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Gambling shut down in Nevada

Nevada is the gambling capital of the US. Las Vegas is the major city for gambling facilities. Not only Americans are the frequent visitors of the casinos, but international visitors as well. Las Vegas is the top destination for many people all over the world. The city in Nevada is one of the major cities for gambling.

Coronavirus, which has spread to already every single country in the world reached the US as well. The novel coronavirus is especially contagious. Countries all over the world try to fight the virus with massive lockdowns and isolations. The number of Covid-19 infected people has reached almost 230,000. The virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China on the 31st of December 2019. Since then, the virus has spread to most of the countries.

The World Health Organization announced Coronavirus as the pandemic last week. Since the announcement, many countries have closed most of the facilities. COuntries are ordered to follow certain safety and security measures. The most important measures are personal hygiene, social distancing, and self-isolation.

People all over the world live in self-isolation for several weeks already. Almost every country decided to shut down every public space and facility. Venues such as bars, restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, theaters, and casinos have been shut down for at least two weeks period. Schools and universities have also switched to online learning platforms.

People are encouraged to stay at home and work from home if necessary. Many companies agreed to follow the advice and closed the offices, while still paying the salaries to the employees.

Nevada, Las Vegas

Many casinos all over the world were shut down. The first city to shut down the casinos was Macau. The city closed the casino after the first case of coronavirus infection was detected in the city. The authorities decided to close 42 casinos for two weeks, in order to prevent the further spread of the virus.

The UK has also announced the shut down of the casinos last week. Australia decided to cut down the number of pokies machines in the country. The Crown Resorts casino ordered to remove every second pokies machine from the facilities in order to maintain the social distance.

The next on the row is the US. While many states like New York, Michigan, and New Jersey have already closed the casino, Nevada is the next state to join. Governor Steve Sisolak ordered to close all casinos in Las Vegas. The number of coronavirus infected people in the state has reached over 80, including one death. The decision has been made in order to prevent further spread of the virus within the state.

Some of the major casinos such as Reno, Wynn, and Encore were closed late on Wednesday night. The huge barricades were placed in front of the casino entrances and the gates were outlined via the yellow take. The visitors are no longer able to visit the casinos.

Not only the casinos were shut down, but the pokie machines from the bars and clubs were also removed. This is due to the sanitary measures and keeping the social distance. The pokie machines will no longer be available as well. The order on the closure of the casino is for 30 days. The dates can be changed, though it is yet uncertain.

Darin Balaam, the Washoe Sheriff, commented on the decision. He said that the decision has been made by the unified patrols with reno and Sparks police. He expressed his deep regret within the facts that they were forced to shut down the casinos and make reductions.

According to Balaam, all of the cases that are currently active, are mild or moderate. The symptoms include fever and cough. Most of the patients have recovered in two weeks and did not have complications. He also said that the situation is especially vulnerable for older adults, who are in the risk group. Thus, by the closure of the casinos, he hopes that the local government can prevent further spread of the virus.

Non-essential business at the risk

Together with the casinos, Balaam ordered to close all of the non-essential businesses. The list of the non-essential businesses includes the gyms, salons, movie theaters, shopping malls, bowling alleys, strip clubs and legal brothels in the state of Nevada.

While the government made the decision to close the non-essential businesses all across the state, many employees are left without work. They only got four days prior notice and some of them did not even get the full salary. The closure of the facilities might prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, but it might increase the risk of economical crisis for the families as well as the states overall.

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