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UK lottery dispute changes direction as third claimant appears

In April 2019, the United Kingdom held a lottery which turned out to be much more hassle than the company in charge was hoping for.

According to reports, the jackpot is currently being claimed by a pair of British citizens, who have yet to be given their “rightfully won funds”.

The pair, named Mark Goodram and Joh-Ross Watson is demanding that Camelot, the company behind the lottery give them their rightfully earned jackpot of 4 million pounds.

Although it may seem like unlawful behaviours from Camelot on the surface, the story quickly changes once we go a little bit deeper.

According to reports, Camelot is concerned whether or not the ticket that Watson and Goodram bought was done so in a legal manner. For example, both of the claimants appear to have a long history of criminal activity, particularly in the credit card robbing “business”. Seeing how neither of the claimants has a bank account, but the ticket was purchased by using a credit card, puts into question whether they made the purchase with or without the card holder’s consent.

A heating situation

According to yet more reports, a third person has appeared claiming to be the rightful owner of the card used for the purchase. This topic had already come up during the legal discussions with Camelot, as to who was the owner of the card and had he or she given permission for its use.

The argument in the past was that a certain man named John, allowed Watson and Goodram to use the card in exchange for them paying his brothel bill. But the third person now claiming ownership of the debit card is saying that he had never given permission to either of the current claimants.

Threatening to sue

Naturally, both Watson and Goodram have been active in the legal aspect of the dispute, consulting with a lawyer and conducting some unofficial hearings with Camelot themselves.

The pair’s lawyer has provided Camelot with multiple deadlines to determine the legality of the purchase, otherwise, they would take the matter to court.

Camelot, who is completely confident that the ticket was bought with a stolen debit card is ready to face such an allegation in court as it’s pretty much guaranteed that they win. However, should they give away the jackpot to past and allegedly current criminals it would damage their PR situation massively.

Looking at the current situation it’s obvious that Camelot will not be changing its stance towards the argument and will most likely not bother with further investigation, especially after the third person had appeared after months of disputes. Should Watson and Goodram decide to sue the corporation, they need to consider every possible outcome.

However, should the lawsuit simply not happen, it would be a confirmation from the claimants’ side that the card was indeed stolen. In either case, the claimants are facing serious issues while Camelot can simply lay back and watch the situation unfold.

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