by John on October 11, 2018

Sand’s bid lobbied by Trump, Shinzo Abe feels insulted!

How many times have you thought about the fundraising that political parties go through? Not that many right? However, sometimes it is amazing how much money can be raised by certain political parties during the election season. this is especially prevalent in the United States, where the presidential election is always the talk of the country. Therefore candidates don’t shy away from fat paychecks on their name in order to fund their campaigns. The newest election was nothing new as well. Both of the candidates had some significant financial backing. Trump with his billionaire and rich business buddies and Clinton with her “progressive” world changers. Both of them were able to amass quite large sums, but ultimately as we already see Trump’s wallet seems to have won.

Who are these investors?

Today we will be taking a look at one of these investors in political movements to see what are the main reasons behind a man’s desire to give another man money so he could hold a speech in many places. Sheldon Adelson is the founder and CEO of Sand’s casino chain. The chain has been operating all over the world, starting from Vegas and ending in the south pacific. Adelson needs to be mentioned, is no poor man. He had his own interests which aligned with the business-oriented nature of Trump, so he decided to support him with his voice and money of course. Besides the interests, Trump and Adelson seem like old friends, from dealings in business perhaps.

Why is Adelson so interested?

Adelson’s casino, Sand’s, has been trying in the last couple of months to obtain a Japanese casino license so that they can start finalizing their integration with the East Asian market. However, they have been receiving the “please wait” excuse for so long that Adelson decided to meet the Prime minister Shinzo Abe himself to hold negotiations. The meeting was held in February 2017, when Prime minister Abe was in the United States to congratulate Donald Trump about his victory. Adelson took the chance and met the man. Later that very same day, Trump started to advise Abe to take the deal Adelson was offering him, which was a clear “you scratch my back I scratch yours” kind of ordeal.

How Abe reacted

Abe was reluctant to meet with Adelson, but he still had to no matter what. After the meeting, he felt very insulted to be advised by trump about financial and economic matters of his country. He said that such a comment was uncalled for and President Trump shouldn’t have even been aware of the meeting that was held between Abe and Adelson. Even though it was taken as an offense, it didn’t last too long. Abe looks like to have calmed down and give Adelson what he wanted.

Sand’s Casino chain is number 1 in the waitlist for a potential Japanese casino license. This could make the chain one of the biggest if not the biggest casino chain around the world.

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