The most popular form of gambling in the world, unsurprisingly, is the humble slot machine. And why not? The flashing lights, the exciting graphics, and the promise of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of euros in payouts means that everyone who’s got even the smallest interest in gambling is an occasional fan of the modern version of the old-school one-armed bandit.

The ease with which this type of game, specifically casino slot games, can be played – let’s face it, it is not exactly rocket science – and the huge number of different combinations and designs that can be incorporated into the game, mean that it’s a hugely ubiquitous presence in the gaming world. And, since the modern machines are effectively just pictures on a screen, it’s also no surprise that the most common games of chance on the internet are online slots. Huge numbers of games are released every year, and with companies like Net Entertainment, Microgaming, IGT and RTG creating new titles at a rate of knots, you can just pick and choose which game suits your mood on the day and hopefully walk away with big wins! Some places are dedicated slots casino operators, such is the draw of these games. So let’s take a look at what you can expect from them.

Vast selection of casino slot games online

As we’ve already pointed out, there’s a huge array of games to choose from, regardless of what you’re in the mood for. There are 3 big software developers who regularly release new online slot machines, but in addition to the Big 3 – Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt – there’s a list of other developers that you can also check out and see if you’re a fan of their work.

It’s also the case that most internet casinos offer a wide range of slots online that you can play and try out, even before you make a deposit at the operator. This means that you can also see what you can reasonably expect in the game before you actually commit to depositing at an online casino and thereby making a financial commitment.

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Most popular casino slots online

But there are a couple of burning questions that remain about these exciting games? Namely, what games can you actually play? Where can you play slots online? There’s a few different options, actually. If you’re a fan of the old-school fruit machine-style slots, the same 3-reel machines that you used to find all over the place and the last generation of truly mechanical machines before the advent of the video slot, you’re in luck as there’s a whole range of extra games that you can play here.

For a more modern approach, though, you can play online slots that come with a 3D twist. All the latest gaming technology has also been incorporated into online slots, so you can enjoy the great visuals of the latest PC games in the setting of the online casino. In fact, even the classic fruit machines have taken on an air of modernity, recreating Vegas-style gaming with a modern flair. But the modern 3D casino slots online include bonus mini-features, extra fighting games, lucky dips, wheels of fortune, and many, many other ways to win.

Finally, if you really want to win massively off the best casino slots on the internet, you can try out progressive jackpot slots. These are games whose jackpot is pooled from several different casinos, and the jackpot gets rung up from a small portion of the bets wagered on the slot. That’s why you can have these huge payouts – in the region of tens of millions of euros, actually – coming at relatively regular intervals.

There are other casino slot machines, of course, but these are perhaps the main types. In each group, though, there’s a huge selection. We’re talking literally thousands of different games, from a whole bunch of different software developers. So if you’d like to see what’s on offer, visit your favorite online casino and get started with creating your winning account and claiming big payouts from online casino slots. Today might be your lucky day, so see if you can get a shiny pile of cash for your efforts.

Free slot machine games

One of the best things about slots is that they are both available for you to try out before you start depositing, and you can also get free spins on them. For this reason, it’s worth your while having a look at a range of different casinos to see where the best free slot machine games are on offer.

But, in addition to trying out slots for free, when you sign up at a casino, you can also often get a bunch of free spins to get you started. In addition, if you find the right casino, your winnings will be free of those pesky wagering requirements, meaning that your free slot games are truly going to be free. This is always good news for those of us trying to make a quick buck without that irritating small print.

So with such a wide range of games on offer for you to try out and start winning with, it would be wise to get started on your way to winning big payouts now. Have a look at our list of slot machines online, and you could potentially be in line to start boosting your bank balance by thousands of euros every time you play online! With so many options to choose from, and so many free slots online, there’s all the chance in the world. It might well be your luck day today!