MamaMia Bingo Free Spins

MamaMia Bingo Free Spins

MamaMia Bingo Free Spins have been attracting a lot of attention in recent times, and quite right too.

But what are Free Spins? Well, we’ll explain more below, but suffice to say that they are very much at the heart of the online casino industry’s daily operations, both from a client’s perspective (as there are lots of Free Spins offers out there – which is great news because it’s in effect a players’ market so you can take your time and pick the best offers out there) and from a service provider’s viewpoint (because it’s one way the casinos compete with each other for custom).

This is all good, of course, and since MamaMia Bingo Free Spins are amongst the most attractive choices out there, it is well worth taking a look at the details of what they offer, so let’s do just that!

What does Free Spins mean?

First things first – let’s work to a clear and accurate definition of Free Spins.

In fact, it’s incredibly simple. Free Spins are a way of spinning the reels on a given slot without having to make payment.

If this doesn’t register, let’s take a look at what Free Spins in the offline world would look like.

Picture walking into a walk-in bricks-and-mortar casino, pockets bulging with coins or tokens ready to play in a slot of your choice, only to find that all is set up for you and the reels are spinning multiple times – even giving you substantial winnings – without you needing to put any money in the slot!

Well, if that happened, you may well want to call the manager to tell him or her either that the machine was faulty, or that the previous player had left without using up all their credits. You may find even a thing that you had fallen victim to a practical joke.

But that’s exactly where we find ourselves with MamaMia Bingo Free Spins!

And there’s no catch either – any winning you get with Free Spins are just as much yours to keep as if you had deposited money!

This rather desirable situation has arisen as the result of the online gaming revolution.

Remember the scenario we outlined above? The barriers to having Free Spins at the old school casino, namely that there is a procession of different users on any one slot, that such places had set opening and closing times, and that the machines were limited by the volume of coins they could hold at any one time, are all removed by moving slots online.

And more than that – since an online casino is so much easier to operate, not to mention customer-friendly, than a land-based casino with all its regulations, overheads, staff and capital, there has been a profusion of them, which leads to greater competition for you, the player, and hence better Free Spins deals!

Free Spins give an incalculable return, in fact – because any wins you do get, you’d have to divide by zero (i.e., the amount you deposited) to get the return, and as we all know or at least guess, we can’t divide anything by zero (try it!).

Furthermore, with a large number of MamaMia Casino Free Spins, the chances are you will be able to net some wins are greatly enhanced.

There are a couple of qualifiers we need to issue here. First, Free Spins are not the same as the regular Welcome Bonus which casino sites will offer to new players.

The latter have wagering requirements attached to them which mean you have to play through the ‘free’ money a set number of times before you can claim any winnings, but with Free Spins they are just that, with no strings attached!

Also, Free Spins wouldn’t normally be offered on the progressive jackpot slots which have jackpots stretching into the millions – that might be a bit too generous!

But we think you’ll agree that Free Spins on any slot are a welcome boon, and those from MamaMia Bingo are no exception.

MamaMia Bingo Free Spins

Who is MamaMia Bingo?

MamaMia Bingo is a new casino for Nordic players.

They use software from NetEnt and NextGen Gaming, 2 of the most ubiquitous developers out there, and as the name suggests makes Bingo a central component of their gaming arsenal.

They also have a unique approach to their customer base – they keep their clientele active by keeping in touch via blogging, organised meetings or other chambers both on- and offline.

The highlight of all this, which many players are simply gunning for, is a yearly trip to Gran Canaria to play, well, bingo of course!

How do you get your Free Spins at MamaMia Bingo?

But enough about the company itself, what do they offer that is going to reel in even the most resistant customers.

There is a MamaMia Bingo free spins offer which is attractive, well, beck and call or no beck and call.

If you open up an account with MamaMia, you can claim a whopping 120 Free Spins.

And the first 20 of these is automatic on opening an account.
Think about it, 20 Free Spins on a game without having to deposit anything at all (usually you would need to make a small deposit with most casinos, though you wouldn’t need to stake that money on your Free Spins – otherwise they wouldn’t be Free Spins of course!).

And then if you do like what you see and go on to make a deposit, MamaMia Bingo will grant you another 100 Free Spins!

120 Free Spins in total – and this is in addition to the regular Welcome Bonus which MamaMia has.

We will be sure to keep you posted on any future Free Spins offers which may come up at MamaMia in future, so please bookmark this site and check back regularly as well.

Which games can you use your MamaMia Bingo Free Spins on?

One last thing to think about.

We know how Free Spins work, and what the offer is at MamaMia – but what about the slot that you can make good use of in claiming your Free Spins?

Because after all, there is little point in having any Free Spins if you aren’t able to play anything useful with them.

Fortunately, then, the slot in question which MamaMia have lined up for you is Starburst.

Starburst is a highly popular game which combines the traditional symbols of the old fruit machines of yesteryear with the glowing neon graphics and astonishing sound effects of a truly sci-fi era slot.

It’s truly a place to enjoy for free – and for money!