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Man using a prosthetic mask steal $100,000 from a casino

According to the local media, a man stole up to $100,000 from the casinos across the USA by using a prosthetic mask. The prosecutors have now confirmed the information. Besides the mask, the man was using a fake driver’s license and personal information that he got from the internet. According to the federal authorities, this man managed to steal the money from various casinos all across Michigan and Kansas.

The man’s name is Joh Colletti and he used the prosthetic mask to disperse any suspicion he might have caused had he done the same thing without the mask. This is one of the weirdest crimes ever committed especially when it comes to stealing money from the casino. Coletti broke multiple laws when orchestrating his big scheme. He illegally obtained and then misused personal information or various people that he to access to through the internet, he was also caught using a counterfeit driver’s license.

The way this robbery was committed was that Colletti withdrew funds from the people’s bank accounts via the casino kiosk that gamblers use to take out cash. This type of criminal activity is not fully uncommon since these kiosks have often become the main tool in crimes where people’s personal information is being misused in order to obtain finances.

According to the Global Payments Gaming Services, these kiosks are used for bill-breaking purposes, and they also process jackpots cash winnings and exchange tickets. The kiosks use the person’s driver’s license to authorize the withdrawals and since Colletti has obtained the fake driver’s license and had the personal information off of the internet it was a perfect crime. The customers were alerted as soon as the authorities were first alerted by the kiosk transactions.

“We initially identified this fraudulent activity and immediately alerted our customer and law enforcement. Throughout the investigation, we provided support and cooperation that ultimately led to the apprehension of this suspect,” said Global Payments spokeswoman Emily Edmonds

Now the criminal will face charges of aggravated identity theft, fraud, and wire fraud and the hearing is supposed to take place on July 30th. Colletti is set to face his charges in Michigan where he committed most of his crimes.

According to the MGM Grand Casino, at least 10 of their customers reported identity theft and in total lost around $100,000 between the month of April and May. While the further comment wasn’t made by the casino nor the attorney for the Colletti.

Crimes like these are quite common but the use of the prosthetic masks and illegally obtaining a missing the private information of the different casino customers definitely added up to the overall sentence that Colletti will probably face. The case occurred in 2019 and the authorities have been searching for the criminal for some time now, looking to bring charges against him. Authorities across the US have been trying to prevent crimes like these from occurring at the casino kiosks which seem to be one of the hotspots for such criminal financial activity, putting the customer and the casino’s reputation in danger.

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