Roulette Rules

The game of Roulette may spark different images and thoughts in your mind; luxury, beautiful women, champagne, a red carpet… Right out to your limousine awaiting your arrival.

Roulette is a game of pure excitement, with your next winning chance just a spin of the wheel away, but first you may want to know more about the game of Roulette; what are the rules of Roulette, and what kinds of Roulette can you play?

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Basic casino roulette rules

The rules are actually quite simple and easy to follow, so you don’t need do worry if you’re not a seasoned expert player – yet!


First of all, the Roulette wheel has 36 numbers, which in French Roulette includes a ‘0’ (making 37 numbers total), and in American Roulette includes both the ‘0’ and ‘00’ (making 38 numbers total), in either black or red (‘0’ and ‘00’ are green).

According to the basic casino Roulette game rules, you need to consider your betting options. You have multiple betting options, you can either make ‘inside bets’ (inside of the table) or ‘outside bets’ (outside of the table).

‘Inside bets’, or bets inside the table, mean that you will predict either the exact number, or a small range of numbers, that the ball will land in once you spin the wheel. ‘Outside bets’, or bets on the outside of the table, refer to bets made on groups of pockets (known as a split bet), whether the number is odd or even, or on the colour of the pocket.

Simple, right? As mentioned, the rules are simple, it’s just a matter of understanding the basic casino Roulette game rules first.

Generally speaking in regards to the rules, there are minimum and maximum bets in place, which differentiate among a player’s inside bets and outside bets, and for which spin. For inside bets, different coloured chips are sometimes used to identify the player.

In the rules, casinos will mark the winning number on the Roulette table once a number and colour have been deemed the ‘winner’. When this has occurred, you can no longer place, collect or remove your bets, as the dealer will then rid of all losing bets.

This gives you a very simple overview of the basic Roulette rules, and once you understand this, you’ll be a winner in no time!

Rules for playing roulette online

The rules for playing Roulette online are the same as in a casino, except you’re playing on a computer, tablet or mobile opposed to in front of a live dealer! Just picture the game as the same, but two-dimensional.

The most important and defining factor of online Roulette rules, is being familiar with the different buttons and the functions. But first, let’s remind you of the rules from a general perspective.
First, in terms of rules online, you need to click the button on your screen, which is usually an image of a casino chip with the amount on it, determining your bet amount. Generally, the values are one, five, twenty five and one hundred. After, you determine which type of bet you place (inside or outside) by where you click on the table, and spin away!

These Roulette casino rules are quite straightforward, however, there are a few buttons you should be aware of when playing online Roulette. There is always a “clear” or “clear bet” button, which resets your bets and enables you to start from zero. The “rebet” button, when clicked, simply repeats the last bet you made, and the “rebet and spin” button will both rebet and spin for you.

Online roulette betting rules

When playing, you must stick to the type of Roulette bets allowed, which again, follow the general rules; you can only make either inside or outside bets.

Since everyone wants to make a win sooner or later with Roulette, the online Roulette betting rules allow you to bet on more than one number at a time. This is a great opportunity for the player! Some examples of these options, are bets like any one number up to 36, an odd or even number, a corner, red or black, groups 1-18 or 19-36, or a row.

If Roulette rules in casino ever confused you, these guidelines should help you understand the game much better and help you on your way to becoming a seasoned pro! After all, don’t we all want to experience walking the red carpet, cameras flashing, with a fresh Martini in hand?

American, French and European roulette rules

By now, you may have realized that the online Roulette rules are quite simple, but then it poses the question of the differences between the three different types of Roulette. Not to worry, these are just as easy and don’t differentiate much from what you’ve learned so far!

American Roulette rules are easy to follow and do not differentiate too much from the basics. First off, American Roulette is regarded as a ‘faster’ way of playing. However, the biggest difference of all, is that in you have the addition of the double zero (00). What this means, is that the wheel changes in terms of where the numbers are placed, as there is now an extra number, the double zero.

French Roulette rules differ mainly in terms of the Roulette table, which naturally, will affects your odds. The table only displays the ‘0’ and numbers on the table are also white. If you compare the two wheels, you will see that the numbers differ as well. Most importantly, if you bet an even-money wager, you only lose 50%, which is a great benefit in comparison to the American version.
Although very similar, European Roulette rules differentiate slightly from French rules. These rules are closely comparable in that they 37 numbers (1-36, and 0). The colour of the numbers are also red and black. One benefit, is that you have a better house edge, 1:36, compared to 1:38 in the American version.

The rules among the three versions are more or less the same, however there are some variations that do alter the way of the game. Learning the rules for Roulette is by no means difficult, however it takes some time to get used to and understand, just like with any game! The more you practice, the better you will be, so take this knowledge that you’ve learned here and start playing for free at one of the many great online casinos! Soon enough, you’ll be a Roulette pro!

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