ComeOn! Casino Free Spins

ComeOn! Casino Free Spins

If you thought you had seen everything concerning free spins, then you haven’t played at ComeOn! Casino.

The ComeOn! team isn’t just happy delivering free spins once a moth to their active players, but they have dedicated an entire section of their site for players to find different ways to win free spins. This way, punters can be in control of how many free spins they get per week, or simply entering free spin raffles to get their hands on some free rounds on the newly added video slots.

How can I get ComeOn! free spins offers?

At ComeOn! players can get free spins in any of the following ways:

  1. Sign up to ComeOn! Casino and get free spins upon making a first deposit.
    1. These free spins will vary depending from your geolocation.
  2. Become an active player:
    1. Active players at ComeOn! will receive weekly promotions on their newsletter, some of them will include a dose of free spins on specific games.
  3. Purchase raffle tickets to win free spins at the ComeOn! Shop
  4. Purchase free spins at the ComeOn! Shop.

Just like you read it, you can purchase free spins at ComeOn! casino. Once you’re an active player, you’ll be able to enter the ComeOn! Shop. The ComeOn! can be described as a site within a site.

Players at ComeOn! will start earning points from the very first day they sign up and open an account. These points are sort of rewards delivered by the ComeOn! team, and they can be used at the ComeOn! Shop.

The shop is almost like an amazon site specifically designed for ComeOn! players, and it is divided in 3 menus:

Bonuses & Free Spins: Exchange your comb points for reload bonuses and free spins on this section. Choose from free spins on NetEnt’s Starburst, South Park, Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Fortune and Jack Hammer, among many others…

Lotteries: Use your points to get raffle tickets and win real money, free spins or a secret lottery! The good thing is you can buy as many raffle tickets as you want, no limits and no small print.

Winners: check out your competition and beat the last winner to climb on top of the leaderboard!

They’re perhaps they only online casino that lets players buy their own free spins! Bam! Just like that!

ComeOn! Casino Free Spins

What’s the best way to get ComeOn! Casino free spins

The best free spins are those that arrive for free and with no strings attached. Unfortunately those aren’t around that much or not as common as we’d like them to be.

But don’t worry, there are other kinds of free spins that can be equally attractive and easy to get, without much risk attached to them, and with little investment from the player’s side.

ComeOn! also delivers free spins on a weekly basis for all active players. Most of these weekly promotions are attached to a single video slot, and players must comply with the minimum wagering requirements in order to withdraw their winnings.

However, the ComeOn! Shop is the place where players can acquire free spins and special promotions without having to wait for ComeOn! to display a new special free spin offer.

The reason behind the shop is for players to handle their own ComeOn! Casino free spins and raffles, with absolutely no pressure and being 100% in control of your budget. This is how it works:

  1. For every activity that you do at ComeOn! casino you’ll earn comp points that will be added to your account, e.g.
    1. You’ll get 50 points just by logging in every day (points will be added only once a day).
    2. 200 points upon finishing the registration process when opening an account.
    3. 500 points upon confirming your mobile number.
    4. 100 points upon confirming your email address.
    5. 1000 points for sending in your personal documents to ComeOn! to verify your account and in order to be able to make any withdrawals.
    6. Earn 50 points for every €10 deposit that you make
    7. Earn extra points for making a withdrawal

Let’s put it this way, upon opening your account at ComeOn! and confirming you mobile and email addresses, you’ll have earned 800 points already! And you haven’t even made a single deposit yet, but you’ll already be able to buy ComeOn! free spins and raffle tickets at their online Shop.

Once your account is set and you have a few points accumulated, you’ll be able to check the ComeOn! Shop and make a first purchase. You can choose between purchasing free spins for specific video slots or entering one of their lotteries.

Trading Points for Free Spins: Go to the ComeOn! Shop and click onthe “Bonuses and Free Spins” section. There you’ll find different widgets, each one holding a different free spin promotion, and the number of points needed. Once you trade your points for free spins, these ones will be available for a few days, and sometimes even for a month!

Trading Points for Raffle Tickets: Click on the “Lotteries” section and choose any of the widgets holding raffle promotions. Some raffles deliver free spins for a specific video slot. Raffles will last for a maximum of 7 days and you can purchase as many tickets as you want during this period. Once the raffle is over, they’ll show the winners and will deliver the free spins directly to your account. Sometimes these free spins can be used on the newly added video slots.

Additionally, ComeOn! also lets players purchase raffle tickets for a weekly drawing. ComeOn! will create a money pot and a handful of lucky players will win a share of it.

Last but not least, if by any chance you don’t have time to check the ComeOn! shop, just make sure to check the ComeOn! weekly newsletter, where they display their latest promotions and offers, upcoming raffles and soon-to-be-released video slots on their site.

Please remember to choose the language from the location you’re playing from, in order to get the promotions created for your market.