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Over a hundred cases linked to coronavirus in Nevada

Nevada was one of the first states to start opening up casinos after the first wave of the Covid-19 seemed to subside. Casinos were among the first establishment that started to shut down when the pandemic first started picking up speed because in these places there are almost always crows and you can’t really practice social distancing. So the decision was made that the casinos were a hazard for those entering the building and playing at the table or using the slot machines, which can be a microbe hotspot since everyone who uses it touches the handle which is a serious hazard during the pandemic.

But since the countries are starting to open up the casinos also followed in some states with more conservative governors who were all for establishing new rules but making sure that the economy can go on as before. Much public health officials spoke about the hazards of opening the casinos back up but the gambling industry was suffering to keep up with the payment and was basically left with no other choice than to start thinking about opening back up and coming up with the new ways to ensure the safety while offering the gambling services to those who are willing to go to the casino and are not scared because of the COVID-19.

Despite what many officials might be saying the second wave seems to be in full force since more than a hundred cases have bee linked to a casino in Nevada, the gambling capital of the world.  120 COVID-19-is cases have now been traced from the casino in Nevada.

For Nevada, the casinos are the most important source of income the, the state is fully reliant entertainment to keep the economy flowing, but the rise in cases linked to COVID-19 has now put the future of the casinos in question. While it is highly unlikely that the casino will close down again, the additional measure might be introduced to make sure that the safety levels are increased and the outbreaks can be contained ahead of time.

Nevada added 1000 new cases in the past few hours, which is actually quite low compared to other states where the daily tally often hits 10k, And if we look at Florida, it now has more cases than almost all other countries in the world. Because of the rise in the cases, some general restrictions have been reimposed in Nevada, including restriction to the restaurant capacity and some limits on public spaces as well.

The governor of Nevada is being careful and waiting for the official recommendations to close down the casino yet again since this industry has barely survived the impact of the first shut dhow and it is quite likely that it won’t be able to survive the second hit of this type of shutdown, which would mean that an entire could potentially go down if the second wave gets out of control.  The Nevada casinos which often depend on tourists alone are set to suffer a lot during the following months, the gold is to make sure that they survive this challenge.

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