by John on July 5, 2020

Casinos are opening up again in Cambodia

Casinos around the world have had a tough month, but in some places, the gambling facilities seem to be opening back up and resuming work as usual. In Cambodia, the COVID-19- pandemic and the official cases never got out of hand and to this day, Cambodia has only around 150 cases of Covid-19. Now the country is on it sway to reopening and getting people back to work, as well as lifting most of the restrictions that had to be made due to the pandemic. The Prime minister, Hun Sen has now given out the order to open up around 200 casinos across Cambodia, bringing back the entertainment that so many Cambodians missed during the lockdown. The Casinos have been closed for 3 months since the gaming operations were first suspended on the 1st of April, but now the new cases seem to have become rarer so the authorities felt comfortable with allowing some more entertainment in the country.

Casinos were among the first facilities to close down when the pandemic started to after countries worldwide, and now it seems they will be one of the first to open back up. While this might be the first step to getting back to normal for Cambodia, a lot of things will be different in the casinos.  The precondition to opening up these casinos is that they have to comply with the safety regulations imposed by the government included but not limited to compulsory face coverings and social distancing measures.

According to local media outlets, the casinos that want to resume their work will have to make the special request to the Ministry of Health, providing an additional list of all the precautions that the casinos are taking to make sure that the risk of spreading the virus is brought to the minimum. According to the governments spokesperson for now the regular casino games won’t be restarting, instead only game and bet machines will be available for the players since some classic casino games don’t allow for social distancings.

Gambling in Cambodia is a beloved pass-time and the country has been working hard to ensure that the necessary regulations that would allow the industry to thrive, bring investments and tourists while protecting the players at the same time are in place. With the announcements about the reopening of the casinos, came another official declaration from the government, stating that the Gambling bill was in works and some major changes were underway.

Gambling is seen as the next best thing for Cambodia to grow its economy attract different investors and to make sure that the county has multiple strong industries that will continuously generate income With the COVID crisis gambling scene took a big hit, even if the online options were still available. wWith reopening of the casino facilities Cambodies hopes to find its ways back to where it was in the beginning of the year and to continue working towards enhancing the gambling industry as well as creating more opportunities for players and operators alike

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