Cherry offering Free Spins when we can barely conceive of such a thing existing during the time of our (albeit misspent) youths?

There’s a fairly simple answer to that – the rise of the online slot.

Whereas offering Free Spins on the ‘fruit machines’ of yore would have proved difficult in the extreme, with an online slot it is perfectly possible.

First, naturally the online slot doesn’t hold any physical ‘coins’ that get deposited, and so the reverse of that (ie. spins without depositing) are easier to legitimately engineer.

Second, you tend to play an online slot at your own leisure and wherever and whenever you want – on your desktop, or on your mobile device if you prefer, but the point is nobody else is queueing up behind you to play nor are you subject to closing time rules that was the bane of many a barroom slot machine player!

And finally, as noted already, casinos are anxious for your custom, and Free Spins is one way in which they do battle with each other to get that – and all to the player’s benefit!

We should point out here that we’ve not come across a casino yet which has been so generous as to offer Free Spins on one of the progressive jackpot slots (which have winnings often in the millions!) such as Mega Fortune, but on the other hand, if you do the math you will realize that ANY win from Free Spins – and some of the regular jackpots are not to be sniffed at either – is of an impossible to calculate value (since it’s impossible to divide something by zero, ie. the winnings divided by the amount of money you deposited).

Continuing on a mathematical theme for a little longer, you should also know that good Free Spins offers don’t remain at just a handful, but values as high as the hundreds are quite often to be seen – in other words the probability of getting a win is greatly enhanced.

We should also note that Free Spins are not the same as the regular ‘Welcome Bonus’ that casinos often offer (though they often form a component of any bonus for new players) in that, as stated, they behave like regular spins, whereas ‘free’ money that you can claim will be subject to wagering requirements which state you must play through your bonus money a set number of times before claiming any winnings.

Cherry Casino Free Spins

Cherry Casino in brief

We’re accustomed to describing most online casinos in terms like ‘a great new site which has already been making waves in the industry’ or ‘this funky new gaming site with its cool, clean design’ – which of course points to the growing nature of the industry.

At the same time, it’s nice to come across an online casino which has a pedigree behind it rather than ‘a hip team of programmers who all formerly worked for NetEnt’ or something like that – and that’s precisely where Cherry Casino fits the bill.

Cherry Casino can trace its history back as far as 1963, when it was a walk-in Swedish casino, and was also a class-leader in the online world, entering the market in the very early days back in 1996.

So you know that you are in safe hands when you game with Cherry Casino!

They are a no-download site, with games from a wide range of developers including NetEnt, Microgaming and Amaya, so there’s a wider selection than you might find at some other sites.

How do you get Free Spins at Cherry Casino?

Hopefully it’s clear what Free Spins actually are – so now let’s turn to how you can get some Free Spins for yourself with this site.

Very straightforward – you just need to open up an account at Cherry Casino, and you’ll be eligible for any offers they have at the time.

Right now at the time of writing there are no Free Spins offers at Cherry, just their standard Welcome Bonus.

However, we are confident that, given the huge game selection they have (over 300 of them) as well as the great developers who they use (NetEnt and Microgaming – 2 of the giants in the industry, as well as Yggdrasil, a newer developer who were behind the ground-breaking Jokerizer slot and Amaya, who were responsible for Millionaire’s Club) that Cherry casino Free Spins offers will come up quite often.

Casinos often like to offer Free Spins as special promotions, for instance when a new game is launched (this has happened with NetEnt’s South Park-themed slots, for example) or at special times of year like Christmas, New Year and Hallowe’en.

So you should always keep on the lookout for Cherry Free Spins– a good way to do this is to bookmark this site, so you need never be in the dark again.