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Gambling Advertisers on Google Will Have To Verify Identity

Google has been changing policies regarding gambling and gambling-related advertisements recently. After a very long period fo the very strict regulations on the gambling-related products advertisements, last year the tech giant made one step forwards towards the gambling companies and operators.

The company has recently made an announcement that all the companies advertising the gambling-related products will have to identify themselves and provide all necessary documentation and information first. Only after the verification process is completed and the company is verified they will be eligible for promoting the gambling activity and products.

This is not the first time Google has been using the identification system. The first time the company decided to do so, was back in 2018. This happened during the elections and for identifying the politicians. The politician’s identification system was indeed successfully and technically approved. Now it is time to use ut on the companies and entities.

New Identification System

The companies and entities willing to advertise their product on Google will have to provide special documentation. For this, they will be given a 30 day period. If during this period they are able to provide requested documents, there should not be any complications with the verification process. Though, if the company can not manage to collected teh documents, then they will no longer be able to promote their product with Google.

All of this is the necessary component for teh customer support. This is made in order for customers to feel safe and secure regarding teh organization and companies they are receiving the promotions from. With this information, they will also be able to find additional information and double-check teh entity.

John Canfield, Director of Product Management, Advertising Integrity at Google, said in a blog post published this past Thursday that they are now focused on “bringing more transparency into the advertiser behind the advertising people see.” Any advertisers looking to run ads on the company’s site will be needed to complete a verification process to do so. They may need to request personal identification papers, company incorporation papers, and/or other records showing their identity and country of origin.

Mr. Canfield explained: “This change will make it easier for people to understand who the advertiser is behind the ads they see from Google and help them make more informed decisions. Google marketers will be given a 30-day window to send all the details needed. Whether they fail to do so or miss the verification processes of the tech company, they will no longer be represented on their paid online ads.”

Implementation of the latest verification system on Google will take place in multiple steps. The organization will begin checking gambling advertisers in the US and, over time, will extend the scheme internationally. Google expects the project to end in a couple of years.

Thie new regulation does not concern only the gambling industry, though as it is one of the major players and one of the major industries, it is of teh top interests. Especially now, the tech giant decided to walk the common path.

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