UK Gambling Commission

The UK has one of the most unique gambling regulations in the world It has been working hard to provide the safest possible environment for gambling lovers. By ensuring that all the gambling operators are complying with strict regulations and offering all the necessary help to those seeking to avoid gambling addiction and want to pursue responsible gambling instead. The UK Gambling Commission is a public body that is responsible for regulating the gambling venues in the country and is supervising the adherence to gambling laws across the UK. The regulatory body covers casinos clot machines, arcades, and lotteries. It also deals with remote gambling and ensures that every single operator is offering services that comply with the country’s regulations. In recent years the UK Gambling body has definitely stepped up its game and the country has become more strict about whom they allow into their country and who offers the gambling services to the citizens of the UK.

In the most recent major development, the UK Gambling Commission has made it a requirement that companies that want to offer gambling services to the UK residents have to have their bases within the country. This makes collaboration and accountability between the two more manageable and is set to make the gambling scene even more secure for the players across the UK.

United Kingdom Gambling CommissionHistory behind the Commission

The gambling regulatory body of the UK wasn’t always called the UK Gambling Commission. Until 2007 the main body controlling the gambling scene was the Gaming Board for Great Britain. The history of similar bodies in the UK goes back to 2005, back when the Gambling Act was first approved.  The Gambling Act went into action in 2007 and took over the responsibilities of the Gaming Board for Great Britain.

The main objective of the regulatory body, Under either name was the safety of the gambling environment and protection of users. When it comes to casino, especially online casinos, there are a lot of opportunities for fraudulent activities and if there isn’t any outside involvement the users are extremely vulnerable to different scams and frauds that could potentially damage their financial situation or even exposure the citizens to some additional criminal activity concerning their identity and personal information. When we gamble online, we have to hand over a lot of personal information to the gambling venues and if there is no licensing, there is no accountability from the casino’s side either.

This means that if something goes wrong, an unlicensed casino has no responsibility or the requirement to give back and fix the problem. Since they are unlicensed and this player made the conscious decision to play at the unlicensed casino, there is nothing anyone can really do to help the damaged party. This is why the gambling regulatory bodies try to make sure to give the licensing only to the casinos that check all their boxes and are focused on providing quality services and have their security tools in place. The official goal of the UK Gambling Commission is to keep crime out of gambling and to make sure that the industry is only delivering services that are based on fair and open politics. Another crucial aspect of this commission is responsible for gambling.

UK RegulationsStricter regulations

One of the main reasons why the UK decided to make the regulations stricter around the country was to decrease the level of problem gambling in the country. One of the primary requirements of getting the license is providing adequate resources about the problem gambling, helpful links, and establishments on your casino website, as well as promoting responsible gambling at the same time and contributing to the popularization of the more balanced approach to gambling. A lot of casinos have a problem with such strong policies that are essentially requesting that the players spend less time on their website, but for those who want to operate in the UK, this is a requirement.

Consumer protection is the primary objective of any gambling regulatory body and the UK Gambling Commission has issued an updated plan for prioritizing these objectives and increasing the effectiveness of already existing tools in order to deliver better results for the customers

The Commission also has a right to revisit its license and revoke it if there are some inconsistencies or criminal activity going on with any particular casino. Any act or incident that goes against the Gambling Act of 2005 can be further investigated by the Commission and could end in the loss of the license by a casino. The Commission can either issue recommendations for some changes to be made or they can offer a supplementary license with different rules and conditions. The Commission has the authority to start to take regulatory actions against those who are breaching the Gambling Act and this can eventually lead to an investigation. There have been instances of the Gambling Commission issuing fines for up to £2 million, for various reasons, including creating hostile environments for problem gamblers or not catering to their needs and being ignorant of the on-going issues with certain users.

Casinos vs PlayersCasinos vs Players

The Commission places a lot of pressure on the casinos and not so much on the players. Yet, they have often become the target of criticism from the British public about their handling of these licensing and the amount of effort that goes into the prevention of problem gambling. It is due to these criticisms that the commission has adopted a more comprehensive approach in recent years and has been actively promoting responsible gaming, all the resources ted with the concept and their stricter approach.

Another honorable goal for the commission is raising the industry standard by eliminating the casinos that don’t match the standard of the UK Gambling Commission, forcing these casinos to step up their game and help create an equally safe gambling environment for residents of the UK. The fact that the gambling standard is changing is evident and the regulatory bodies have a lot to do with it. While UK Gambling Commission can hardly be used as a general example, over the world the gambling standard is changing and the regulatory bodies are putting more and more effort into making gambling into a safe hobby that won’t override the life of its players.


The responsible gambling that lays on the strong foundation of honest work ethic and systems is the new industry standard, largely due to the reforms of these regulatory bodies.  The UK 2018-2021 strategy entails balancing consumer choice and enjoyment against the risks of gambling, according to the official statement of the Commission.

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