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As the online gambling industry grows, people involved in this market all over the world are becoming more and more concerned about safety measures. The same applies to US citizens where there have been operating lots of authoritative gambling commissions that rule what is acceptable and what is not for the online and offline casinos in various states of the US. Although their laws are pretty much different from each other, one thing they have in common is the purpose to protect the online gamblers from threats and keep the overall gambling environment of the States secure and safe. One of the states which have always been taking great care of the gambling situation and maintain safety was New Jersey which had a strong regulation system from the beginning of the online gambling history in the state.

In this article, we are going to talk about New Jersey online gambling laws and the ways online casinos can obtain reliable licenses from one of the leading regulators of the country, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. This regulator has been effectively operating since the 1970s with the main aim to ensure the integrity of the gaming industry in the state of New Jersey and maintain a legitimate industry that is free from organized crime and its consequent threats What they usually aim is to create an environment where casino owners, operators, employees, and everybody engaged in this industry will have an integral discussion about concerning matters. They have strictly regulated jurisdiction and work according to the main gambling act which is the Casino Control Act. As a result, the gambling sector of New Jersey is strictly regulated and economically stable, taking a great part in the state’s economic growth.


New Jersey is widely known for its authoritative and stable gambling market as legal gambling in New Jersey had been permitted for years now. In fact, New Jersey is the second US state that legalized online gambling and now players can take part in online casino games without any worries only if they hold a license from the regulator and as long as players are within the borders of the state. But you should know that New Jersey is not the only state where the law of the commission operates. The state of Delaware is also under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey gambling commission and therefore, their citizens are able to gamble online on New Jersey licensed websites.

New Jersey gambling regulator

The gaming authority was first introduced in 1977 and after that, they have been establishing laws for ensuring the safety of gamblers who take part in the online casino activities that hold their license. The commission, short for DGE is supervised by a director which is usually appointed by the governor with the advice of the New Jersey Senate. The New Jersey casino control commission is considered one of the most reliable regulators of the US market as casinos under its license usually high-quality safety measures to ensure that their customers play safe and are protected from possible crimes and threats from scammers and fraudsters which are quite a lot of nowadays. The company is an independent licensing authority but the decisions imposed by the Division of Gaming Enforcement apply to it as well which means that these two committees function together and regulate the New Jersian online gambling market.

Now in case, you wonder which are the websites exactly that own the license from the New Jersey commission, you can relax because there are plenty of gambling sites online that are regulated by this authoritative commission. So, if you want to take a further step and become involved in online gambling in Delaware or New Jersey, we recommend reading our article where we will try to explain everything related to their license.

The duty of the New Jersey gaming commission

Apart from the general purpose of the regulator that is clearly ensuring the safety measures and protect the customers of New Jersey online casinos from gambling-related threats like losing funds, identity thefts, lack of bank account details, and other widely spread internet-based dangers, the regulator has several specific duties which are usually performed effectively by this commission.

  • Monitoring Casinos

The first thing that the organization aims for is to manage the operations conducted by the online casinos functioning under their license. For this, they ensure that gambling websites have safety measures to protect their customers, the money transactions are performed gently and bonus and promotion systems work properly. If one of the laws of the commission is violated they pose strict sanctions which is why your safety is guaranteed if you gamble online on the New Jersey-licensed casino.

New Jersey online gambling laws

Every casino online today is obliged to have a license and most of the casinos aim to obtain a license from the New Jersey gambling regulator because usually, the more reliable the casino is, the more authoritative license they hold. The New Jersey division investigates if casinos have official permission from the regulator to own the business and report the results to NJ Casino Control Commission which then decides whether to grant or deny a license.

  • Regulatory enforcement

Another important duty is to implement Casino Control Commission rules and regulations and make sure that online sites are operating according to the Casino Control Act. This is important for ensuring that the law of the commission is followed and therefore, operators don’t violate some important measures of security.

  • Technical Services Bureau

Also, the commission has to work in accordance with the TSB which aims to maintain the integrity of the electronic gaming equipment, such as slot machine operations. This is a pretty essential thing in today’s gaming industry because safety is actually based on the proper operations of the iGaming equipment. Therefore, they test and verify slot machines, analyze and evaluate jackpot payouts.

New Jersey gaming regulations

The division has certain regulations for the New Jersey online casinos to provide legal online gambling business. According to the jurisdiction, a casino operator has to meet some requirements in order to be allowed to run an online gambling venue. Specifically, for this, the first thing the operator has to do is to obtain valid Internet Gaming permission which is usually issued by the Divison. Also, they have to submit all their games and systems to the organization to be examined. This means that if the casino is licensed by the New Jersey Commission you can be certain that their game library is full of excellent quality games provided by reliable software providers.

Another important regulation is that everybody under the jurisdiction of this regulator has to pay a tax of 15% on gross gaming revenues and besides, some additional fees are also required including taxes for a license fee, or responsible gambling which are provided by the gambling regulator of New Jersey. The regulator also ensures that the real-money games are only available for players located within the state of New Jersey that is aged 21 or older. Every operator who has a license from the New Jersey regulator is subject to these regulations.

Which online casinos are regulated by NJDGE?

New Jersey CCC is responsible for giving a license to casinos that are based in Atlantic City. The casinos that are verified with the NJDGE are usually casino and poker gambling venues and in total, there are 28 different online gambling site including some of the leading US casinos like Borgata Hotel Casino, Caesars Interactive Entertainment- Affiliate of Boardwalk Regency Corporation, Golden, Nugget Atlantic City, Resorts Casino Hotel, Hard Rock Atlantic City and many more.

legal gambling in New Jersey

And most of the online casinos now tend to meet all their requirements and obtain the license from the New Jersey casino authority in order to be referred to as reliable online sites because before what players usually do entering the website is to check the legal status of the casino and when they see that they have the license from this kind of an authoritative regulator, they don’t hesitate to register and start using their service. Considering the fact that there are still plenty of online casinos based offshore that pretend to be safe and legal, checking the license is one of the key indicators for ensuring safety. In general, many casinos without any authoritative legislation have unfair games and even more, the money transactions with them may not be safe which is why holding a reliable license is important to enjoy the comfort and have a safe experience while gambling online.

Legalized Games by New Jersey Commission

The game types permitted by the New Jersey regulator are quite numerous. According to the gaming laws in New Jersey players in the state are eligible to enjoy taking part in a huge variety of slots and video poker games online. Besides, there are plenty of digitalized versions of the classic table games on the list of the legalized games. For example, if you decided to gamble online in New Jersey you can participate in playing classic games like Blackjack, roulette, or baccarat or take part in the games of craps, Pai Gow, Let It Ride, Texas Hold’em, or Three Card Poker. The regulator usually checks operations of games by about 12 000 organizations and associations that are register to conduct legalized games of chance like raffles and bingo games throughout the state. What they aim to do is to determine if the organization is eligible to perform legalized games of chance and particularly, they operate about 1000 Amusement games.

Bottom Line

To sum up, the New Jersey gaming commission is a reliable regulator whose license is something desirable for every operator and player because they try hard to ensure safety measures and take precautions in order to avoid threats and harms. Therefore, if you just decided to play online, all you have to do is to scroll down the online gambling page and check the license. If the website is regulated by the New Jersey gaming regulator or other authoritative jurisdiction, then you can relax and keep on playing because this means that your safety will be guaranteed.

FAQ on New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

How do I get a gaming license of New Jersey Division?

The process of obtaining a gaming license is pretty simple if you meet the requirements that are set by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. To apply for a license, you have to file an application with New Jersey Casino Commission, pay for filing an application, and then wait for the results.

How much is gambling license of New Jersey Division?

Applying for the license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is not free and you have to pay. The prices for applying differ and it can start from $750 and go up to $4000. Once you pay the applying costs, the process of licensing officially starts.

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