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BetConstruct adds Hi-Lo option to its live casino options

BetConstruct is working hard to enhance its live casino offering and it has now added the new Hi-Lo feature to its online casino. This is the adaptation of the popular video game The Higher Lower. This was once a viral video game that isn’t talked about all that much these days but it was once of the most popular games out there and now BetConstruct is relaunching it and giving it the new life, hoping to strike the chord with the older folks and possibly getting the new fanbase for the game.

Hi-Lo is a future that gives the players a chance to predict whether the next card that the dealer will pull will be higher, lower, or equal value to the one that is currently on the table. This is a feature that you won’t see all that often in online casinos and this is probably one of the most exciting new features that the online casinos have come out with in a long time.

BetConstruct is one of the most famous online casinos out there and it is always trying to increase its quality and offer better services to it, customers. A feature like these is what essentially distinguished real-life casinos from the regular brick and mortar ones even though this type of feature could definitely work in the real-life casino as well.

According to BetConstruct in order to make sure that the gameplay is fair, it will use the ShuffleStar Continuous Shuffler hardware system to make sure that it is all fair game and that the real-time non-stop shuffling occurs for all decks across all games.

Apart from making the prediction using this new feature, you will be able to bet on multiple differs bets, also referred to as side bets. According to the casino, this was the feature that was introduced in order to liven up the gambling experience of BetConstruct players and add a layer of fun to the already entertaining gambling experience.

As the casino representatives themselves have pointed out, this feature has a high chance of attracting a lot of new customers to the casino since this concept seems pretty simple yet very customer-oriented. Because of how easy and accessible this feature will be, the BetConsutrct is hoping that it will also give the operators the opportunity to roll out the quick-to-play game for their players as well and give the new customers a reason to stick around for longer.

BetConstruct has been on the roll for this summer, introducing new Roulette game called Swift Roulette. This is a unique spin on the classic game of roulette that has the “fan-favorite” feature  and combines Swift Roulette  tables in one view maximizing the amount of tables you can play with at the same time and also eliminating the boring gaps when other players are taking their rime to choose their next move. It seems like the modern day customer’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter but BetConstrucy is making the most of this challenge and turning it into an opportunity.

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