by Sandra Brown on October 23, 2020

China threatens 10 years jail sentence for gambling violators

China has made a clear decision to put an end to citizens who are gambling online with other countries and their operations. The new China’s criminal law promises 5 to 10 years in prison if the person will be gambling online with overseas operations. This new amendment to the criminal law will be in article 303. It covers the issue of online gambling both within and outside of China.

The punishment for online gambling will be the same as the punishment for opening casinos in China. The case could be so serious that the person can get 10 years of punishment. Chinese authorities are talking about fact that battle against the gambling violators is going well. They have handled 8.800 cases and arrested 60.000 people for online gambling and land-based gambling. 1.700 gambling platforms are shut down. The effect of this campaign is already felt by people. The Philippines ‘ online gambling sector is also falling apart because of the fact that China’s demand for online gambling is drying up. Chinese operators and government is trying to concentrate their attention to other countries in the region and one of their main focus is India.

China showed the fact that it can bite back. It is seriously thinking about stomping out gambling from the country. this news will destroy the gambling industry in the region. The future of online gambling and land-based gambling in China is uncertain. Especially now, when the industry is struggling because of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and restrictions. Experts are saying that it may be in a decade when China will change its mind about gambling and online gambling and begin to deal with that. But no one knows really it the country will open up to legalize gambling options again in the future.

How the new rules will affect Macau?

Recent news and regarding new rules will question if Macau is one of the jurisdictions in Beijing’s crosshairs. Following the news doesn’t refer to Macau. Macau is never discussed in terms of foreign or overseas for China. It is a part of the people’s republic of China and Macaus has a legal casino market that supports the city’s economy so it will not affect any of the casinos or online gambling webpages in Macau. So, Macau doesn’t count as offshore gambling. Covid-19 has already restricted the possibility of international leisure, so there is no need for new laws for Macau. Over the years it’s been so – Macau was a legal place for gambling and China was supporting them. China will allow gambling in Macau in the future too. There is too much tourist flow in that city and they just can’t afford to lose that. However, the coronavirus is continuing to rule the gambling sector. Perhaps when the pandemic will be over China will know what to do with its troubled son.

As for now, China is warning online casinos and land-based casinos that marketing gambling will cause high fees and imprisonment for them, and everyone knows that when China decides something, they will accomplish that.

By Sandra Brown

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