by John on July 6, 2020

Finn Group is The New Owner of the Nano Casino

The recent reshuffling of the can ownership landed on Finnplay Group, who now owns a beloved Nano Casino, previously operated by Global Gaming. The company has agreed to transfer the IP to the Finnplay just recently. Apparently Nano Casino was sold for around 500,000 euros. The Gaming company has announced that its move to seek Nano Casino is connected to the end of Global Gaming’s partnership with Finnplay’s B2B subsidiary – Viral Interactive. The chief executive has made the official announcement regarding Nano Casino’s new ownership and has said that it will follow closely as the casino grows and developed s under new leadership. According to Tobias Fagerlund, the chief executive of Global Gaming, it was an honor for the company to sell the brand and the fact that Finngroup was interested in it, to begin with.

It looks like Global Gaming is going through major changes right now since they have also recently stopped offering white label solutions to the regulated markets across the world. Due to this decision the company had to cancel multiple agreements that went effective immediately. It will be interesting to see how the Global Gaming will find its new course and whether selling Nano Casino is a clue as to where the company wants to go in the future.

We first heard about the possible collaboration between Global Gaming, Finnplay, and Viral Interactive last year in the summer, so it has been over a year now since the two companies have been doing business together. Through this partnership, Global Gaming was able to re-enter Sweden’s gambling market after it lost it’s licensing earlier in the year and to orchestrate that Global Market was operating under Viral’s gaming license.

The reason why Global Gamin lost its license in Sweden was the fact the country’s regulatory body claimed to have found some serious breaches of player protection practices as well as allegations about money laundering. Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s regulatory body banned Global Gaming in June of 2019. Later when Global Gaming tried to get back into the Swedish Market, the Spelinspektionen criticizes Viral for collaborating with the company that had been banned in the country for almost a year now, the regulatory body called Viral’s move “highly inappropriate”. On top of this Spelinspektionen has rejected to relaunch the company’s original bran which was Ninja Casino. Since working with Viral didn’t seem to play well into Global Gambling’s future, the two ended the partnership in May of this year.  The relationship was terminated relatively quickly and as both sides confirmed the “phasing out” process didn’t take much time. Now both were looking for a partner and that is when the idea to sell the casino first was born.

Seems like the company was ready to move on from all the trouble it went through in Sweden and was looking for some new partnerships. Whether the company will face better luck after selling is the casino is hard, but then it was evident that Viral partnership wast working was evident to all parties.

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