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EU welcomes the stronger enforcement of Single Market rules

Countries all over the world are having a hard time facing the massive coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic, as the World Health Organization has titled the Covid-19 outbreak has already affected almost every sector. Industries have stopped operating and the ones that are still active, are very limited in performance. 

The EU is the epicenter of the outbreak right now. All of the EU countries have been fighting against the virus and have already implemented certain rules and conditions in order to avoid any further severe outcomes. Some of the EU countries, such as Italy and the UK have already been locked down and the rest of them are going to join them, with a matter of time. 

The major focus of the current situation remains in online industries. Online industries will be the ones assisting the countries in order to overcome the critical period and to prevent the crisis overall. Industries, such as online trading, online gambling and many more, have become the center of attention for many companies and individuals. 

The EU is the European Union, with 27 countries. They all have a Single Market, but they also have specific laws, which the companies have to face while operating in any of the EU states. In the period of the massive crisis and the lockdown of the countries, it is essential to create a common atmosphere, which will be beneficial for all of the states, despite the origin. 

It has been recently announced that the European Gaming and Betting Association has welcomed the European Commission’s action plan for the enforcement of EU single market rules. The statement was published on the 10th of March. EGBA urges the European Commission to ensure online sectors and consumers truly benefit from the single market. 

This is perhaps one of the most efficient moves in the situation of massive isolation. The implementation and enforcement of EU law will be the common responsibility for the European Commission as well as the Member States. The Commission will remain the regulator of the treaties and will make sure to avoid any potential infringement by scrutinizing their draft laws and maintaining dialogue via the Technical Regulation Information Systems notifications. 

According to the current situation, the EU single market is not able to work without any proper enforcement of the rules. The enforcement is especially needed and especially important in the online sphere. This is caused by the increasing demand for online industries. 

People who have been sitting at homes in isolation, still have some needs. The needs can be accomplished through the online world. The purchases, the entertainment and everything related to online activities is the main priority for now. Consequently, it is essential for the online sphere to remain strong and more affordable to all citizens across the EU. 

Some of the most demanded activities in the online sphere are currently entertainment and online purchasing. Purchasing is extremely vital as families need to complete their needs. Another part is entertainment. The isolation and the lockdown happened recently, but the uncertainty of the isolation period is the most threatening one. 

We are going into the unknown, and the least that we should know is that we can still manage to stay at home and not be completely out of our minds. It is very tough, especially for the people who are in self-isolation all alone. Entertainment has always been an essential part of socialization and right now it is even more important. 

Online gambling is one of the activities that can be entertaining for people as well as beneficial for the industry. While land-based casinos are all closed, the online casino operators are focused to welcome more visitors and to make more effective promotions and offers. Online casinos will be the ones to operate in the market successfully throughout the whole period. Many developers have been working on creating more games for online casinos. The visitors are offered many bonuses and promotions in order to keep involved in the activities. 

One of the main casino operators such as Playmo offers great welcome bonuses for the online casino visitors. Playamo no deposit bonuses give players the opportunity to entertain themselves, without making any initial deposits. It is similar to the trial version of the game. You can test it, you can feel it and you can like it. Playamo is one of the leading online casinos all across the globe. It offers over 3500 games to the customers and thus attracts more people than any other online casino. 

The industry of online gambling will definitely feel extreme escalation during the following two weeks. People who have been isolated need entertainment and thus they have it all on one website. Games with the live dealers are also available, which is another way of socialization and should be an okay opportunity for people playing from different corners of the EU. 

The new regulations introduced by the EGBA will contribute a lot to the further popularity of online gambling and will make it more affordable and engaging. The EU online gambling sector with a total worth of 22.2 billion Euros is ot yet harmonized. This is only a matter of time, especially considering the new enforcement. The market is increasing by 10% annually but it feels like this year will bring way more customers to the sector. 

The great benefit of the new enforcement to the single market is that the online gambling sector will no longer have to overcome the policies in 27 countries and will offer the most of the customers equal opportunities. We all are in this together.

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