Backgammon Instructions

backgammon-instructionsWhen searching for Backgammon, you may find many rules, tips and strategies on how to win and to have an edge while playing this game among friends or for real money. But what happens when you’re playing against a casino? And how to play backgammon with high bets?

Using a doubling cube is one of the best strategies when you’re playing Backgammon, but is it still safe to use when you’re playing against a casino? Certainly if you’re playing against another person, then the same casino backgammon instructions will apply, including intimidation techniques (doubling your game?).

Casino backgammon instructions

However, when you’re playing online your gaming skills will rely more on your strategy to move your checkers around the board, rather than increasing or doubling your bet, since the computer won’t care that much about it. Learning how to play backgammon at casinos will help you a lot when trying this game online.

Knowing a simple backgammon instruction like where to move your checkers, when to double your bet, and even when to use a doubling cube will give you an advantage when playing backgammon.

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Online backgammon basics

Players can either choose to play backgammon for fun or for real money. Some online casinos will let you try this game for fun, check your skills, practice against the computer and see how far you can make it. Read below our online backgammon basics so you can get the most out of your game while playing at an online casino.

When playing at an online casino for real money, punters will play against another online player or against a live dealer. There are not specific instructions for backgammon online, however is good to check the site of your choice and read the small print, check the rules that apply and the minimum bets.

Though it may be a bit tricky to find an online casino backgammon, game instructions will be the same as the standard rules used everywhere, issues like minimum bet and doubling cubes may vary from site to site.

How to play backgammon?

Improving your analytical skills will help you improve your game scheme. If you want to learn how to play backgammon, instructions can be found almost everywhere, but strategies on how to beat your opponent are harder to find.

Check below our backgammon playing instructions to learn the basics on this game.
The Backgammon board is divided in 4 sections or quarters, with 6 points in each (24 points in total), a tray (to put your checkers at the end of the game), and a bar going down the middle. Each player will have 15 checkers and 2 dices.

Each player will have a home board and an outer board.

Players move their checkers in a horseshoe movement, each player will move in the opposite direction of your opponent. The objective is to move the 15 checkers to your home board and to bear them off.

An easy way to start the game is for each player to roll one dice. The player rolling highest will start the game. If both players have the same outcome, then they must roll the dices once more until their outcome is different.

Once you start playing, you’ll move your checkers according to the number indicated on your dice; each dot on the dice is called a ‘pip’. Use both dices to start moving your checkers, e.g.:
You can move one checker according to the outcome of both dices combined, or
Move one checker according to the value of one dice, and another checker according to the value of the second dice.

Only one restriction will apply, which is not to move your checker to a point where your opponent has two or more checkers already.

However, if your opponent has only one checker on one point (called a ‘blot’), you can take out that checker, place it on the bar, and you’ll be able to take that point for yourself. The blot is an exposed checker left alone on one point.

This strategy of removing your opponent’s blots is one of the best and most simple backgammon instructions you can use, since the player will be forced to re-enter the checker in the next move, i.e. they won’t be able to make any other moves except for re-entering the checker on the bar to the opponent’s inner (or home) board.

Be aware that your opponent can also use this strategy against you, in case you have a blot on the board.

Nevertheless, if your opponent already has two checkers, then you won’t be able to take them out from that point.

A good strategy on how to win at backgammon games is to never leave a single checker on a point by itself. When moving your checkers, try to put 2 checkers on one point, so that your opponent won’t be able to take them down.

Blocking off your opponent from taking down your checkers is the top Backgammon strategy, regardless if you’re playing online or a real-life game.

These are one of simplest backgammon instructions for beginners.

Where to play backgammon?

Backgammon is one of those few table games that can be played virtually anywhere and everywhere. This is one of the old-standing games ever invented by humankind, therefore, despite the rise of the online world, Backgammon will remain as a favorite one among players around the world.

Some online casinos have online backgammon guides, sort of like backgammon instructions for dummies, that will help you learn or remember some basic elements of the game before venturing yourself deep into a real-money play.

The number of online casinos where to play backgammon online may not be increasing exponentially; however, those few ones that offer it have a large array of tournaments for players to participate and compete with large bets.

Playing online will give you an advantage in case you want to play this game with higher skills and compete on a professional level at the Backgammon World Championship.

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