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keno-strategyKeno is one of those games where players can have fun wherever and whenever they play it. Furthermore, it’s one of those games that gets better the more people you share it with, and, similar to bingo, it’s actually a game that can be played with family and friends. While many people claim they’re always winning at keno, strategies are abundant and not limited to just picking random numbers.

Once you’ve grasped the basic rules, then your next step is learning casino keno strategies, using tips from professional players, and taking advantage of each situation, especially when you can play a ‘King Card’ or when progressive jackpots are available.

If you don’t master the simple keno strategy tips, then head over to our Tips article to get started on the basic elements of this game.

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Online keno strategy guide

First off, one basic keno strategy for beginners is to choose as many numbers as you can. If the variant you’re playing lets you choose 10 numbers, then take your time and choose them all; the same applies if it’s up to 15 or 20 numbers, it will all depend on the casino you’re playing at. Some casinos may even offer video keno, but other than the design there isn’t a specific video keno strategy, so you can pretty much rely on these ones shown below.

Second, check the betting limits and use them in your favor. If the minimum amount to bet is ¢.50, it means you can start making bets in increments of 50 cents, such as $1, $1.50, $2, $2.5, and on…
Third, check the payout. Once you decide to play at a casino, one of the best strategy for keno online is to check the payout and how much a winning bet will pay, e.g.:


Chances of Hitting a number Odds- 1 in: €1 bet pays
10 out of 10 8.911.711 €25.000
9 out of 10 163.381 €4.000
8 out of 10 7.384 €1.000
7 out of 10 621 €140
6 out of 10 87 €20

Four, choose your bet strategy. Keno lets players make bets on single numbers, or in combinations. Some online keno betting strategies emphasize the fact that there are different ways to make bets depending on the variant of the game you’re playing (whether you’re using straight tickets, multi cards, king tickets, etc..), each one of them with a specific method.

Five, go for the jackpot. Most online casinos have variants of keno with progressive jackpots. They’ve become extremely popular in recent years and offer large jackpots with little money bets, which is a winning keno strategy to get more money with little investment.

Keno strategy for beginners

As mentioned earlier, this is a rather simple game that doesn’t need that much preparation from the player’s side, but most of all are about learning some basic casino keno strategy tips, how to be fast and how to choose number combinations to increase your odds of winning.
Once you’ve decided which variant of the game to play, check how many numbers you can choose, the payouts, jackpots available so you can make use of the best keno lottery strategy.
The tricky part about this game is that players don’t have that much time to choose their numbers, perhaps just a few seconds, so it’s good to choose your numbers fast and the combinations you want to make.

Second, choose your number combinations and how much you want to bet on them. Check our ‘Advanced keno strategy tips’ for more info on this topic.

Third, encircle your ‘King numbers’ to place a full bet on them.

Four, use multi-race cards, that way you choose your numbers once and you can play with the same card on various rounds.

As mentioned earlier, there are no specific video keno strategies, since the rules that apply are pretty much the same as with regular online versions of the game.

Advanced keno strategy tips

An advanced keno game strategy is to choose different number combinations and stay on top of your game on every single round.

Some new players might be concerned on how to win at keno, strategy tips for land-based casinos or online sites, and even on what’s the best number combination? well, there isn’t any specific strategy that applies to all circumstances. Unless you’re using multi-cards (choosing your numbers once and then using the same cards for many games), every round will be totally different.

Some professional players argue that the best keno strategy is to choose consecutive numbers. Let us explain why this can be a good strategy (sometimes):

Consecutive numbers may come out quite often, so it can be useful to choose a consecutive lineup.
It is easier to choose number combinations when they are in a single row.

Last but not least, it is also a good strategy for keno players to choose random numbers that are not in sequence. Why is that? simply because good casinos (either land-based or online ones) use RNG -Random Number Generators, so the game can be fair and equal for all players; which means, numbers may not show up in sequence.

Another winning keno strategies from experts is to make as many number combinations as possible. For example, a 2/4 and 2/8, which means you’ll bet $4 in total divided as follows: $1 for a group of 4, $1 for another group of other 4 numbers. Finally, you’ll bet $2 on all 8 numbers.

Casino keno winning strategies

There’s one advantage of playing at a land-based casino rather than at an online one, which is the fact that you can check the boards and see which numbers have come out during the past rounds. This one of the most used keno winning strategies, however, it only works when playing at a brick-and-mortar casino.

In online keno each game is different, and unless you’re playing the live version of the game, there’s no board showing the previous winning numbers. However, and as a part of your online keno strategy, winning will get easier once you master the tips above mentioned.

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