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Top 5 Online Casino Games

The popularity of online casino games is increasing the time by time, as there are constant additions to the market, that are very fascinating for the costumers. Moreover, why for you should live your home in order to play your favorite game, if you can do it online as well? Or, if you are just the beginner, and are about to kick off with the online gambling, maybe it is nice for you to consider some of the most popular choices among the online casino games.

The inquiry was held and the results of the top 5 popular online games have been published earlier this week. Some of them might be well-known games to you, but you might also not be able to find some of your favorite games on the list.


online blackjackThe Blackjack is a very old school game, that most probably will never lose the popularity among the gamblers. It was a very popular game to play in the casino, as well in the meetings and homes. People play Blackjack in different styles, so we already have a variety of options to choose from.

As for today, the game has not only been popular in live but online as well. There are many interesting opportunities for the side bets, though one thing is that, it does not alter in favor of the house. This is exactly the reason for this game is the first on the list. Blackjack puts all the responsibility on your shoulders and up to your decisions, which requires some sort of skills. So, if you want to try your skills, then you know which game suits you the most.


online rouletteRoulette is a game that has a variety of versions of it. It can be Russian Roulette, American, French. Basically online you can find the best fit for you. Roulette just like Blackjack has been popular among the players of the casino for ages, but unlike the Blackjack, roulette has nothing to do with your skills, but luck.

Try French or European roulette online casino games to keep the house’s edge over you as small as possible. Also, always make sure your casino is offering bonuses and rewards for each spin, as this is a great way to make a lot of money over the course of your game.


online poker Poker is one of the most demanded games. Many people love to play poker indoors or outdoors. It is a great way of entertainment. Now, that poker is shifted to the online, even more, people play the game.

Poker can hardly be the single-game as it is more of the category. There different poker games and variations. Studies have revealed that there is increasing popularity of online poker. Poker is also a game that offers the biggest jackpots. Just make sure you have taken with you the amount of cash that you are ready to put on risk, while playing poker as the game is extremely addictive, and it is never enough. Generally speaking, poker is a definite leader in terms of card games and strategy ones. YOu will need some experience and good calculations. Bluff is also the most popular within the poker game.

Baccarat Or Banco

online baccaratBaccarat comes the second in terms of the house edge. It can be considered as a second low house edge after the slot machines, taking more than 1% of player and banker bets. Also, a small tip is that, if you choose to play Baccarat make sure to always bet on the banker because this will be the only decision in terms while sitting at the table on or offline.

While the game itself is complex, you have to manage the best way of playing it, as the machine software figures out the rest of it on its own. Also known as Banco, these gambling games are offered with side bets in some casinos but, keep in mind, this tends to have a high house edge. Obviously, there’s no reason not to win big on these, but it pays to know what you’re up against.


online crapsCraps have been a United States gambling staple for many years. If you decide to play craps, start each sequence with a come-out roll because you can both bet on the pass or don’t pass line. Most often a point is set, but it is not guaranteed. Once it is set, you can place an odds bet. You slide your bet out behind the pass line or don’t pass line and then ask for odds. They are bets offered at true odds of zero. Place them whenever you have the opportunity.

Though, here comes the very different vibe while playing craps online, as the whole socialization process following the game is kind of lost, which makes the game itself less fun. Though, the good thing that comes with the online game, is that you can bet on”don’t pass”, which is not very popular in the live casinos.

To Sum Up

There are many opportunities with the online casinos, as the developers offer us a variety range for choice. The graphics and the renewed versions of the old-school games can be something to pay attention to. If a casino is more of a hobby for you, then try different stuff that is available online. There are also different kinds of games, such as slots, which are also very popular among the gamblers, though they are oriented on luck only, which is still a fun way to spend some time and little money if you are bored. One thing is for sure, in the online space, everyone can find something the best suitable for their taste.

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