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Increased number of online casino players in India

The coronavirus, known as the COVID-19, has been declared as the pandemic by the World Health Organization earlier in March has now spread all over the world. Emergency situations have been announced in almost every single country all over the world. Basically, the whole world is in quarantine mode and the Earth is closed for an indefinite time. 

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and massive shut down of the land-based casinos, India has seen a great spike in online casino visitors. The entire gambling industry is actually undergoing a major change as more people are trying to stay inside as countries are announcing lockdowns and quarantines. The outbreak has changed reality for a lot of industries that once relied heavily on public gatherings and the outside. Gambling is one of them. Often hailed as one of the most social industries, now the casinos are shut down in most countries with people being advised to stay away from public places. While for some industries this means immediately collapse gambling might still have a shot at staying afloat.

The online gambling market in India

Online betting and gambling have been a tremendous piece of the whole business for some time now. It has been getting bigger and bigger explicitly in India. Be that as it may, this latest spike in online casino users is, for the most part, credited to the across the nation self-isolate practice that is addressing lessening the impacts and the spread of the coronavirus. As more people are spending time inside online casinos have found a whole new group of users.

Multiple casinos have reported higher visitors rates and increased amount of average time spent on the website, one of the websites that operate in India, Glaws recorded a 25% increase in traffic over the last week, with a 20% increase in transactions. The same goes for casinos like Poker Gangal which experienced a 15% increase in volume and almost the doubling of the time that the users are currently spending on the website. The same goes for one of the biggest online operators in the country, Games2Win, which usually has 1.2 billion people playing but over the period of this outbreak, their average user base has increased to 1.5 billion.

Why are the numbers growing so fast?

While for the online betting and gambling industry, the higher numbers mean a higher income, there are different factors that ought to be viewed as when contemplating this unexpected increase of popular for online gambling websites. While India has not switched to the lockdown yet, and the measures taken to stop the coronavirus are not serious as in some different countries, the open gathering spots are as yet prohibited and the brick and mortar casinos in Goa and Sikkim are shut down.

But the main reason is that Indians finally have enough time to explore this side of gambling. What might seem natural to those who have always played online, it may be weird that it would take a self-isolation to get people to play. But this proved to be true in many ways and now India’s online gambling industry is finally getting the attention and traffic it always craved for.

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