Thrills Free Spins

Thrills Free Spins

Free Spins at Thrills casino are an often talked-about phenomenon these days, and with good reason.

They’re very much the life-blood of the online gaming sector, not to mention the competition between the various players within the business.

Indeed, the very fact that casinos have to attract players from a limited (but growing) pool of customers means that it’s very much a buyer’s market.

You don’t need to accept the first casino that comes along if it doesn’t have good Free Spins offers (or doesn’t meet the requirements in some other way) and it’s worth holding out for the best Free Spins offers out there.

That is the purpose of this item – to investigate what Thrills Free Spins are on offer, how they can change, how to go about claiming them and why this casino as against another.

So read on, and we’ll shed some light on things so you are better armed in your gaming career.

Thrills Free Spins

What are casino free spins?

Free Spins are pretty much what their name would suggest.

They are essentially free ‘goes’ on an online slot. If you can picture going in to play the old-fashioned standup ‘fruit machines’ of yesteryear, and instead of having to put some money into the slot, you could just spin the reels straight off – well, you might be forgiven for thinking that either the machine was faulty, or some unsuspecting customer had left unused credits in the machine before you, but certainly not that these were what you were entitled to.

And yet that’s exactly the case with Thrills Free Spins! Naturally the online market lends itself more easily to Free Spins offers, however. You don’t have to wait in line to play (just imagine the pandemonium at an amusement arcade, casino or bar if the slots machines there offered free turns for nothing!) and you can play in the privacy of your own home.

And that’s not all – Thrills online casino Free Spins, and indeed any Free Spins, allow you to KEEP any winnings that you get.

This goes for whatever size the winnings that the slot’s paytable allows for, including some really healthy sums!

OK, it’s unlikely that you’ll find many Free Spins on the progressive jackpot games for obvious reasons, but the games that are there – in any Free Spins promo worth pursuing – will offer pretty good jackpots nonetheless.

And since a lot of Free Spins offers stretch into the dozens – and sometimes even hundreds – there’s a very real chance of hitting it big!

It’s also worth pointing out that such Free Spins offers differ from the Welcome Bonus and other ‘Free Money’ promos which can be had at a lot of casinos in that with the latter, there will be wagering requirements to fulfill.

This means that you have to ‘play through’ your Free Money a set number of times before you can claim any winnings – whereas with Free Spins, as already stated, anything you accrue is yours to keep.

What is Thrills casino?

Thrills is a relatively new, and decidedly funky player on the gaming scene.

It is a no-download site, which means that you don’t need to download anything to your desktop and can play direct to your browser.

The same goes for their mobile casino – Thrills carry games from NetEnt, which has a much-vaunted range of mobile games (not just slots) called the Touch range.

You can get Thrills Free Spins offers for both desktop and mobile variants.

Thrills have a good selection of payment methods, ranging from ‘traditional’ providers like Visa and Mastercard, through to eWallets like Neteller and even Paysafecard and Ukash which are prepaid solutions leaving no ‘paper trail’ of payments.

When you take advantage of Thrills Free Spins online you can also rest assured that you are in safe hands; this is because their security measures are second to none and include 128-bit SSL digital encryption as well as great customer service provision including Live Chat, so it really is a good place to play.

How do you get your free spins at Thrills casino?

So much for what Free Spins are – but how do you actually claim them?

Generally speaking, you’d need to do this by opening an account.

For instance, at the time of writing, Thrills were offering 50 Free Spins to all new sign-ups.

This means that you do have to not only open an account, but also make a deposit.

However, the deposit need not be a large one – in fact €20 is enough to get your Free Spins at Thrills.

But once you’ve opened an account at Thrills that needn’t be the end of the story. As well as the Welcome Bonus free money, Thrills will have other promos at other times of the year, so always keep an eye on the site – these can be for instance at New Year’s or Valentine’s and other special occasions.

Free Spins are also often offered when a new game has been launched.

Since Thrills carry games from NetEnt, one of the major players in the business, there is plenty of backing for launching a new game with plenty of fanfare, so you can expect Free Spins offers to come up at these times as well.

Which games should you play on with your Free spins at Thrills casino?

Naturally yourThrills online Free Spins won’t be on any game you like – unfortunately the progressive jackpots are out, as we already explained!

However the good news is that the current Free Spins offer is on Starburst from NetEnt, which is a highly playable slot which combines the traditional, in the form of orthodox symbols on the reels, with the ground-breaking neon, sci-fi esque graphics and sounds.

And you can be sure that future Free Spins offers will be for similarly prestigious slots in the future as well.

To keep up to date on all Free Spins offers from Thrills, as well as other bonuses, promos and updates, be sure to bookmark this site and you need never be kept in the dark again!