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Australian Government Assists Gambling Addiction With The Implementation Of The New Regulations

The gambling industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and it is increasing in popularity even more. Land-based casinos and online casinos have developed very much during the past several years. Developers and operators come up with interesting features and games on the weekly bases in order to make gambling more attractive and entertaining for the gamblers. 

One of the biggest gambling markets is in Australia. The country is known for the extremely high rates of involvement within the industry. There are many companies and operators that originated in Australia and it is one of the most demanded markets as well. A big market means big competition and it is increasing even more. While this being told and acknowledging all of the concerns coming together with the market expansion, it should be said that it does affect the gamblers as well. 

Gambling Addiction

Almost 85% of the Australian population is involved in any kind of gambling activity. There are plenty of operators that can provide players with different offers and promotions, which attracts even more people towards the industry. One big problem that comes with the huge market is the addiction that many people suffer from. Most of the gamblers complain about the addiction towards betting and different kind of gambling-related activities. 

Australian government and authorities take very careful care of gamblers and they try to implement proper regulations and legislations in order to promote responsible gambling among the citizens. They have raised concerns regarding the high rate of addiction existing within gamblers. 

New Regulation

During the past week, the Australian government launched a new law together with the National Self-Execution Register, to assist people with gambling addiction. The law will be implemented within the new month and aims at reducing the number of self-harm cases caused by gambling and especially betting addiction. 

From now on, Australian citizens will be able to self-ban themselves from gambling websites, for a specific period of time or even permanently. The procedure will be very simple. They will need to register and ban themselves. The law spreads on all of the websites across the country. As the government proposes this will be the very next step towards responsible gambling among the citizens. The measures will be taken within the Nation Protection Framework. 

Previously blacklisting was only available for the land-based casinos, now it is also possible to do online as well. The government is very supportive of the gamblers and want to minimize gambling-related harm, as well as make gambling more attractive and comfortable activity. It is expected that the gamblers will stop gambling for some time and change their behavior as well as the attitude toward gambling. 

Responsible Gambling 

The legislation is put in power by the National Self-Execution Register, and the minister of the Families and Social Services, Anne Ruston is actively involved in the implementation of the regulation. The regulation will be fully under the National Consumer Protection Framework, which is also the main regulatory authority of gambling-related activities. 

Some of the leading developers and operators in the market will be in charge of implementing the platform in the system. The period of self-execution will be from three months to a permanent ban. All of the active accounts and existing funds will be saved until the end of the active promotions and will then be refunded to the customers. Only after the procedure is done the account will be closed and deactivated. 

The regulation targets not only the gamblers but the web operators as well. During the ban, gambling operators will not be able to promote any of their products, nor advertise their games. They will be prohibited to send any notification to the accounts that have been self-excluded, despite of the period. 

As mentioned before the Australian government tries to promote responsible gambling in society as the mean of prevention any self-harm related activities. They have been implementing new regulations and taking certain measures in order to avoid further growth of the gambling-addicted citizens. For the current legislation, the Australian Communications and Media Authority will be the one, who will be observing the whole process and responsible for the proper and efficient implementation. 

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