by Katerin Cruz on October 22, 2020

Chinese gambling operators are accused of cheating by Indian authorities

Problems around Chinese gambling operators continues. Although Macau, a region in China, is the center of gambling and is one of the most popular places where gamblers all over the country choose to satisfy their gambling needs, the overall gaming situation in China often faces lots of challenges. Therefore, recently Chinese gambling operators have been drawn into a new scandal.

According to the report of the Times of India, the Central Crime Station in Hyderabad India accuses the group of Chinese operators to have collected about $272 000 in revenue from Indians. Not only Chinese operators, but also Indian directors have participated in this spying campaign. As a result, the group of 22 people, among them eight Chinese and 14 Indians are charged for deceiving hundreds of people.

In fact, a group of people from China who have been working in the Beijing T Power Company targeted Indians involved in the gambling industry who took part in organized betting, money circulation, and cheating. Also, they are blamed for collecting referral fees and bringing in new customers.

Previous scandals

A similar thing happened two months ago, back in August 2020 when Indian authorities accused Chinese gambling firms of spying on them. As the Central Crime Station (CCS) believed, they had been using certain gambling applications to spy on rival nations and India is among these nations. As a result, the bank accounts of several gambling operators were shut down. The main problem according to the Chinese government was the gambling-related cross-border flow of funds. This led to the freezing of thousands of bank accounts and seizing of 229 billion yuan.

Every operator involved in the case has been arrested in August but authorities were afraid that the Beijing T Power Company could have used the personal information of their customers gained via the app to help Chinese military movements at the border.

Now it’s clear that events started in August haven’t yet finished and arrested Chinese national Yah Hao who was head of the Beijing T Company and three Indian directors haven’t been involved alone in this case. Later the authorities grasped $6 million in cash from bank accounts which were also connected with the Chinese online gambling operations. Now it’s certain that the Chinese are still targeting Indians.

The beginning of the India-China confrontation

Everything started after 20 Indian troops had been killed brutally in Ladakh fighting on June 20. Chinese soldiers accused them of having crossed the border and used this as an excuse but tension between these two countries hasn’t risen now and has existed for a long time. However, the deadly attack in the Himalayan border area was happened for the first time in at least 45 years.

This was exactly the time when Chinese gambling companies became more hostile in advertising to Indians. Now Indian’s allegations seem more credible and therefore, Trump’s recent actions against TikTok make more sense. If Chinese firms are really using their apps to gain personal data about people from their rival countries, it won’t be a surprise if American businesses and citizens are among the targets.

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