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Ellinikon, The Modern Casino Acropolis Of Attica’s Coast

The Attica’s coast soon will be one of the most attractive and expensive tourist destinations in Eastern Europe and the Southeastern Mediterranean, as well as the largest casino complex in Europe and one of the largest casino complexes in the world.  

Two of America’s gaming giants are bidding for the complex. Mohegan and Hard Rock International are waiting for the rights to build a casino on the site of the former Athens airport Ellinikon, as part of the enormous resort on Attica’s coast. Both Mohegan and Hard Rock have already prepared and submitted offers with the visual design and the amenities inside the complex, while now waiting for the final decision from the Greek government. 

The Casino Complex 

There is a slight difference in how the two companies envision the construction and the final look of the casino. Mohegan proposed the project which consists of futuristic-looking buildings, with at least 120 gaming tables and 1200 slot machines. The building itself will be a luxury hotel, which will also have a conference center as well as the sports amenities. The venue will be suitable for all ages and will be the perfect part of the resort for families as well as for businessmen and tourists. The bid is approximately one billion euros and is set to occupy around 15000 square meters of the total 6.200.000 square-meter Ellinikon Project, former airport site. 

On the other hand, Hard Rock apparently envisions the whole resort complex in the place. They proposed a more entertainment-focused project, that will be part of the casino. They are quite famous for their international investments on their know-how attitude towards the entertainment amenities. Hard Rock is also bidding for a one billion euro casino operator license.

The area of total more than 6000.000 square meters, is supposed to be the resort dedicated for entertainment purposes and the main attraction for the residents as well as tourists. It will combine fine diners, luxury hotels, theme parks, casinos, office states, residencies, conference halls as well as sports places. The resort will represent the perfect place to rest for the whole family, all age category as well as the business purpose visitors. It is promised to be very impressive and all-inclusive. The project will also feature cultural venues, health centers, educational and research facilities. This and many more that will be perfect renovation for the former airport and will come out as its own city on the Athens Riviera. 

The main goal of the project which will cover the whole Ellinikon area, of the total 6.200.000 square-meter, and the coast of which will reach approximately eight billion euros, is to create the largest entertainment facility and casino complex in Eastern Europe and the Southeastern Mediterranean – being one of the largest resort facilities in the world as well. 

Who will be that one? 

The projects have already been submitted and proposed by both US companies, which now are waiting for the final decision and the casino license. 

The Greek government has been reviewing the opportunities and on its side has to move ahead with the decision quickly. As the Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis has often heard stressing on “Ellinikon will become a symbol of the country and its development”, the decision is very responsible and has to consider all of the risk factors as well as have to address the best response to the needs. 

Though not all of the greeks seem to be as hyped about the project as Adonis, as they criticize the project, saying that it is not suitable for the landscape at all as well as it does not represent any cultural features, which is very important characteristics for greek people. They also outline the fact that “They have nothing to do with the Greek landscape and are reminiscent of Las Vegas.” Well, perhaps they are, but that is how modernity looks like. 

One way or another, the project is expected to be the main tourist attraction, after maybe acropolis, which will bring the country millions of dollars in the economy. 

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