by Sandra Brown on October 26, 2020

The Vice president of the Philippines is against POGOs

Philippines vice president Leni Robredo listed all the reasons why she thinks that Philipines offshore gambling operations (POGOs) should not be in the country anymore. She criticizes and analyses every factor of the gambling field in the country and in the end, she states why she is against them.

Vice President Robredo thinks that it should not be allowed in the Philippines since it’s illegal in China. Chinese immigrants are working in the POGO sector, so she states that unemployed people will compete with offshore companies. Filipinos are losing their jobs because of the POGO sector and it will continue in the future because of the shrinking online gambling industry in the Philippines. Robredo suggests a country without POGO’s and she takes the example of the history of the Philippines. Lessons from the History of the region are telling her that POGO is dangerous for national security and it doesn’t end there.

Many people think that if she wants to please China with this, she can truly criticize the industry. But if she is really worried about the Filipino jobs, then she needs to protect the POGO sector.

What POGO is

It’s a worldwide web that is opened for online transactions. POGO service providers in the Philippines are providing support and licensed operations in customer relations, IT support, Gaming software relations, strategic support, live studio, and streaming providers.

Authorized players in the country can play online gambling. People who are under the age of 21 are not allowed to play. Some people say that POGO is prostitution. It surely is not. It is also not criminality or a spy network. It benefits the Philipinne’s economy and gives the goverment increased revenues. State-run gambling can generate more revenue for the country than in many industries there can provide.

There is a misunderstanding that POGOs largely employ foreign nationals. It is not like that. Many Filipinos are employed there and they will lose their jobs if the POGO will leave the country. While POGOs cater to foreign customers and employ foreign customer service legislators, they also provide many jobs for the local workers. Currently, there are 31,556 Filipinos engaged in POGOs. This number does not involve employees in ancillary activities such as real estate, transportation, and retail.

It is awaited that Filipinos in POGOs will continue to rise since more and more people in the country are interested in the Gambling industry. All their players and activities are recorded in the operator’s database and no one can launder dirty money due to the nonexistence of cash transactions. Overwhelmed stigma and disinformation about POGO is caused by the lack of familiarity of foreign workers with the local culture and awareness.

The gaming sector is contributing the goverment revenue and it can be used in good ways. To demonize the POGO is not the best idea, but some politicians are still thinking that POGO is dangerous for the country.

By Sandra Brown

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