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In 1994, Microgaming made history by launching the first-ever online casino and hit the bullseye again in 2004 by creating the first mobile casino. Clear as day, Microgaming’s foundation is the team behind it, compiled of creative and innovative people who went out of their way to create something truly fascinating on an international scale.

As technology kept progressing, the company came up with a Microgaming casino software platform called “Quickfire”, which made an instant-play a reality. This innovative move helped operators to integrate Microgaming slots and bingo games with virtually zero downtime and minimal costs.

The company uses its resources to implement the Virtual Reality realm according to the press and CEO Roger Raatgever. Besides being a role-model company, it also has a wide range of products to offer such as Sportsbook, Live Dealer games, Bingo, Poker, Mobile, Multiplayer, etc.

With over 850+ games Microgaming is the leader of the iGaming industry by far, and these little masterpieces are mobile and HTML5 compatible which makes them accessible from practically any device, tablets, smartphones – you name it! It would seem like an overload of compliments but in my humblest of opinions, I think Microgaming is the sole leader because of its strict and effective license regulations.

Speaking of ‘the sole leader’, two hundred and eighty million euros, now let me put that in numbers – “280,000,000 EUR”; this is how much Microgaming casinos have paid out to this date! Making 14 millionaires in the process with the highest jackpot payout in an online history of gambling – “6,374,434 EUR”. Now that is pretty amazing of a fact, at least to the winners I’d say.


Top Microgaming Casinos

Are you looking to get on the board of online gaming? You are in the right place, lucky fella. Do go through the whole article before making up your mind and then check out what we are recommending.

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Microgaming Development

It should be no surprise to anyone that most of the Microgaming games come with an auto-play function, particularly those which do not require any strategic moves, amazing and fast graphics as well as gameplay.

Their games are available in more than 45 languages and support over 25 currencies, but as mentioned previously, the main focus seems to be VR as they have demonstrated some of those products in the Beta version during the iGaming conferences.

microgaming casino games


On the legal side – Microgaming has experienced a significant leap to the forefront by being licensed by multiple authorities. eCOGRA is an internationally recognized certification body and testing agency that grants companies who partner with the eCOGRA a seal of approval, which basically gives a guarantee of honesty and good conduct.

eCOGRA stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation Agency (non-profit) and makes sure that every player is protected, therefore in case of any disputes between the player and the casino, eCOGRA will be the one resolving them.

It is worth mentioning that the agency is being paid by casinos, which is a little shady if you ask me as there is a clear bias of interest, right? Adequately, the regulatory body should be funded by the Federal Government.

Now most importantly, Microgaming is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which you could imagine is pretty hard to get. The confidence of MG is slowly creeping in, doesn’t it? Well, it should, you probably won’t be able to find an alternative with such reputation and trustworthiness elsewhere. Unless you use cheating software or trying to abuse fair-play, your winnings in Microgaming games are in safe hands.

Bonuses and Promotions

Microgaming bonuses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we shall dive into this a little deeper because you are here most likely to get some free stuff (and probably scrolled straight down to the “bonus” part, gotcha!)

Just like in most casinos, the deposit amount entitles you to an equivalent bonus amount or more and maybe a bunch of free spins additionally. As you’d guess by now, most welcome bonuses are 100% of the total deposit amount and the maximum is usually around $200.

You can also check out the Microgaming Casino deposit bonus list and enjoy these generous handouts by reputable and licensed casinos with the most entertaining games out there.

microgaming casino bonus

Match Bonus

Also known as “New Player Bonus,” “Sign Up Bonus” or “Welcome Bonus,” which means you can typically get 100% (or more) of your first deposited amount added to your balance. So for instance, if you deposited $2,000 on your first top-up, then all of a sudden your account balance will reflect $4,000 as it credits you with a 100% match bonus.

Multi-Match Bonus

If your guessing game is not strong enough, then let me explain to you how this works. This is basically a “match bonus”, but with multiple instances, be it 100% on the first deposit; 75% on the second, and 50% on a third one, with some casinos offering even more deposit bonuses with proportionally decreasing percentage but an increasing cap.

No-Deposit Bonus

Slow down a little bit you impatient goodfella, you will get a chance to put your hands on the Microgaming no deposit bonus casinos, but for those who have been living under a rock for the past decade, this is the sweetest spot in gambling (getting free stuff), yet it’s not as generous as regular bonuses, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth as the wise men used to say.

All it takes is a new account registration and you will get a 100% free bonus whether it will be in the form of an account balance or free spins (or both if a casino is generous enough).

Free-Spin Bonus

Just like the no-deposit bonus, this one implies you will get free spins to try out the casino (some offer up to 50 free spins which is insane), and if you meet the bonus wagering requirements, Voila! Enjoy banking all of your winnings.

Free-Play Bonus

Too much free stuff if you ask me, but as far as we know Microgaming essentially invented this bonus mode, which is a free play bonus with a time-based no-deposit chance to win as much as you can usually within 60 minutes, after which if you were able to meet the bonus wagering requirements, then go ahead and transfer some or all of your winnings to the bonus account.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

If you prefer to spoil your vision and search for Microgaming mobile slots, then there is a decent amount of casinos offering just that with an attractive match, free spins, and no deposit bonuses.

Clarification of Bonus Rules

The world will always carry a certain percentage of people who are looking for fraudulent and tricky shortcuts to ‘success’, hence a group of people behind the scenes thought of enforcing a set of rules to avoid such incidents.

So to enjoy top Microgaming casinos, keep in mind the following rules:

  • Disciplinary Sanctions – No jokes, either your bonuses will be void or you will get permanently banned from the casino (or even blacklisted for their network). Such actions will occur if you decide to collude with other players, practice unusual betting patterns and play restricted games.
  • Limited Bet Types – As players do often try to cheat the system, casinos are very cautious when it comes to unusual betting patterns like putting high-value bets followed by low-value bets in order to fulfill bonus wagering requirements. So never try to outsmart the casino, but rather read the rules and terms and conditions to avoid being flagged or even banned.
  • Wagering Requirements – This means in order to withdraw your bonus winnings, first you have to meet requirements like a 20x bonus amount. For example, if the requirement is 20x of a $100 bonus, then your total wagering value should be $2000 or more. Casinos do this in order to prevent the creation of fake “bonus milking” accounts that would put the business into a loss.
  • Authorized Games – The phrase speaks for itself, there is a clear list of games that are allowed to be played with your bonuses and if you decide to ignore this rule, then most likely your bonus and winnings (if any) will be forfeited.
  • Bonus Win Limit – Pretty simple – if you win anything over the win limit, it will not end up on your account balance.

Best Microgaming Slots

Remember when we said that there are more than 850 Microgaming games available to fans? Well, just like you can find your favorite cherry on a pie, there are certainly some games that stand out the most. Being into online gaming should be a pleasant process while diving into different worlds of ancient times or different cultures with outstanding graphics and themes.

Let’s go ahead and throw a little descriptive story on the best Microgaming slots to help picture them before even getting involved.

Mega Moolah Slot

This game holds #1 and #5 payout world records, which is obviously life-changing and could give someone like me a heart attack.

The most shocking fact is that Jon Heywood was a newcomer and had played only 25 minutes on BetWay before banking on the biggest win ever recorded.

Mega Moolah gives you many perspectives to win because of its 4 random jackpots and is a classic 5×3 setup with 25 pay lines with an option to customize.

At the same time, you have to remember that Mega Moolah was created in 2006 and even if today the graphics are not considered dramatically bad, back in 2006 it was a masterpiece for an online casino game.

Now one would think that if the game is literally dishing out mega wins every now and then, it’s probably generous in general as well, but unfortunately, it has one of the lowest RTPs of all (88.12%) and has very little chance to let you leave as a winner.

It would be a little irrational to play this game on any Microgaming-powered casino for anything other than mega jackpot because it will surely empty your pockets fairly quickly.

Couch Potato Slot

top microgaming slots

From one edge to another, Couch Potato has one of the highest RTP of all, which is 97.4%, and makes the game very attractive to the majority of players (and probably the only reason to play).

It is very easy to understand the game with up to 3 pay lines (ridiculous you’d think), but that is one of the few reasons players get really into it.

Given that the slot game is so primitive, an average player would think there are no bonuses in this one. Wrong! It is a couch potato for a reason – remote control in one hand, head-scratching with another, and basically everything that you’d expect from a couch potato.

If this powerful couch potato symbol lands on your view, then you will be getting 5x of the winning combination and 25x if it’s two instead of one.

Overall, if you love classic slots – this game is 100% for you. To be fair the simplicity is very attractive and delighting in some ways, giving you a sense of satisfaction.

Loaded Slot

top microgaming slots

With a pretty high RTP of 96.29%, this game offers a lot more than the previous one. It is definitely a traditional 5×3 setup with 25 pay lines, but the design, in particular, makes you feel like you are going to walk away richer than ever before.

All the mansions, Rolls-Royces, and yachts indicate that the loaded dude is going to make you wealthy by putting options on the table. You can pick 10 free spins with a 4x multiplier, 16 free spins with a 3x multiplier, or 24 free spins with a 2x multiplier, which is pretty impressive.

See, Microgaming slots tend to bring out the riskiest version of yourself, so if you have any issues with self-control regarding gambling, either take a break or just chill on low-stake slots like Loaded, it allows you to go as low as 0.01 per pay line.

Break da Bank Again

top microgaming slots

Well well well, this is a sequel to the famous ‘Break da Bank’ slot game, but it looks like the whole Microgaming casino software developers took a day off or something.

There is literally nothing unique to the game or anything special that would make you feel like you are robbing the bank except a couple of gold and dollar symbols.

Yet again another classic 5×3 but with only 9 pay lines which is customizable. You should be careful with maximum bets here as it goes up to $90 per spin and can quickly make you go bankrupt (ironically).

Break da Bank Again does not really have insane multipliers as the maximum would be 1500x, but you can certainly improve this prize through the slot’s multipliers which can go up to $75,000.

“Hey, what makes you list this game then?” – a sensible question that has to be answered.

If you are lucky enough and land a wild in free spins mode, there can be payouts as high as $375,000 and even the least valuable symbol can bring $12,500. Since we are talking about gambling, Break da Bank Again has to be mentioned either way.

Immortal Romance

top microgaming slots

Released in 2011, Immortal Romance made headlines after headlines for being such a love story to legions of players online, with an RTP of 96.86% and an unforgettable theme, it was destined to succeed.

Having a jackpot standing at an awesome 60,000 coins and a top possible payout of a mind-blowing 3,654,000 coins, there is barely any online Microgaming casino player who hasn’t tested it yet.

For such an old game, the graphics and gameplay are just amazing, to say the least, and an entertaining soundtrack along with a kinda romantic, gothic vampire theme makes it so much better.

It’s truly hard to find any flaws in this game, that is why you will probably run into a rare unanimous positive decision on any review online.

Final thoughts on Microgaming and the Impact

Microgaming can be named as the leader of the iGaming industry due to its massive achievements and popularity.

Few to name:

  • Best Software Provider 2005
  • Best Software Provider 2006
  • Best Software Supplier Award 2010

Microgaming used to be very close to player communities such as Casinomeister, even inviting the founder of the website to the Isle of Man to discuss issues and further actions, but as the business grew and time went by they chose to distance themselves from communities and operators.

Overall, MG stands for quality and security in terms of payout guarantee.

FAQ on Microgaming Software Provider

How many casino games do Microgaming have?

You can find 850+ Microgaming games on various high-quality online casino platforms, which include the whole spectrum of gambling games. These include Casual games, Progressive Slots, Roullete, Interactive, etc. Their website has one of the best game search filterings as you can find games based on their title, type, release date, and even themes, which we think is quite comfortable. It’s important to mention that this software provider is best known for releasing games on a monthly basis, which, once again proves how good Microgaming actually is.

What are the best Microgaming slots?

Microgaming is also known for its great selection of slots, which make the biggest percentage of their game portfolio. Some of the best slots they have are Mega Moolah and Mermaids Millions. Mega Moolah is a progressive slot game that is super popular around the whole world among all kinds of gamblers. The main reason behind this might be the fact that this slot features four jackpots instead of one and it has the biggest online win in the history of gaming. Mermaids Millions is not less of a game in terms of some good features, which also has made it one of the most famous slots created by this software provider. The maximum winning you can earn in this online slot is 337,500 times your bet, which sounds pretty big to us.

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