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EU and US regulators team up to fight in-game gambling

Have you ever thought that loot boxes in video games are very weird because of the fact that it’s basically gambling? Many of the video games that feature loot boxes are also played mostly by underage teenagers, to whom gambling should not be accessible whatsoever. But in this case receiving a random reward for a fixed amount of money used to be considered fun but now sixteen international gambling regulators have joined forces to finally fight this monstrosity and protect the kids from greedy loot box systems. The UK Gambling Commision already considers the loot box system gambling, which is already a good start.

UK Gambling commision

European regulators and the Washington State Gambling Commision have teamed up and signed an agreement stating that they will be working together to avert all of the potential illegal gambling being included in video games of today. They are not going to stop there and continue pressuring the third-party websites that are also offering players to sell their in-game items and money.

Many countries have already deducted that the sensation that player’s get from opening new loot boxes is the same as players get when playing slot machines in casinos. However the casinos of today are turning into colourfull video games where kids get to open some boxes in hopes of getting a rare item they can show off to their friends or sell on the market for thousands! Yes thousands of dollars.

The actual sales of these ingame items attracted a lot of attention from countries like Belgium and the Netherlands, who have already classified loot boxes as gambling and are restricting it to the players of CS:GO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive). June was also a month that Valve made it’s gaming platform “Steam” compliant with gambling regulations, informs

Individual countries cannot possibly have enough effort to make a difference for the whole world. Therefore this collaboration is really important in regards to making a real difference. The era of gambling may be coming to an end for gaming.

There are a lot of participating countries and states including: the US’s Washington State Gambling Commision, Jersey, Isle of Man, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Malta, Austria, Franca and many many more.

UK’s Gambling Commission has already issued a statement with the help of their chief executive Neil McArthur, that all of the video game companies are hereby being asked to join the joint effort to put an end to illegal gambling in video games in order to avert any types of risks with the children. McArthur hopes that his encouragement will bear fruit with the companies and they will start working with the regulator’s and everything will work out smoothly.

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