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Best 10 Gambling Movies You Should Definitely Watch

Casinos are dreams of a fabulous win, calculations, excitement, as well as adrenaline, for new doses of which players again come to green tables and slot machines. Cinema, where stakes and chance rule, is filmed in different genres – from detective comedy to action-packed thriller. This selection presents the best films about gambling, after watching which the audience will at least get dominoes from the mezzanine.


Ella works as a waitress in a small family restaurant, but due to the flow of visitors, it is difficult for her to cope with her duties on her own. The father hires the charming Abel as an assistant, and at the end of the working day, he takes the day’s earnings and runs away. Ella unwittingly keeps the guy company, following a new acquaintance into the world of underground casinos and crime.

Molly’s Game

The list of the best films continues with a drama about gamblers based on real events. After an injury, Molly Bloom drops out of the competition and is forced to forget about her career as a skier. A woman gets a job as an assistant to the organizer of underground gambling. Molly quickly understands the essence of the business, and a quarrel with the boss leads to a brilliant idea. Bloom rents a hotel room, where she arranges his own poker tournaments.

The House

A comedy film about a casino tells the story of caring parents who are ready for anything to educate their daughter. Scott and Kate are counting on a city council scholarship to pay for Alex’s college education. However, the authorities make an unexpected decision – all the budget money is directed to the construction of a public pool. The couple is in a panic, but neighbor Frank comes to the rescue, offering to open an underground casino in the house.

Mississippi Grind

The aging gambler Jerry is going through hard times, fortune has long turned away from the loser. Acquaintance with the young gambler Curtis gives the man hope for change, and the newly-minted partners go south, counting on a big win. Jerry considers the young man to be his talisman, but many serious trials await his friends on the way to wealth.

The Gambler

Students of a prestigious university try not to miss the fascinating lectures of literature teacher Jim Bennett, unaware of the teacher’s secret addiction. After class, a gambling professor takes big risks at the gambling table, but his last visit to the casino turns into a tragedy. Jim has borrowed a hefty sum from a man who doesn’t forgive debts and is now trying to win back his own life.

Runner Runner

Richie Furst from Princeton, having lost his college money, figures out how he was deceived by an online casino program, and goes to Costa Rica to the owner of the site with evidence. The boss offers a smart guy a high-paying job, and he accepts. However, the guy forgets that too high risks are hidden behind big money. A film about gamblers will appeal to fans of crime thrillers and fans of Justin Timberlake.

The Pelayos

The Pelayo family discovered an efficient and legal way to get rich. It is necessary to bet on the same numbers, which is not prohibited by the rules of the casino, and the winnings must be contributed to the general budget. The luck of the family clan does not go unnoticed, and the security of the entertainment establishment is increasingly watching the favorites of fortune. Pelayo does not intend to abandon the elaborate scheme, even under the scrutiny of casino owners.

Lay the Favorite

A film about gambling and scammers will reveal the secret of getting rich quick with the help of mathematical calculations. In search of the American dream, Beth arrives in Las Vegas from a provincial town. The girl gets a job in the underground bookmaker Dink Haimovitz, who became famous for fraudulent bets. Beth brings luck to the gambling establishment and learns the basic tricks of a clever swindler herself.


In the center of the plot of the film about the game of cards is Professor Mickey Rosa – the thunderstorm of all casinos in Las Vegas. The mathematician was able to calculate the combinations in blackjack in order to break the big jackpot more than once. Over time, Mickey ended up on the black lists of all major entertainment establishments, but the professor did not despair. The teacher recruits a team of smart students, with the help of which he returns to gambling for money.

Lucky You

Professional player Hack wants to go to the World Championship of Poker, but the entry fee is a hefty sum. The guy fails to save up money and attempts to earn money at local competitions turn into a series of losses. In desperation, Hack robs his new acquaintance but meets a new obstacle at the championship. His father, who is not used to losing, intends to participate in the competition.

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