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Noval Norovirus outbreak in Luisiana Casino

As if the viruses were not enough and the coronavirus has not affected many lives yet, the new decade unpacked one more surprise. That is the novel Norovirus, which was recently discovered in Louisiana casino. The health officials of the state have opened the investigation process already.

The outbreak of the virus has left more than 200 people sick. The statement has been released by the Louisiana Department of Health. The first alert regarding the virus was on the 5th of February. The alarm has been sent once too many people were observed to have become ill in a very short period. People who have visited the Casino Resort Lake Charles, in Louisiana, US were the ones who also got sick and were the ones affected by the virus. The statement was published by Sean Ellis, who is the public information officer of the Louisiana Department of Health.

Noval Norovirus

The investigation has just started, consequently the initial source and the nature of the virus is yet unknown. According to the officials and health department representatives, the virus is a highly contagious type of gastrointestinal illness or stomach virus. Not many details are official or perhaps even known, though one thing has already been established. The virus transmits through direct contact with the ill person.

People have to watch out and avoid any direct contact with the people they are not familiar with, or those people who have visited the casino recently. Citizens are also encouraged to follow the standards of the hygiene and wash hands frequently, as the virus also transmits through touching the contaminated surfaces and then putting the hand in the mouth. Also, avoid drinking r eating with the sick person and consumption of contaminated food or water.

In general not much can be said about the virus, but it can not be confused with the coronavirus, stomach or influenza. The symptoms of this virus are completely different. The symptoms include extreme nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. The virus can be observed after 24 to 48 hours since infection, though last for one or two days. The virus is not lethal according to health officials.

No Threat To Public

While the outbreak spread in Calcasieu and Vernon Parishes, Ellis said the health department does not “see this as a further threat to the public,” although it is continuing to monitor the situation closely.

“L’Auberge du Lac is aware of reported incidents of a stomach-related illness among a few guests and team members,” L’Auberge general manager Michael Pendergast said in a statement made earlier today.

“The comfort and safety of our guests and team members is always our paramount concern, and we are cooperating fully with state health officials who are looking into the reports. In the meantime, we have stringent sanitation procedures in place,” Pendergast added.

Louisiana health officials ask anyone in the area who experienced norovirus symptoms in the past two weeks to complete an online survey to help with its investigation. They have also encouraged citizens to avoid going to any public paces and address emergency services once they observe similar symptoms.

“People with norovirus can easily spread the illness from the moment they begin experiencing symptoms to several days after they recover,” Dr. Frank Welch, an immunization director for the Louisiana Department of Health, said in a statement.

“Some people can continue to spread norovirus for up to three weeks. There are no medications to prevent norovirus, which is why frequent handwashing is your best protection,” Welch said.

While 2020 is full of surprises it is definitely a good case that the Louisiana casinos do not face any further threat and will not be shut down any sooner. Macau, in this case, was not lucky enough and the officials had to close all of 41 casinos in the region for 15 days.

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