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Gambola casino review – Is it worth your time?

Gambola casino is one of the most experienced providers on the market today and even hundreds of new online casinos are emerging, trying to get on the online casino train, the experience and quality always stand out. While some might think that abundance of choices when it comes to playing online is a good thing, quite frankly it just means that distinguishing the quality providers from those who wouldn’t satisfy most customers is just getting harder. Online gambling has really taken off in the last couple of years, as people are looking for digital solutions to all of their activities and online casinos also offer a lot of perks that you wouldn’t find in the regular casino. While no one is arguing that online casinos will make the regular casinos love their clients, the digital presence is getting increasingly important for the industry and these days a lot of the revenue comes exclusively from online venues and this trend will only grow in the future, as we become more dependant on online solutions.  Gambola is one of the few examples of the online casino that’s doing the right thing, offering a wide selection of games, exciting promotions and focuses fully on the customer experience. These days there are a few set criteria that every casino that wants to pass the test of time needs to satisfy. We will go over all of these points and evaluate how Gambola satisfies these criteria so you can have a clearer picture of whether or not you should start playing at Gambola Casino.

The Interface

The thing that stands out when visiting the Gambola website is the put-together and organized structure of the site. The engaging graphics and the high-quality images make the experience feel a lot more enjoyable and makes it easier to get around the website. With most casino websites you will find that they’re difficult to figure out, or they make it impossible to search for the game you’re looking for since all the games are thrown in together. Gambola definitely does not have that problem, since from the second you enter the website its easy to access whatever a newbie might be looking for on the website. The Website offers a general overview of all the services you can get on the website, and you can see right away that you can go ahead and click the regular casino option, but you also have the option to access the sports betting at Gambola. You can also immediately see what bonuses you can claim as a new customer and as you scroll down you will see the selection of all the games, divided into neat categories. The website is consistent through and through, with clean design and to-the-point structure, it is very easy to get where you want to be but also it is visually pleasing, since it is not overloaded with promotions and unnecessary information but is also not bland or boring in any way. The website alone is worth checking out to see how the proper online casinos should present their offers and options to the customers.

Game Selection

While the quality interface and great customer service are all extremely important when evaluating a casino, nothing else really matters if the game selection sucks. While the experience you have at an online casino will not be just dependant on the game selection, without it there’s not much point to it anyway. When you enter the website and scroll down, you will see all the games in various categories like slots, jackpots, table games, live casino, blackjack, and roulette. Often times all the casino table games are thrown into one category which might make searching for your desired game a lot easier. For those who love these specific table games, there is a big variety of options that you can play, like Salom Prive Blackjack. Double Ball, Atlantic City Blackjack and so on. Same for the roulette, with options like European Roulette Pro, different live games of Lightning Roulette, Mini Live Roulette and much more.

Of course, there is a separate category for slots, which is usually the most popular aspect and in-demand type across casinos. You can play these games on basically any device and the choices are virtually limitless. The slot games are constantly updated with at least a few new games a week, to keep the users entertained and interested. You will also find the classic games on there, all of the classics slot games can be accessed on the website, with frequent new additions to make sure that you are staying up to date to all the new and interesting slot game releases.

Payment methods

Secure payment methods are essential for any online casino and Gambola covers a large spectrum of modern payment methods to make the experience easier for the customer. When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals there are a lot of companies and methods you could be suing for dealing with these transactions with the casino. For making a deposit you could use either Paysafe Card, Ecopayz or Skrill, all trusted and well-known payment options. Transactions happen immediately with no waiting time involved. The minimum deposit you can make is 10 euros and the maximum deposit is between 999-1000 euros. When it comes to withdrawals you can use the same three companies with the same limitations on the amounts. In most cases you will receive your prizes instantly with no further complicationsand you don’t need to pay any additional fees or commission for getting your win delivered to your account.

Bonuses and Promotions

With every online casino, the bonuses are what usually makes the customer click on the new casino and register. This si why these days the most important part of the online casino marketing is their welcome bonus. Every onlin operator is trying to offer something unique, something that others would struggle to compete with and with Gambole this is exactly the case. While they have many other bonuses and promotions that the customers can access any time they want, the welcome bonus is their most generous offer that you should pass on if you aren’t already registered on the website. While most casinos will offer you free spins or some sort of a bonus top-up, at Gambola you can a unique chance to get all of your money back if you don’t manage to double it within 24 hours of playing at the casino. If you won’t be able to double your first deposit on the website within 24 hours of making it, then the casino will fully refund your deposit and this covers all the deposits under 40 euros. You also won’t have to deal with annoying wagering requirements and you will just get your cash back without any additional procedures in case you wont manage to make enough wins.

You can’t really beat this offer, since no other website offers a similar welcome bonus, but gladly that’s not all there is to Gambola’s promotions. When you play at Gambola consistently, you also get a chance to claim their Gambola Plus bonus, which means that every time you place a bet with real money a percentage of that bet is returned to you, no questions asked and doesn’t’ matter if you win or lose that specific bet, and after that, the cashback is place din your Gambole Plus balance and you can redeem the cash at the websites with any game you would like. Apart from this bonus, you will frequently see that Gamboa has consistent free spin offers when you can claim them and play completely free of charge, as long as you use all your free spins up within 48 hours. These recurring promotions make playing at Gamboel way more fund and make sure that even the loyal players always have something exciting to look for.

Customer Service

No one wants to deal with a rude customer service employee. These days the stakes are much higher and customers expect a lot more from the companies they choose to work with. This is why high quality, friendly customer service is a priority for the Gambola Casino. You can reach out to the online casino with any questions you might have, using either an email or a chat located at the right bottom corner of the website. While the casing customer service works regular hours you can message them any time of any day and expect to get the answer as soon as possible. The online casino prides itself on having a world-class support system that is willing to help out in any matter. Usually chat is the faster way to get the response but depending on the subject at hand email might be more appropriate.

Pros and Cons

Here is the breakdown of all the pros and cons we think Gambola casino has


  • Great Selection of Games
  • Easy to navigate
  • High quality graphics


  • Available to only some countries
  • Not enough payment options


Gambole is a very well rounded casino, you have your standard table games, slots, jackpots and a whole separate section for live games, which are getting more popular with time. Whatvere game you are looking for you should be able to find it an Gambola and it should bed fairly easy, considering the website’s smart setup that makes looking for your favorite games much easier. The fact that the casing is operated by the industry professionals who now what they’re doing is evident because everything is easy, yet engaging and the process is simplified to the max to make sure that these necessary procedures don’t ruin the experience of gambling online.  They are also very vocal bout supporting respsibel gambling and have all the necessary resources right on their website for anyone seeking guidance with their relationship towards gambling. The Casinos has a very distinct feel to it that leaves an impression that the people behind the company know exactly what they’re doing and know how to accommodate to their customer’s needs. These days it is hard to find a casino that checks all these boxes but Gambole is definitely an exception. It is one of the most fun and innovative online casinos that gives the players the most convenient, engaging and hassle-free gaming experince.


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