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Native Gaming: An Opponent With Online And Private Island Casinos

New sites and games keep coming up daily. The market is becoming larger and larger, and we can clearly see opponents heading for leadership. Companies have to be very quick in order to keep up with each other and make new offers on a daily bases. Like many others, Native Gaming has come to work and launched a new site on tavigaming.io that combines casino, live casino, eSports, sports betting and idle games, with a complete financial ecosystem, gamification, and community of “natives.” Moreover, the company does not seem to stop on only online casino and it is said that a new private island in the Caribbean will be perfect and the very luxury resort for gamers, as it will be integrated with the online platform to give their costumers a complete gaming experience.

The New Product

“Native Gaming was designed to be more than just another online casino. Whether you’re staying at the private island resort, gambling in the casino, or investing in the bankroll, the Native Gaming platform quickly sets itself apart. The newly launched product combines large systems with the BetConstruct platform to deliver players’ ability to try 5,000+ casino games and real-time betting lines on over 40,000 sporting events per month,” was commented by the CEO of the innovative project  of  Native Gaming, Justin McCool.

The financial ecosystem at Native Gaming is the leverages the gaming business models with a “smart-society” of “Natives” (Stakeholders) that earn passive income from Gross Gaming Revenue.

Blockchain Technology

The platform leverages the security and transparency of blockchain technology to provide an equal opportunity to everyone. The value proposition is the same whether you are a student with a low income or a millionaire, making platform affordable and available for pretty much everyone. Not only the company offers the same opportunities for clients but for the investors as well. It also provides investment opportunities through passive income as well as to business investors.

“We believe that by decentralizing the ownership in the casino and thereby transferring the gross revenue directly to our community, we can begin to reshape the passive income investment landscape. A token that is generating passive income from gross gaming revenue has the potential to be far more lucrative than other popular passive income investments like rental properties, dividend stocks, and master node coins.” Was also noted by the representative of the Native Games.

As there is no equity that the company owns, nor “Natives” neither any other investors can buy the equity. Instead of the buying, their deposit money is straightly transferred into the “Smart-Contract Bankroll” and new tokens are minted. As Casino revenue is generated it is used to purchase bankroll tokens from the bankrolls and then it is distributed among the stakeholders. The smart-contract is in charge of providing dynamic price offerings by scaling token price for every bankroll token that is bought and sold. This is actually a very smart thing, as the new fund does not matter, from what background, is it from the investor or the casino revenue, the global price per token steadily increases.

The new projects and the product of Native Gaming seem to be very global scaled and like it is, there are some more changes coming up, with the opening of the private island casino in the Caribbean. It should apply to the economic stability of the region as well as the token price stability as well. Investors are already involved in the massive production and as the representatives of the company have already mentioned the integration the platform has is suitable for any kind of user with any experience on their behalf

Bankroll tokens are directly redeemable for the funds sitting in the bankroll at all times.

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