Tivoli Free Spins

Tivoli Free Spins

Tivoli Free Spins are very much a la mode these days, and rightly so because they are perhaps the hidden gem of the gaming industry.

This is perhaps unsurprising when one considers the importance and centrality of Free Spins in the online casino industry.

They are an important way for casinos to attract custom, which is significant in particular when one considers that there are a lot of online casinos out there – so that’s good news for us, as it’s very much a buyers’ market and we can shop around for the best deals out there.

Since Tivoli Free Spins fulfill that last set of criteria, let’s take the opportunity to have a look at what they offer!

What does ‘Free Spins’ mean?

It means exactly that in fact. Playing on slots and getting spins without having to deposit any money.

Just picture, if you will, what that would have meant in the old days of physical slot machines in amusement arcades or bars.

That would’ve meant going to an amusement arcade and immediately start to spin the reels, perhaps even take some winnings with you, and all without having to make a deposit!

Well, if such a scenario would ever have presented itself, you might’ve been forgiven for thinking it was either a practical joke, or that the machine was defective or even that the previous player had left some money in the machine, either intentionally or by mistake.

That is precisely what we have with Tivoli Casino Free Spins. But how has this come to pass?

Quite simple, actually – the key word is the word ‘online’.

The scene we outlined above would, of course, be unworkable, but the internet makes it workable.

You can play from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you please – quite literally with the rise of mobile gaming) with no one breathing down your neck, wanting to play, or to close up the casino, and there is no need to deposit real coins even when you are depositing your money!

And with the proliferation of online casino sites out there, one of the best ways for casinos to differentiate themselves from each other, and to attract custom, is to offer better and better Free Spins – which is all good news for us players of course!

Free Spins, whilst often not offered on the biggest progressive jackpot slots – that would be a bit too generous – still return at an incalculable rate (for the math behind that, just consider that if you win, say 100, it is impossible to say what type of return that is because of course, you can’t divide anything by zero (i.e.,. the amount of your deposit) – try dividing 100/0 between your calculator just to get the picture!).

It doesn’t stop there either. Free Spins often come in huge volumes, not just a dozen or so but 50, 100, even 200 are not unheard of.

Naturally, with a large number of Free Spins like that, even the stingiest of slots are likely to yield at least something – which as we have seen above means that all of them have a pretty much incalculable return for the player.

Please note that Free Spins are not quite the same as the ‘free money’ offers that many casinos have; this latter have wagering requirements as standard, meaning you have to ‘play through’ the free money a set number of times before you can claim the winnings.

In fact, Tivoli Free Spins do have wagering requirements attached, though these are not monumentally big.

Anyway, enough with the theory – let’s take a look at Tivoli Free Spins then!

Tivoli Free Spins

Tivoli’s Free Spins Offer

Tivoli itself has a unique history in the gaming pantheon.

It derives its name from the Tivoli Gardens, a park replete with amusement rides as well as more sedate attractions, which has been entertaining Copenhageners and foreign tourists alike for over 170 years!

Notwithstanding that, the online casino is a relative newcomer to the online scene, but it has already been making waves with its gaming selection, its use of multiple software providers and its jackpot scheme.

But we’re most interested in Free Spins at Tivoli and how to go about getting them.

It’s pretty straightforward as it goes. You simply need to register an account and that’s it!

The Tivoli Free Spins offer is tied in with its Welcome Bonus scheme, but since the latter is also attractive (worth up to €500 in fact) it makes for a nice entrée to the world of online gaming.

This is to be had over 3 stages, in fact, in each case for making a deposit (some casino’s Welcome Bonuses only apply to the one, initial deposit).

In the first deposit, you will get 50 Free Spins, and then a further 50 Free Spins with the 3rd deposit (not Free Spins for the 2nd deposit, just bonus money).

Also, you will also get a chance to win tickets for four at the famous Tivoli Gardens as well (including hotel accommodation!).

There are likely to be more Tivoli Free Spins in future, so be sure to bookmark this site, so you need not be in the dark about Free Spins offers in the future!

What Games do Tivoli offer their Free Spins on?

It’s all well and good having Free Spins offers, but if these aren’t on a game worth playing then they’re not worthy of the name.

Fortunately, then, we can report that they are on the very highly-thought of Starburst slot.

Starburst, from NetEnt, may sound a little like ‘Starbucks’ but don’t worry – unlike the latter it is not cluttering up the marketplace with a generically dull experience, but instead marries up the traditional (in the form of its orthodox symbols) with the futuristic (glowing neon color schemes and sci-fi style sound effects) to bring an experience which is anything but that.

At the same time, if you do wish to go to Starbucks, you can play Starburst (and various other NetEnt games at Tivoli) to your heart’s content thanks to NetEnt Touch, their mobile range of slots and other games.

And the Free Spins are just as valid with the mobile version as the desktop.