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So now you have decided to start playing at an online casino, but you’re asking yourself the question, “What should my casino strategy be?” You have heard all about the big wins that you can claim, and the exciting bonuses and free spins on offer, and even the huge range of various casino activities you can take part in, but how can you go about actually turning your deposit into big wins? In other words, what sort of online casino strategies should you employ in order to start winning?

Our team of gambling fanatics and betting experts have been in this game for quite a while, and while we don’t win every single time, we do generally manage to turn a profit. We do this by using a number of casino strategies, which, although they change from game to game, do follow a couple of standard “rules,” namely: we don’t chase losses, we don’t gamble when drunk, and we don’t bet next month’s rent. Got it? Cool. Gambling should be a fun, exciting way to relax, but when it starts causing you problems like that, you’re not going to have a good time.

So, with that out of the way, here’s a few casino strategy tips that we use, and which we think you’ll find helpful.

Basic casino strategy tips for beginners

Casino strategyBetting conservatively as necessary is the best tip we can give you. Don’t start betting the farm until you know what you are doing; know what the odds are on the various games; and remember the old adage: “the House always wins.” While beating the house is grand, we have to bear reality in mind. The best casino strategy is one that limits your losses, while maximizing your wins under the circumstances.

For example, one of the first things we recommend new online gamblers look for is bonus offers. Typically, free bonus money can help you on your way to big wins, but remember that not all bonuses are created equal. One of the problems is that the fine print can get you bogged down in fulfilling wagering requirements. So the first big tip is to check what the wagering requirements are, and which games are eligible under the bonus terms, giving you a good casino gambling strategy to clear your wagering requirements and withdraw your winnings

If you’re not sure about what wagering requirements are, it’s actually quite simple: the casino will give you an amount of bonus money, but it’s not just free cash. So, if you get a 100% bonus on a €10 deposit, and the bonus has a x30 wagering requirement on the bonus only, you will get a €10 bonus, and then you have to wager thirty times the bonus amount, or €300 in total.

You don’t have to lose the whole amount, of course! You just have to wager the bonus 30 times in total before it becomes real money. One way to limit potential losses is to find a slot like Starburst that has a high Return To Player rate, so as far as a good casino game strategy goes, limiting the amount you’ll lose is obviously the best of the lot. Bear in mind that some games cannot be used to satisfy wagering requirements, or they satisfy only a limited portion of the requirements.

Online casino betting strategies

So betting conservatively within reason is the way to go. But what do we mean by “within reason?” Simply put, it means you have to do your homework. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, and nowhere is this more true than in the online casino world. For example, one online casino betting strategy you should employ when playing on the slots is to increase the number of paylines you bet on to the maximum, while keeping your bet per line to something that’s reasonable and that you can afford.

As most slots nowadays seem to have somewhere between 15 and 25 paylines at least, this means that even if you’re betting 10 cents a line, it’s still a €2,50 bet on a 25-payline slot. So if you start betting more than, let’s say, about 50 cents a line, you will end up running through your money (bonus and real) very quickly. In addition, most casinos often have a limit on how much you can actually bet per line to fulfill wagering requirements. The best casino strategy for slots is conservative betting, but on all paylines, and this applies to all games, in fact.

Casino gambling games strategy

The “conservatively sensible” casino games strategy also applies to other games and gambling activities too. Some games offer the potential to make steady gains by making sensible bets that won’t break the bank, and all that’s really required is a degree of self-control.

While the temptation to make huge wagers on huge odds is, of course, very tempting, it’s worthwhile keeping in mind the sensible words of a professional gambler, Ken Lennaard, who once said that almost-certain bets, with smaller wagers, are ultimately far more lucrative and can be just as exciting as placing everything on one spin of the roulette wheel or a single hand of cards. And although he was referring to sports betting, a good online casino strategy follows the same rules. As ever, be careful in how you play, and you can’t really go far wrong.

One other thing to point is that you must not, under any circumstances, fall foul of what’s termed the “gambler’s fallacy.” This is the belief that, if you haven’t won for a long time, the odds of winning increase with every loss. This is wrong, especially on slots, as each spin is a separate event, completely unconnected to the other events happening either before or after. So your chance of winning the mega jackpot on your favorite progressive slot is just as likely on your first spin as on your last. The best casino strategies take this into account, and plan accordingly.

Individual casino winning strategy

So there’s a whole bunch of things to bear in mind when playing online. No matter what you know about casino games, rules, and strategies, you just need to remember a few things: you’re playing against the house, not against other players (unless you’re playing in a poker room, but that’s another story altogether), and each bet you make is separate from every other one. While at your favorite online casino, winning strategy theories basically boil down to one thing: don’t get greedy, play sensibly, and make sure you can afford to lose (and you will lose something, else it wouldn’t be gambling, would it?).

If you bear these simple guidelines in mind, you’ll be able to have a great time playing and winning at one of the great online casinos we have listed on our pages. You can employ any number of casino betting strategies, but always remember to have fun!

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