Poker Strategy

Much has been written about Poker, not to mention the number of movies where Poker is featured as the main element or at least as one of the core topics a movie is about. However, mastering poker can take you a lifetime, and a lot of money in the process, if you don’t at least know the basics and are able to get away with a few tricks without being caught by any casino.

Poker could easily e named as the most popular gambling game in the history of all the casino games. It has evolved from just being a game into a dimension it’s own. Everyone knows at least something about Poker, even if they have nothing to do with gambling. Poker is almost considered the equivalent of the casino since it seems to be its most coveted game. But despite that, surprisingly so it isn’t the most popular gambling game since it is usually pretty hard to grasp on the first try, unlike some of the easier gambling games like Roulette, Slots, or even blackjack for some.

Poker is the game that requires a lot of focus some skill and a lot of knowledge about the game itself. This is why some gambling lovers might be a bit scary to try their hand at poker. But without help, you should be able to do that without any problems since we will cover everything, including the rules, successful tactics, and a lot of tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your gambling experience. This is of course a promise that will only work if you are willing to put in work since poker isn’t something you master without ever actually trying it or putting in work.

If you are a newbie looking to get into poker, or if you have already played this game but want to get better at it, why not give this article a try to see for yourself what additional tactics you could be using if you wanted to up your poker performance and score big wins at your next hand at this game. These tips will be crucial to elevating your performance and will definitely increase your chances of winning.

Since Poker can be so multifaceted, we’ve broken down our strategies into beginner-friendly and then into more professional tactics that are better suited for those who have the experience and have played before. Now let’s get into some actual tips, Shall we?

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Basic poker strategy

We’re not saying we’re disclosing any confidential information, but rather how to make every move count. There is nothing one can do to change the set of cards that you get as a player, the secret is in managing these cards in a way that has the best possible outcome for you. This won’t always mean that you beat everyone and take all the money off the table, because sometimes the cards just won’t allow it, but since you are here to learn just that, here what actually counts when you are playing poker and want to increase your success rate. Since there are many variants of Poker, is good to start with the strategies that may apply to most of them, and then go into details with every variant.

The most important thing to consider when plying as the bass player is to focus on combination and evaluation. This means that you should really consider what combinations make for the most winning-worthy games and you should also learn to evaluate your actual cards and what you could potentially risk and what you could gain from this combination. This will play the defining role in your advancement as the player and eventually will lead you to big wins in every single possible environment when playing poker.

In Basic Poker Strategy, knowing the rules can take you far, it is the most crucial way to ensure that you don’t look like a beginner and that you actually have some control over the outcome of the game and how he card that you’ve been health with are being used in this particular hand.

At the beginning stages, these main criteria are what makes a really good player, but of course, you can’t forget about your poker face and you must always maintain a coll exterior so that no one can use your expressions against you to gain the upper hand in poker.

Advanced poker strategy tips

best-poker-strategy-that-workFor those who do know a thing or two about the game of poker, there are more complicated strategies that you could use that will advance the game in your favor, leaving you in the driver’s seat of the game. The first poker basic strategy for advanced punters is to play as if you could see your opponents’ cards. Plain and simple. Make your numbers, check your game, and do your best to make your opponents nervous and insecure about their card games.

  • This might sound a bit intimidating if playing games with people isn’t your cup of tea, but just in case you like to play with people’s feelings you will be a pro at this game. Sometimes the pro players will actually win an entire game by just bluffing because they are just that good at putting on a face and creating the vision that they are controlling the entire room and the game too.

But if you think bluffing is any easier than managing your cards and putting on a good game, We’re sorry to inform you that you are completely wrong. Bluffing isn’t just about putting on a pretty face and displaying zero emotions, you also need to play like you actually have something to show for yourself. This might require a lot of planning ahead and a lot of pre-planned moves. This is why keeping your head in the game and making every move count is the most brilliant strategy one could ever ask for. You might think that there is some magical solution to gambling with 100% success rate, but we’re sorry to inform you yet again that just isn’t the case. When it comes to gambling Nothing is ever for sure and that’s half the fun of it.

Despite the fact that there are countless websites that will try to tell you that they have found the perfect solution to the poker game,  that is simply impossible and you will find yourself disappointed if you believe anything of this sort.

  • The old saying of ‘show me your Poker face’ can be seen as the second key to winning in this game. If you even let the other players see a hint of insecurity in you, they’ll eat you alive before dinner. Grab the basics of poker strategies for beginners to get good hands and control your game. The Poker face is your guarantee at finishing the game as one of the best players, even if you don’t end up winning the desired amount.
  • The third and most important winning poker strategy is to check the ratio of the size of the pot compared to the bet required to stay on the game, i.e. if the final pot is worth US$60 and the minimum bet to play is of US$ 10, then the ratio is 6-1. This is known as the Pot Odd and is of crucial importance, otherwise, you might get stuck betting and betting, and at the end, even if you win, you won’t even be able to recover your initial investment. In General, being the informed player always pays off and you will often find that so many of the layers dont even bother to look up the basic rules of the poker or the very specific features that your particular table might have. This is a surefire way to become the loser and you will find yourself in the situation where there’s much you can do to save your bank account.

Nevertheless, no pot stays the same throughout the game, meaning it will consequently grow according to the number of bets, calls, raises and re-raises made during the game. In that case, it’s good to imply the ratio of the pot by the end of the game. This is known as the Implied Odds of the game and is one of the most advanced poker strategies, especially during multi-way bets.

One of the markers of a great poker player is the ability to adapt to the game and to create an environment for themselves where they can still be the one controlling the situation even if they dont necessarily have the best card. Despite the fact that this is probably not very useful for those looking for very practical advice, this is the type of skill that only comes with time and can only be acquired through practice. Never underestimate the power of practicing the same game over and over again, this is one of the faster ways to become a pro when you pair this experience with having theoretical knowledge which is exactly what we are giving you here.

You can always refer to the betting strategies that work similarly for every single game, but this will keep you from spending too much while betting at the poker hand. Strategies like Martingale work best when you are playing the games that are based on probability more than anything else, and while Poker definitely has some aspects of probability, it is not entirely dependant on luck and the odds when people are winning or loosing for that matter. So while it is always good to control you spending and limit the betting to your desired edge, when it comes to poker, these strategies are no use for those who are looking for the ways to win and increase their chances of maximizing the gains.

As for the most advanced techniques, players need to master both their hands but also their bets. Knowing how to play your cards, your Flush Draws, OESDs, Backdoor Draws, Gutshots, and Overcards is as important as knowing when to call a bet when to raise when to fold or to cap.
If you need to check the different hands on a regular poker game, please refer to our ‘Casino Poker Betting Strategy’ section below.

Online poker tournament strategy

In the online casino world, tournaments are a regular occurrence, while in the real casino they tend to happen quite rarely but the venues definitely make quite the big deal of it each time. This is because online tournament have way fewer requirements and are usually pretty easy to enter, while on the other hand brick and mortar casinos are quite prestigious and you need to be a professional player in order to enter.

Regular Poker and its variants are all found online. If you’re a newbie then perhaps you’ll need to master the basics on online poker tournament strategy before stepping on a more professional level. While most online tournaments dont have social requirements there are some that require a certain level of skill, and if you are a well-versed player this might even be more fun for you since the stakes are lower and it is all about enjoying yourself and the fellow poker lovers’ games.
A good land-based poker strategy can equally be a good online poker strategy, except for the fact that intimidation won’t work in the virtual world. Learning the basic hands will help you beat any online player, including:

Texas Hold ‘Em: Perhaps the most famous and most played form of Poker found on land-based and online casinos. Play this variant if you’ve got the best poker strategy. Whenever a player wants to start playing Poker, Texas Hold’Em is the way to go. Each player will get 2 cards, and the dealer will lay 5 cards on the board, one by one; per each card laid players can raise, bet, call, re-raise or fold. By the 5th card laid, players must have a winning hand, otherwise, your intimidation techniques better are good. A good poker face is always the best live poker strategy.

Razz: Can be either played by professional or newbies, since the goal of the game is to get the lowest five-card hand from the 7 cards dealt. Though it may sound easy and can be played with just a few tips, the catch comes in trying to get the lowest cards when the game is played by many people (the dealer may run out of cards and you won’t have that many choices left).

Draw poker: Maybe more attractive to new players, since all players are dealt a full hand since the very start of the game, and they can replace or draw cards afterward during the game. A basic poker strategy guideline applies: no player can win the pot with less than 3 of a kind.

Omaha hold ’em: Known as a simple version of the Texas Hold’Em Poker, Omaha Hold’Em is played with 4 pocket cards and can be played with a basic poker tournament strategy. After the 1st round is made, 3 cards (community cards) are laid on the board. A new community card will be laid on the board with each new bet until the 3rd bet is made. Community cards can be taken by any player to complete their hand, and players can call, bet, raise, or fold on every bet.
Other variants are also common in some countries, though they may all have a similar strategy, such as the likes of Seven-Card Stud (though mostly played in the US), Stud Poker, etc…

Casino poker betting strategy

The Basic poker strategies dont change all that much from offline to online, the only difference is that in the online game no one can actually see your face so you should be free to express whatever you want to. While for some it might mean that you will not be having as much fun playing the game, for others this might make it a bit more relaxing, since they dont have to put on a face for everyone to see in order to be good at the game.

Let’s start with the made hands for Poker. In case you’re a newbie or just playing Poker for fun, then these rules will come in ‘handy’. If playing in the virtual world, then the best strategy is to know your hands:

Straight: Good as a strategy, it consists of 5 cards in numerical order, regardless of the suit they belong.

Set: This can be the basic poker strategy for beginners. Get a hand of 2 hole cards plus one community card.

Two Pair: Get 2 cards with the same rank, 2 cards from a different rank, and a side card.

Full House: Get a full house with 3 cards of equal rank and 2 of a different suit but with a matching rank.

Four of a Kind: (A tough one, perhaps as an advanced poker strategy) get 4 cards with equal rank, and an extra side card or kicker.

Straight Flush: Known as one of the best poker strategies to beat your opponents. Get 5 cards in numerical order from the same suit.

Three of a Kind: Get 3 cards with equal rank, and 2 extra side cards or kickers.
Regardless of where you decide to play, the tips below are all good to go as well for tips and strategy. However, if you’re playing at a casino site that barely has one type of Poker, then you better move to the next one till you find the best variants.

With these tips, you are guaranteed to elevate your performance on your next game and  We’re sure that if you have a player before, your friends will definitely notice the difference.

In some cases the main factor isn’t even the cool and complicated poker strategy, it is just your attitude. This doesn’t only concern poker, but all gambling in general. When you are clear-headed and focused on the game the chances of you messing up of placing too much money on the line are nowhere near as high as they are when you are playing compulsively or while overwhelmed and nervous. You will find that often times people make the most mistakes when they dont take a second to think about their actions and place bets out of fear or out of spite.

The best way to enjoy a good game of Poker is to put your feeling aside, even if it is for a couple of hours, and do our best to make strategic moves and confused the other players. For most poker games this will put you miles ahead of other players and you will find yourself on the winning side of the game each time.

If you end up at a professional table were just putting on a face is an old trick, dont forget to look back at our tips and tricks and well as the basic rundown on the rules to refresh your memory and take on the professional players with a strong hand and event stronger moves.

When you boil it down poker really isn’t all that hard, all you need is a good understanding of the game, a clear head and maybe a bit of luck to make things easier for you, but even you end up with the least lucky cards, just because its poker you will find yourself having the upper hand just because you are using your head the right way.

These are some of the best tips you can find around the internet on how to make the most of your poker game and if you use them correctly it will take no time for you to get to the professional level.

While these tips are tall crucial to creating and contributing to the good game, dont forget that you that the best thing you can do to really earn these rules and techniques by heart is to practice, practice and practice some more so you feel completely comfortable playing at just about any game, which is one of the most defining factors when it comes to being a proper poker player.

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