by Sandra Brown on October 23, 2020

Irish bookmakers shut down due to COVID-19 concerns

There were 17,540 new cases of Covid-19 on October 8 in the U.K. Yesterday, there were 26.687. Because of this rapid growth of the cases in the United Kingdom, the threat from coronavirus is increasing. People feel more paralyzed in their homes than they were before. Wales has already announced that gambling shops will be closed from tomorrow. The next will be Ireland. The bookmakers in there will be temporarily closed for this time. This will put aside 800 betting places in the region. The only exception will be Horse racing. 

No one knows how long they will be closed, because of the current situation in the U.K. Uncertainty is growing and people are worried about the current circumstances in the country. People are already saving for the future because they don’t know – maybe the worst is yet to come? As it should be assumed, the closure of the gambling sector will have a huge impact on the revenue of the country. The entire gambling industry is in crisis and as we all know that they are regulated by the government, it means that the entire government is in crisis.

Gambling industry during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect everyone in the world. The U.K. is especially in trouble because the gambling sector is controlled by the government. The full lockdown period in the country means that people won’t be allowed to go out from home. During the lockdown period, people were not spending money on online gambling because the world’s population has already developed the fear of spending. With the increased unemployment rate in the whole world, it is hard to be as fearless while spending as we all were a year ago. Now, all we do is saving money. So, it is not a surprise that even gamblers are forgetting about online gambling. They can’t afford to spend their extra money and energy on online casinos.

The gambling industry is suffering on a global level. The people who were working in gambling sectors are also losing their jobs. But for U.K. Gambling is not just something to have fun with. The land-based casinos are bringing over £10 billion every year. British population loves to gamble and they consider gambling as one of their traditions. Tourists who were traveling in the U.K. for gambling are now stuck in their countries. Every single Gambling venue is suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus. No one knows exactly when the industry will completely recover from this financial crisis. The situation is not easy to imagine, because no one really knows when the pandemic will be over. Online casinos are the options but for those who love to gamble in fancy venues, it’s not that appealing.

By Sandra Brown

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