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As in the United Kingdom, Ireland’s bookmakers are internet-based services under the terms of their bookmaking licenses. Ireland began hosting online casinos and lotteries in 2003. The first online bookmarking sites were launched in 2004. Currently, sports betting, horse race betting, betting exchanges, poker, and skill games are all offered online. The internet has only made online gambling even more accessible and popular. Irish people love games, especially slot games, that come with so-called progressive jackpot prizes. Sometimes people in Ireland just go to casinos with their partners, friends, or family. It is a sort of entertainment for them rather than something to make money from. Irish people love both  – land-based and online casinos due to convenience with the one and the opportunity to socialize with the others.

The history of gambling in Ireland

Ireland has always had a connection with gambling. They were always very keen on sports betting. The sport that is probably most popular among the Irish people is horse racing. The country is the fourth-largest producer of racehorses in the world. It goes without saying that Ireland online casinos are promoting horse racing betting more than anything else, which is one of the reasons why betting is so popular.

Ireland online casinos

Gambling in Ireland started when Romans and Christianity came into the country. Archeologists have discovered that so-called “bone games” was one of the first forms of gambling in Ireland. It was a part of the burgeoning culture on the island during that period. However, the Romans seem to have had the first real influence on gambling in Ireland. There are many pieces of evidence of it. Historical documents reveal that chariot racing was on the Curragh as early as the 3rd century AD. How gambling works in Ireland is very much connected with the past and traditions of gambling in the country.

Historians have found evidence of gambling and other alike activities in Ireland through the middle ages as well. However, the sixteenth century was when gambling truly engraved itself in the Irish culture, developing into something many know and love today. Due to this rich history, some Ireland online casinos are actually taking inspiration from their past selves and trying to re-implement some key aspects of middle-ages gambling games and opportunities.

Ireland’s online casino regulation is a relatively new thing when compared to other British colonies actually. In 1926 the betting act was made. It was the first time government-issued licenses were talked about in the gambling sector. After the adoption of this legislation, gambling became illegal in Ireland starting in 1956, however, the law had a few loopholes that the locals used. They would set up “private clubs” that would host card games and other forms of gambling activities. However, they would not specifically call themselves casinos, avoiding the regulation entirely.

In 1986, the Irish government approved the lottery paving way for much bigger and better business development in this particular sector. Two years later, the famous bookmaker in Ireland, Paddy Power exploded in popularity.

Finally, we arrive at today’s digital revolution and the shape that the Irish gambling market is in currently. That’s a very rough list of events that shaped online gambling in Ireland and how it still continues to entertain the descendants of people that used to bet on horse racing or even watch chariot races in awe back in Roman times. Really helps us understand how gambling is a very natural thing for humans.

Best Legal Online Gambling Sites For Irish Players

To understand online casinos allowed in Ireland, it is important to know the key factors of the gambling industry locally. The best legal online gambling sites in Ireland have one thing in common, they are maximizing the benefits for the nation’s economy and well-being. According to the most current gambling regulation in Ireland that was stated in 2015 – The casinos that are commercial are banned. But, there are still many types of casino destinations and websites where one can gamble without any problem. Furthermore, the Irish online casinos’ list is surely not short.

Current amusement halls in Ireland

Gambling in Ireland is regulated by the:
  • Betting Acts 1931 to 2015.
  • Totalisator Act 1929 (as amended).
  • Online gambling in Ireland and Lotteries Acts 1956 to 2013. A commencement order was published in respect of the Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment) Act 2019 (2019 Act) on 26 June 2020. It will come into operation on 1 December 2020.

    online casinos in Ireland
  • National Lottery Act of 2013.
  • Finance Act 1975 (as amended).
  • Finance Act 1992 (as amended).

Although the law tries to distinguish between casinos, betting sites, and lotteries as much as possible, it still manages to favor some over others, like lotteries for example. at present, Irish gambling law doesn’t address online gaming. people can gamble or bet “remotely”. They can do that through Irish casino slots, or by telephone and telegraph.

The gambling products in Ireland

Governed by no specific laws. Poker falls under the remit of the gaming and lotteries act. It is easy to operate poker clubs as lawful gambling because most of these games are carefully watched and controlled, meaning that Ireland’s online casino regulation is well developed.

Betting is by far the most widespread wagering method. It is a kind of a tradition for them. For Ireland, betting is not only an act of making money but an act of socialization and communication with each other. A key part of bookmarking links to the appropriation of some level of risk by the bookmaker in connection with the outcome of an event. Ireland’s online casino regulation or in this case the sports betting regulation is not very clearly defined.

Tote betting
This kind of betting is governed by the Totalisator act of 1929. It has an age limit of 18 years, but it also may be renewed in a few years.

Bingo in Ireland
The Irish population is very keen on Bingo. They have different options for legally playing Bingo with online casinos allowed in Ireland or play with offshore companies. However, the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 prohibits commercial Bingo parlors and locations. It can only be offered by government-approved charitable gambling events or a few exception locations.

Is online gambling legal in Ireland?

So, is gambling legal in Ireland? After so many license talks, regulation talks, and mentions of different acts against gambling in the country, it may be quite hazy to know whether gambling is actually legal in Ireland. But yes, it is perfectly legal to gamble in Ireland. Lawmakers were working on very specific points just to make gambling as safe as possible by taking necessary precautions in approving those who can offer people gambling opportunities. We can say that the current largest platforms operating in Ireland have the support and approval of the government, otherwise, they’d be gone in the blink of an eye.

This carefulness and well-thought-out gambling landscape are why the best online casinos in Ireland are also referred to as the best in the world.

Specifics of licensing online gambling in Ireland

In Ireland, online gambling is legal and with that, the popularity of it is always growing. But how gambling works in Ireland? Along with innovations in financial technology and the IT world, online features of gambling are developing rapidly, so the registrations are always changing. Ireland approaches gambling in very modern ways. For example, Irish casino slots are very popular in the country and the government is trying to approach it with more attention. Ireland online casino regulation

The government knows that the new era needs new answers to the difficulties, so their strategy for gambling is similar to the British one. They are protecting the gamblers and any sort of player. No matter why the person is gambling, for the entertainment for money, the government is always making sure that the nation is protected from fraud. That is why new laws and regulations are always bringing the best of the gambling industry in Ireland. The changes are always beneficial and it always makes the scene to become more sophisticated. Ireland’s online casinos are always protected and guided by the Irish government too. Forms of gambling activities include online casinos, sports betting, poker, and bingo. To operate and control all these, they need to have licenses. Another Irish gambling advantage can be the fact that no winnings are reduced from taxes. Taking all these details, the Irish online gambling market is heaven for those who enjoy gambling. Irish gambling business counts as legitimate and authentic by all means. Online betting is regulated by the Revenue Commissioners and the lotteries are regulated by the regulator of the National lottery.

The fee of online betting intermediaries and bookmakers is 10k EUR.  Standard licenses are lasting for two years and when they are expiring, they need to renew it or close the revenue. All operations are controlled by the Criminal justice of the country. Online casinos allowed in Ireland are also watched by the authorities.
Ireland has historically very keen on things like gambling. They enjoy land-based casinos as much they enjoy the online casinos in the country. The best online casino sites in Ireland have always overflooded by the customers and it is no surprise for the Irish gambling scene. The fee is determined differently for each entity. Of course, the best online casino in Ireland will require different prices. Thanks to reforms, they can always enjoy a well-defined legal system of gambling and not worry about the wrongdoing in the scene. Ireland’s casino license is one of the most widespread licenses for online casinos worldwide.

Ireland has long been recognized by professional authorities and as one of the most trustworthy locations for online gambling, based on their actions. The success they are having is based on the constant hard work they are investing in the gambling industry. Due to the progressive legislative system and political and economical stability, large-scale gambling sites are operating out of Ireland.

Online casinos are supporting multiple languages. They accept Euros and other suitable online payment methods which are now popular in the whole world. These sites are free to sign up for. One can be sure that they are well protected because online gambling is allowed in the country and most of the sites are having licenses. Online gambling in Ireland is powered by the industry’s leading online casino software providers and many of them are providing 24-hour support. When it comes to gambling and regulations, the best Irish online casinos are always on the top of the show.

Responsible gambling in Ireland

The majority of users of online betting in Ireland able to gamble in a secure manner. For some people, online gambling can be harmful and this could lead to personal and financial problems. There is a healthy tendency in Ireland of responsible gambling. The country is providing some tools and advice for the customers to stay in control of themselves. Self-assessing is a good way to look at gambling habits. There are even responsible gambler weeks in the country. Gambling laws and regulations are covering common issues of gambling addiction, they are taking the responsibility of both the player and the operator offering gambling actions. Many Irish gamblers are recovering from addiction without professional assistance. Most of the Individuals are using self-managing strategies when they are joining online casino slots in Ireland. Gamblers know that only they can control themselves.

online casino slots Ireland

Sometimes they even ban themselves in the gambling scene. Ireland’s online gambling laws are strict and the government always takes care of the gamblers. For Irish people, Responsible gambling is about having fun and entertainment, that is why there are almost never cases where the cons are more than the pros.  When people are starting using gambling as a source of income, that is when the problems are born. Online casinos are always focused on the requirements of the gamblers. Some people are asking to restrict them from the pages. Ireland’s programs of responsive gambling are about prevention. They are helping the Irish gamblers to stop problematic gambling behaviors.  Most of the Irish gamblers know how to take breaks from the gambling industry. They are setting the limits and never cross them. There are also self-exclusion programs in Ireland. Some of the best online casino sites in Ireland are not identifying themselves as a problem of gamblers so they sometimes ignore responsible gambling programs. These programs are allowing gamblers to distant themselves from the entertainment market. With that program, individuals are actively changing their toxic behaviors toward gambling.

How we review Irish online casinos

While we sometimes joke around and have a good time while writing, there is one thing we take very seriously, and its Online casino reviews. These reviews explain every detail of what the casino is, what it was, and what it can be. To ensure that our recommendations are always on point, we have a very wide set of criteria that casinos need to meet. For us it’s important to be a trustworthy platform When it comes to choosing the best online casino sites in Ireland, we take them very thoughtfully.

Games and Software

A truly impressive online casino should incorporate the following: A Stable in-browser experience, incredible Jackpots, a wide variety of games. We want our readers to be sure that they will be enjoying the whole experience of gambling. Some of the best online casinos are offering these kinds of activities.

Bonuses and promotions

Everyone loves bonus offers. Our experts are investigating and researching enough to know if the casino is as good as it seems to be. Good online casinos should also have reasonable Terms & Conditions.

Customer care

In Ireland, it is the major aspect of the online gambling scene to have easy access to support. Online casinos should provide their customers with quick and informed solutions.


We always make sure to check where the location of the casino is and where they claim to be located. It also helps to know where their HQ is and where their staff buildings are as well.


Mobile version

Irish online casinos to play on

There are a huge number of gamblers who enjoy online casino slots in Ireland through mobile phones. That is why a solid app experience is very important for us when we’re reviewing the casino.

It is important that both the app itself or the website are well optimized for every device currently available for users. That is why we always check through both Android and iOS. Should there be some major bugs in the games, it’s an immediate violation. A bug could lead to an unfair loss for the players and needs to always be ironed out before a product goes live.


Most of the time it’s easy to spot shady work ethics and business models.  They usually hide under flashy graphics and cool animations, but the fact can easily be discovered when taking a good look at their legal documents for withdrawals, bonuses, and various other financial features.

We try to stay open-minded when we are reviewing these online casinos. Before even visiting the Irish casino website, we always check some personal comments that previous customers have left. Once this is done we ask the following questions:

Does the casino process withdrawals within a maximum of 48 hours?

How long has this casino been in business?

Do they have restrictions on foreign clients?

Everything is important in Ireland. Every little piece of information can be vital for gamblers. Reputation for the online casino – is everything. We try as much as possible to make sure that the online casinos we are reviewing in the Irish platform are legit. That is why we are looking for licensing statements, scandals, and problems with payouts when we are digging into the industry of gambling in Ireland. Thankfully, there surely are some customer-friendly and legitimate online casinos in Ireland that can be trusted and people can really have a good time while gambling in there.

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