Gibraltar Regulatory Authority – Protecting you from fraud

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is the body that ensures the safety and transparency of the online gambling venues across its territory. Gibraltar as the British Overseas territory abides by the same obligatory regulations that operate under the EU law. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority was first established as the result of the Gibraltar Regulatory Act back in October of 2000. The regulatory body controls and regulates telecommunications, broadcasting, and radio communications, but it also tackles data protection and gambling. Gambling as an industry that is often associated with risks, must be regulated on the tight rope to ensure that the industry continues to develop in the positive direction and gambling regulators around the work try to do just that through their regulations and different initiatives aimed at making the gambling scene more safe and transparent to players. Regulatory bodies make sure that the customer’s rights are protected when they are playing at the casino. They issue licensing and they ensure that the casinos that are already licensed keep up the good work and deliver the services that are appropriate for the licensed casino.

The regulatory bodies carry different names in different countries but in every country, their primary goal is to create an environment of transparent gambling and to help out with those customers who have been the victims of the mistakes that inevitably happen in every business and that can be health with through cooperation between the casinos and the regulatory bodies.  It should also be mentioned that not all regulatory bodies have the same reputation around gambling circles. Some might values some licensing more than others this should also be considered when dealing with the new casino and trying to avoid misunderstandings as much as possible. Gibraltar is one of those expectations when the Regulatory body is famous among the gambling crowd and it provides the high-quality services that are necessary for developing and growing the gambling industry into a better, more wholesome, more safe way to have fun and hopefully win some on the side as well.

Responsibilities of the GRA

Data protection and gambling serve as the extension of the regulatory body’s responsibilities but this doesn’t mean that these aspects are treated as the afterthought. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is responsible for making sure that the gambling venues, online or offline, are handling the customer data according to the law and that the players are protected from fraud, problem gambling, and inadequate service in these casinos. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority has been responsible for Data protection since 2004 after the Gibraltar Government nominated the GRA as the supervisory body for data protection enforcement and make sure that the Data Protection Act is properly followed through and through. The GRA also works in a close, collaborative manner with other similar bodies to provide the updated information available to the public concerning data protection and consumer rights regarding their personal data.

Another responsibility of the GRA is to create an environment where the competition can regulate itself naturally, and they offer licensing to different companies,s offering them in-depth guides to entering the market and making effective choices regarding their business. The GRA ensures that any company is that gambling or telecommunications are aware of the licensing requirements and the ways to conduct business in the Gibraltar territory.

GRA Universal StandardSetting a universal standard

As an independent statutory body, they promote competition and enhance the innovative abilities of the said companies. The regulatory body is dedicated to creating an internationally acclaimed standard of market competitions and the quality of the services provided by the licensed companies across Gibraltar

All Gambling service providers require licensing under the Gambling Act 2005. This includes the remote gambling licenses those including mobile and internet betting. Remote gambling has become a huge trend in the gambling industry and many companies do this to maximize their comfort and profit. The licensing has traditionally favored the blue-chip companies that have had experience in the field and have the necessary documents to prove their eligibility. But lately, the Regulating body has also embraced those companies that are seeking to get their start in Gibraltar. When there is necessary funding involved and the documents of the company, as well as the people behind it, are intact, the licensing can still be obtained.

Requirements for the Casinos

GRA Casino Requirements

One of the key requirements when issuing a license is that the company must be able to establish the brand in a way that would make significant contributions to the economy of Gibraltar so that issuing a license is worthwhile for the jurisdiction. While Gibraltar is determined to make the environment as free and accessible as possible for the newcomers and experienced businesses alike, the jurisdiction is still strictly regulated and leaves virtually no room for fraud, since the main objective of the regulatory body is to keep the crime out of the gambling industry completely.

As with any type of regulatory body, background checks are a must, but that’s not where the requirements stop. Over the years the standards for what makes a good casino have changed dramatically and the requirements have gotten much restricted. This is all a part of the plan to make gambling more approachable and to take the unnecessary risks out of the picture in order to create a more clear image of what gambling really is.

When applying for the license in Gibraltar you should consider that the regulatory body will not give out licenses to anyone or any business that has a criminal history or is connected to other criminal activity in any way. The licensees have to meet predetermined standards and internationally accepted anti-money laundering standards.

When it comes to advertising the regulatory body demands full transparency and truthfulness when it comes to gambling. Advertising gambling is legal as long as the claims made in the advertisement are honest and correct. The ads should be targeted at adult players only and should not be exposed to any minors and these advertisements should only be directed towards citizens of nations where gambling is not illegal. The Price for operating a licensed gambling venue in Gibraltar will cost you anywhere from £85,000 to £100,000.

Gibraltar has created an admirable standard for the entire gambling community, it is open enough to encourage even outside providers to want to operate in Gibraltar but it does not happen by compromising the standard or security of the players.

GRA Customer ProtectionProtecting the customer

The player’s rights are protected and valued and the users can be sure that under the Gibraltar gambling license you will be able to safely gamble, knowing that you will not be scammed and your deposits and winnings are safe and traceable.  In General, for the regulatory bodies, the main aim is to better for people who are going up against a casino over an issue of it a certain establishment has some problems that compromise the integrity of the casino, this is where to go if you are having any sort of trouble with the local gambling world. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority has proven to be very customer-focused and does not slack off on quality.

Data protection is especially important when we talk about online gambling and remote casino that are operating within the country.  With so many fraudulent cases of people getting taken advantage of over the gambling websites has intensified the need for a unified watchdog, that will be on the player’s side. Under the unlicensed casinos, a lot could go wrong, but there is still a lot that needs to be addressed in the licensed casino section. Having a license doesn’t exclude making mistakes or messing up sometimes, which happens quite often in the industry such as gambling, but it is also easily fixable.

Under the Data Protection Act 2004, ensures the authority of the body as a supervisory authority in Gibraltar alongside the General Data Protection Regulation. The customer data which is so often in danger when transferred into the hands of unlicensed operators is under proper protection at all times when in the hands of licensed casinos and gambling businesses, since the Act of 2004 ensures the safety of said data and guarantees the protection of the customer in case there is a mistake or a misunderstanding in the casino or a gambling venue. They have the authority to demand justice and get it from the casinos as well, which is this body is so important for the entire gambling community.

The Value of the Regulatory Body for the gambling scene in any country can not be overstated. The regulatory body ensures that the customers feel safe depositing their money into the account and that they can be sure that in case there is a win, they will not be left high and dry. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is a trusted body and has been for almost 20 years. While over the years it has gone through a lot of changes the principles have stayed the same and under whatever name the gambling regulatory bodies operate, the safety of the customer is ensured at all times.

FAQ on Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

What are the requirements of Gibraltar Regulatory Authority for casinos?

In order to get a license from Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, the company should not have any criminal records history and should meet all the other requirements. For instance, the company should be able to provide and contribute to the economy of Gibraltar. The casino advertising should be honest and clear, otherwise, it will be counted as illegal.

What is the price of operating a casino in Gibraltar?

In order to be able to operate a casino in Gibraltar, you have to pay the price which is in the range of £85000-100000 euros. Without it, operating a casino in Gibraltar is illegal and considered a crime.

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